BEST SOLUTION if you're unable to download a torrent

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MaX-_-RoN6752 Uploader
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10 April 2011
Follow the below steps in order to be able to download the .torrent file with trackers intact :

1. Click the download button on whichever torrent you want to download.

2. The screen will most likely show you an error page unless it has started working.

3. Now in the link above the error page, replace with

I have noticed that the zoink always works regardless of whether OR are working or not.

Try it,works well for me!

Have a great day everybody~!
cicatriz1154 Uploader
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20 December 2010
This needs to be stickied!
Sykotix643 Uploader
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08 August 2010
i agree!
cazzanova1 Uploader
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28 June 2011
Wow, that's nice.
rena1316.39K Super User
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23 June 2010
Works fine, thanx for the info MaXrohAN! image
esoess5277 Uploader
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23 July 2010
never heard that one before thanks for the tip.
BuzWeaver1200 Uploader
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14 August 2010
Great workaround.
Bubanee188.6K KAT Elite Staff
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29 November 2009
works thanks ill come back from hiding over at demonoid now lol

traitor.. titter
tNe74.39K Verified uploader
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28 September 2010
No offense but this sucks. I'm trying to direct friends to download torrents from me at KAT and they're saying it doesn't work. Do you know how bad it looks for the site and how bad I feel having to tell them, "Oh, you have to change this and this in the URL...".
Joygie230 Uploader
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04 July 2011
every time I try and do that it will not allow!!

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