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11 January 2011
A Few Tips: Before posting in this thread please use the 'Search query' feature and if it's not available here at KAT then proceed to ask, if you need help or just starting out, it's OK to post anyway.
* also when you search you then click 'age' to bring up the latest offering/s
Peeps who fill requests
* No Links To any Hosting Sites (use the PM if you must and let folks know you have filled it here in a comment saying PM'd)
* It's OK to provide links to other torrent sites providing it's a torrent site that does not host it's own torrents or promotes a live/dead tracker/s with their site name (Both Torrent/Magnet)
* you can always provide a Hash Code and send them to the ( is not a torrent site but a magnet creator)
* and do say thankyou.


If you got any TV show request post it here. And i will see what i can do.
Don't request two or more shows at the same time please.
So basically each members is allowed the request one show at the time and can only request another show when his/her previous request is fulfilled
The fullname of the show, season, epsiode, IMDb link.
Before you request be sure you can't find the torrent here on KAT

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Solo99213 Uploader
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19 July 2012
Do you have Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 DVD in English?
stafoo5 Uploader
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17 June 2012
locked up abroad - i am not a terrorist s06e12
locked up abroad - Hasidic King of Coke s06e13
def356890 Uploader
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15 March 2011
Can I ask for the final season of 'Walker Texas Ranger' please? The final season was done in 2001.I hope somebody can find it for me.
Many thanks.
next time give the imdb Link with in it!
def356890 Uploader
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15 March 2011
Is episode 4 of 'Frozen Planet' available,please? Xvid or avi?
Thank you/
def356890 Uploader
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15 March 2011
Hey can I put in a request for: Love games bad girls need love too season 2 plssssss
i'm sorry for you, but that season can in not find it for you. it is not on the Internet
P_Double673 Uploader
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08 June 2012
Request : The booth at the end. (entire series).
Thanks in anticipation.


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woodyman993543 Uploader
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20 July 2012
i am looking for my babysitter is a vampire the tv episodes not the movie
Lexikinds30 Uploader
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25 July 2012
Rollie pollie Ollie from Disney channel they have several seasons and movies would love to get them.

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mikefahlart1 Uploader
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01 July 2012
Would it be possible to get the Jimmy Fallon Primetime Music Special that was on July 25? I can't find it anywhere else, but maybe I missed someplace.
Woolley8612 Uploader
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30 June 2012
Would be awesome if I could get the entire collection of One Piece English Dubbed.

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