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Tech Talk & Help  by charsi.2821
SeedBoxes  by P.R.G28.83K
SeedBoxes  by Uplaoderking5083
SeedBoxes  by Uplaoderking5083
SeedBoxes  by Uplaoderking5083
SeedBoxes  by Uplaoderking5083
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General Torrent Discussions Everything Related to the Torrents World is Discussed Here
BAD Torrents you should NOT OPEN  by  thedoc011
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Site News & Announcements Latest site news and announcements
Phishing attempts  by  obito96
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Site Rules Please Read Before Posting
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Torrent Issues Category changes, fake torrent information, general information about bad torrents
bencoding??  by  snakechrmr
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Torrent Requests Can't find the torrent you want? Help is here.
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My First Torrent Please POST Here!
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Releasers For releasers who like to keep a thread
My Food Porn Obssession  by  MoodieMimi
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VA Mixtape Collections by Users For All Members To Take Part~Come On!
Old Skool Vinyl Kid Mix  by  ironfeather
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Help & Support
Tutorials (Standard Information) This area is for closed tutorials with useful and important Information
Reporting guide with hints and tips  by  sumi
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General Troubleshooting Need help? Ask here.
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Torrent Software Torrent clients and other torrent software discussions
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Tutorials Help, Tutorials, Manuals and How To's
BBcode For Beginners v3.  by  Forestheart
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Are these settings acceptable?  by  ScavvyKiD
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Solved. All Solved Problems Go Here. READ Before Posting!
Lion Fight 29  by  DJ840
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Translation Department All Translation Issues And Problems.
Can You Translate This Please?  by  Siban
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Site Problems Please report all site problems you've discovered here
KAT's Problems V2  by  Nootk-Eh
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Features Requests Want to improve the site experience? Got an interesting idea? Share your thoughts with us here
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Comics Comic discussions
What Comic are you reading?  by  Dark-Phoenix
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Mobile & Portable Devices Mobile/Portable Devices Discussions
NIC in my laptop  by  LordVako
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Anime Anime torrents discussions
Anime for Newcomer's  by  thedoc011
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Software Software torrents discussions
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Books Books torrents discussions
Latest Book Uploads V4  by  takashimiike
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Games Games torrents discussion
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Movies Movies torrents discussions
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Music Music torrents discussions
ReLaXin !! V.2  by  2headed_eagle
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Other Other torrents discussions
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TV Shows TV Shows torrents discussions
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Cartoon Cartoon discussions
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Introduction Introduce Yourself
Hello, New User Here :)  by  Pathonyx
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Tech Talk & Help Hardware, Software, Gadgets, Gizmos, and Help!
Please help  by  charsi.
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Blog Releasers Thread Kickass Only Blogs Create a thread and post your blogs
Blogroll Archive Thread  by  BBCLover
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Site Friends Friends Of Kickass.
1337X  by  Invisible
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Copyright Issues Anything to do with Copyright
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Spam and Advertising Please Post Your Advertising and Spam here!
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RIP HectorAU  by  moony3424
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Willies Art World. Personal Projects.
Kickass Torrents HD Wallpapers  by  420Malang
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Musical Instruments Forum For all the musically talented to discuss and share their advice and knowledge
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SeedBoxes For all help and discussions regarding seedboxes
PRG Super Fast Seed-box  by  P.R.G
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Ultra's Pictures and Fun Random Images And A Place To Have Some Fun.
Alphabetical Food  by  cRAYz
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Progressive Art Home for the community's literary works
Poems by...cRAYz  by  CindyKAT
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KAT Lounge
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Birthday Section Post your Birthday here!
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Signature Creation & Training Forum For all Users that would like to enter the world of signature and photoshop designing
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Free Speech Offtopic talks, chat and anything else you want to discuss goes here
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The Pirate Ladies Cove The female community
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Yearly At KAT Appreciation Section Congrats on making 1 year 2 year you know what i mean
Just got my 6 years cheevo.  by  anonymous2412
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Radio stations List of user driven radio stations for KAT Community
LyfeRadio *24/7 *ONLINE*  by  HTorr3ntz
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Sports Everything related to sport here
Soccer Video Thread  by  Leon17z2
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Photography & Art Photos, photos and more photos
Let's Count to a Million!  by  BluesAlways
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Special Day Celebration Forum For all threads related to many special days that happen in the year.
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Former V Thread Section Threads for V1 V2 V3 type deals that are closed
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Photoshop Imaginarium Tutorials, Discussions, Polls, Requests and more.
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KAT Block and Safe Browsing
VPN services Trusted VPN providers and VPN setup instructions
Recommended Subscription VPN's  by  Lancealito
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Proxies Verified proxies and anonymizing sites
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TOR TOR, I2P, Onion network
About Tor  by  shink5
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Other P2P Help & Security IP Filters, Malware & all other help.
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Secure DNS & Public DNS Safer & Faster Browsing using DNS and Bypassing the ISP Blocks for KAT
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International Forum Languages From Around The World.
Kickass Bangali Community V.7  by  survivor2003
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Spanish Community Comunidad Hispano Hablantes
Libros en español  by  pietzsche
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Indonesian Community Komunitas Indonesia
Komunitas Indonesia v2.  by  Paduka.Raja
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Hellenic Community Ελληνική Κοινότητα
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Serbian Community Српска заједница - Srpska zajednica
Ћаскање  by  SaLe88
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Indian Community Kickass देसी भारतीय समुदाय
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Romanian Community Discuții în limba Română
de pe ce meleaguri sunteti ?  by  pr0
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Scandinavian Community Skandinavisk Community
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Italian Community Community Italiana
Torrent Italiani  by  klusterama
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Brazilian Community Comunidade Brasileira
Como você conheceu o  by  Rhodes.
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Filipino Community Filipino Community
Pinoy Tambayan V7  by  Fereroooo
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French Community Communauté Francophone
Upload des Francophones :)  by  SF_Nasty
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Dutch Community Dutch Community
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Croatian Community Hrvatska Zajednica
Kickass Croatian Community  by  ea5t0n
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XXX XXX torrents discussions.
Best Anal Creampies  by  Bitza2
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Adult Talk Where Adults Can Let Loose
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Adult Torrent Requests Can't find the Torrent you want?, help is here.
XXX Request Thread  by  xaikus506
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XXX Releasers For XXX releasers who like to keep a thread
NAC30’s XXX Releases  by  NAC30
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