The KAT irc quotes thread!

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Hey all,
I thought I'd make a thread for irc quotes (mostly from ofcourse)
I'll start:

[ 23:34:25 ] ~~~ topic: [ Eppo ] changes topic to [ KAT is experiencing some downtime at the moment. Please be patient. :) ]
[ 23:35:08 ] (+horrorhou) no poop sherlock lol
[ 23:35:33 ] ~~~ topic: [ Eppo ] changes topic to [ KAT is experiencing some downtime at the moment. Please be patient. :) | No sarcastic comments are allowed at this time. ]

Make sure there's no cussing in the quotes!

Ask permission from the users involved in the conversation before posting
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< +scarlet> Waiter, my soup's got a tpb in it.
bubanee> it happens more than you think because folks don't expect it
horrorhou> I'm in the back of the house, movies blaring
horrorhou> true
horrorhou> now to see if the fuzz goes door to door
bubanee> it happens around here a lot..
bubanee> cops don't usually care
horrorhou> fuzz: What were you doing sir? " ME: "why downloading pirated new release movies orficer"
horrorhou> lol
bubanee> lolol
horrorhou> *offers dvd rip to piggy*
bubanee> sorry c**tsdable.. i was reconfiguring utorrent at the time'
bubanee> lol
horrorhou> lol ikr
bubanee> you gotta put the last 10 lines or so in that IRC kat thread... lol
horrorhou> tell em I was trying to bypass my net speed cap so I can dl the new released True Blood epys
horrorhou> lol ok

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---» maddj (webchat@*) has Joined
< maddj> Hello
< @illunatic>
< maddj> hi, whats goin on
«--- maddj (webchat@*) has Quit (Client Quit)
---» maddj (webchat@*) has Joined
»» iKickAss sets channel limit to 99
»» maddj slaps Hex_ around a bit with a large fishbot
< maddj> Nobody here ??
< maddj> Hellloooooo
< maddj> ok farewell
«--- maddj (webchat@*) has Quit ()

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< @rndmfrd22> yeah, im nice haha
< +hector> FOOLS! i am hector!
< @rndmfrd22> bots who is nice ?
< +hector> Who do you think?
< +scarlet> Britney Spears
scarlet> Come my filthy stink children.
hector> Activate the shrinky self-destruct!
* dudeulike has quit (Client Quit)
ManyEars> ah well goodbye
horrorhou> gah handd aslerp
ManyEars> i can tell
horrorhou> tinglyy
horrorhou> ok hate when that happens
ManyEars> are you sure that's your hand?
horrorhou> yep

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H3R01N> hell yea
brads> well i enjoyed that lol
H3R01N> me too
brads> ok lets play again.
brads> here i go again on my own...
H3R01N> goin down the only road ive evah KNOWN!
brads> i cant beat that. you just won lol
H3R01N> like a driftah i was born to walk alone...
brads> like a drifter i was booorn to walk alooone!
H3R01N> hell yea
H3R01N> duet
brads> son of a...lmao
brads> haha!
H3R01N> nah man we nailed it
H3R01N> perfect tune
brads> yeah this is going in the quotes thread!
H3R01N> f*ckin right
brads> hitting it right now lol
H3R01N> heheh sweet
H3R01N> were gonna be famous

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* [random] sets bots on fire
* hector burns
< scarlet> *flames*
* hector puts scarlet out
< scarlet> Yikes.
< hector> *spangle*
< mikeWHY> im not even sure which profile you use rand....
< mikeWHY> i think im friends with you twice...but not sure...
< Togapie> I feel that i have to accept every friendrequest or i feel so mean :o
< Hex_> *#KATRadio
< [random]>
< s_vague> Your icon is win random
< s_vague> avatar whatever
< MrFeeder> [ActivePolitic] Japan finance ministry computers infected with Trojan's -
< Togapie> :P
< mikeWHY> so then whois rand_um_chat? lol
< mikeWHY>
< mikeWHY> hehe....
< [random]> just some ranom guy i guess
< s_vague> some random random
* hector . o O (rome random sandom)
< mikeWHY> lol...thats what i was thinkin...
< trusted_> i'm annonymous
< +scarlet> YOU'RE annonymous? feel these nipples!
* s_vague lurks the bots
< hector> Basically, /roofs s_vague in return.
* scarlet tweets s_vague in return
< [random]> so hector will give vage roofies and scarlet will tweet the whole thing
< [random]> *give s_vague
< [random]> sounds like a fun night
< u4t> hector: are you planning to take advantage of s_vague?
< hector> I was feeling horny.
< u4t> ^^
< scarlet> -_-
< s_vague> :O

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