L4zyBear R.I.P.

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tuneman1497 KAT Elite Staff
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28 November 2009
Hello everyone, I am not happy to be making this post today.
We have just received news from L4zyBears wife of his passing away, i will copy/paste the full transcript of her post below, however I would firstly just like to add my tribute to him here.
bear as he was known was an outstanding guy, and a teriffic guy to work with he had a nose for finding fakes, much as a bear has a nose for finding honey, he was a gentle man, and so kind and considerate to everyone, his contribution to KAT in the past was immeasurable, and i'm sure that those who worked with him will wish to add their own tributes. His wife is deeply upset, she has no family of her own to turn to and suffers from a disability, so this is a particularly hard time for her.
I would like you all to also remember her in your tributes to bear, as he did everything for her, and now she has no-one.
Rena and I would like to wish her the very best for the future and send our sincere condolences to her also, and to say that we will be thinking of her at this tragic time in her life.
Below is the post from his wife we just received.
L4zyBear, My husband!

Postby L4dyBug ยป Fri Feb 03, 2012 6:54 am
On the Tuesday afternoon January 31st my husband Joseph (L4zyBear) suffered another heart attack and passed away. I felt that he would of wanted you all to know being you were his friends.
I haven't the words to say how much I miss my soul mate. I love him so much, it is a fire burning inside me. I'm lost.
Joseph did everything for me. Could you all do me a favor? For the past 2 years Kat has been his home and that is all he talked about, well anyway I don't know how to sign in there but do you think one of you could let them all know and maybe for him and for me, put something on his wall in the status message.
He really loved that place.
I'm sorry this is so hard that I'm fighting the tears thinking of my love, oh I miss him so much.
The only friends that I have on the internet are you tuneman and rena. You can contact me through my email at JTCustomWebSite@aol.com or anyone for that matter.
He'll be layed to rest on Saturday. I'm here in mexico and his mother came down to help with everything. I'm going to go back with her to Michigan, he really loved it here.
I have to go as I feel like crying again so good bye.
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Pick_n_Roll21.45K Uploader
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24 June 2011
I never knew bear but read a lot good things about him. R.I.P. sir :(
Urmagicman2 Uploader
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24 June 2012
Very sad indeed, I am a new user and that is a somber note to start my Kat quest. It is though clearly good to see the support you all give to one another.
Coldlm4049 Uploader
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31 December 2010
One of my best friends here, one of the best guys on here, one the coolest guys u'll come across
My condolences to his wife and i'm sorry for our loss
rest in peace my fav crazypanda and my prays will go on for ya buddy
Suzitastik76.86K KAT Elite Mod
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08 February 2011
I miss you Bear so much, I can not look at these threads without crying, and I have not had the courage to post. I miss you so much and my heart goes out to your family. L4dybug I am always here and I think of you often. I love you both.
EmilyOsment5262 User
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13 October 2010
I never knew L4zyBear, but this makes me want to cry, oh the pain of his wife
Prairi3DoG140.21K KAT Staff
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05 June 2010
H4X00R18 Uploader
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09 August 2012
:( R.I.P
Shunsui6483 Uploader
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15 December 2011
MadyzDen427 Uploader
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17 July 2012
ZaeRawnd1429 User
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29 October 2010
Ahhh that's sooo sad R.I.P. crycrycrysadsad

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