How did you find KAT?

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After many write in my blog about how they found KAT im gonna make a Thread about it.

This is how i found KAT:

It started with my sister's boyfriend talked about downloading movies "free" if we can call it that. So I asked him if he could teach me how i could do it and i asked him about i could download other stuffs like games and etc. He started it was called Torrents. And you could easily find other stuff too, somethings could just be hard to find. He teach me then. We was on TPB for find a torrent. And he said I should try go for a dvdrip or brrip it would be best. And i should look after one with many seeds on it. It would be faster download speed. The first movie I downloaded was Rush Hour 1. After he had taught me. He left me. And now i would try to find another movie. So I searched on Google for Mission Impossible 3 and then I came across a page called and I found it here, and it was good quality and quick download. so I searched for several movies in here and almost all things i searched after could i find here. So I bookmarked the site. and I started to use it, I guess it took a year before I made a user on. And now i started to upload here at Kickasstorrents. it was so how I discovered Kickasstorrents

Tell me how you found it.
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From They Are Mentioning All Torrent Sites So There I Saw The Name Of KAT....From Then KAT Only...!lollollollol
a friend told me about it.and since i am biggrin
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Demonoid refugee :)
Google told mewink

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Well I was a demonoid user and when they went down I asked everyone I know who they use, and pretty much everyone said they used KAT most said they liked you much bette4r than demonoid because of the community etc
After Mininova went down, I googled for torrent sites. Kat was still Best thing I ever did.
i found it through my cousin, and kat is where i learned about torrent stuffs.
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