Where do you get your album art?

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dr.golgo172 Uploader
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29 May 2011
Lots of times, albums are uploaded with no scans at all or maybe just really tiny ones. Where do you go usually to get your covers? What sites have the best scans, widest selection, or most complete album art?
For me, my first stop would be www.allcdcovers.com. They have a pretty huge selection of CDs as well as DVDs now. While some of the scans are not really high quality, the sizes generally range around 1200 to 1400 pixels. And they include a lot of the album art like back cover, inlays, and CD itself. Most scans will be downloaded as jpgs.
The downside here is that after about 8 or 10 downloads, you get hit with an anti-robot "please enter the below code to continue" prompt and you end up downloading a huge bmp file instead of a nice jpg. After this download, you're back to pulling down jpgs again for a while. So it's really just a bump in the road if you're going after all the art for somebody's discography, for example. Still worth the trip.
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Stargazer101127.69K Forum Moderator
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20 April 2012
Albumart.org is a good site for covers.Just search for the 1 you want click on it to get a clearer pic then copy and past where you want it.Remember for itunes select all song in album,right click get info and drop to square etc.Dont just drop to left bottom square cause can disappear.Gets a lot of its covers from (Amazon)

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MoBaGuNnER$MN1271 Uploader
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13 February 2012
Wiki Or Google
SoftWarez93.45K Verified uploader
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02 January 2011
LOL. I just simply buy songs/albums/EP's from iTunes. iTunes includes a album art in file when you buy the song. ;P
Flash4505474 Uploader
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13 January 2010
Go to Amazon.com,or google pics Copy the pics/whatever you want and drop or paste into the music folder. Happy Sharing. Flash
JfiSG1nG4033 Uploader
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22 October 2011
I was soooo off topic when I clicked this thread. Thought you were wondering where you got original album art from .
EmilyOsment5262 User
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13 October 2010
Bayfia30.1K KAT Elite Mod
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30 July 2010
I've never looked at "Google Images" .. don't even know how to get to that spot. I usually go to Amazon.com music section and copy theirs. Or occasionally to the artist's website, or even to a "Coverart" website sometimes.
DineshJackson18.82K Uploader
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12 March 2011
wikipedia gives album art pic
innapeace14200 Uploader
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15 October 2010

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