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CoinOPS 2 (Size: 25.24 GB)
  - READ ME !!!! CoinOPS 2
  - Save Game
  1964-510.xbe 1.08 MB
  1964-531.xbe 1.05 MB
  1964-560.xbe 1.35 MB
  1964-611.xbe 1.18 MB
  1964-612.xbe 4.18 MB
  1964.ini 158.05 KB
  1964_21.ini 510.66 KB
  c64.xbe 4.93 MB
  CAVEcore.xbe 2.11 MB
  default.jpg 42.85 KB
  default.tbn 42.85 KB
  default.xbe 3.02 MB
  DOOM2.xbe 2.07 MB
  DoomFinal.xbe 2.07 MB
  DoomFinal2.xbe 2.07 MB
  FINALBURN.xbe 11.19 MB
  folder.jpg 42.85 KB
  GBAcore.xbe 3.03 MB
  GBcore.xbe 3.03 MB
  ki1.xbe 676 KB
  ki2.xbe 676 KB
  LYNXcore.xbe 3.46 MB
  Mame.ini 2.59 KB
  MAMEoX.xbe 42.96 MB
  MEGADRIVEcore.xbe 5.02 MB
  Meka.blt 6.68 KB
  Meka.dat 88.77 KB
  Meka.fdb 505 bytes
  Meka.inp 4.27 KB
  Meka.msg 316.6 KB
  And 40 files more


The latest and greatest version of CoinOPS for the oXBOX. Enjoy!

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25.24 GB
CoinOPS 2

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XBOX 1 ? plz .?
Could someone that has the full download make a dat file ?
I just grabbed this and it doesn't work FML
read all the other comments dude, it works fine, there are limits on the amount of roms you must have. If you don't have all the roms it wont work
??? You have to have a certain number of ROMS in an emulator? wtf that's the most retarded thing I've ever heard of in my life.... "dude" ... by the way you don't have to be a jerk just because I didn't see the comments

This is not the Full Package (that is called CoinOPS 2, not CoinOPS 2 Standalone) that comes with the greatest collection of 2200 Arcade Games / Console Games and Handheld Games...complete with videos and optomised for the best experience the XBOX can bring The Full Package is for most the one package to will answer nearly everything in one package and one simple and powerfull GUI....with the fewest issues.....If your new to this, you are going to experience what Console Emulation is all about...For support and feature requests there is only one place to visit "" forums... ************Note this also has Nintendo 64 in HD now for your enjoyment.....**************** This is the standalone version.....all upgrades 2.1, 2.2, 2.3..... are for the Full Package Above and will require it to function....You will be able to update in Version 3 around the end of the year....enjoy CoinOPS epic...CoinOPS ignite...CoinOPS reignite....CoinOPS gold.....CoinOPS showroom.....CoinOPS showcase......are of the past now this is it!!! Enjoy....also if you want to expand on what is can Largest most complete Arcade Game support on the XBOX Latest and most complete Final Burn Alpha support on the XBOX Over 16,000 Supported Games Support for Atari Lynx Commodore 64 Game Gear Gameboy Gameboy Advance Gameboy Color Master System Megadrive NES Nintendo 64 PC Engine PC Engine CD Playstation Sega SG-1000 Super Nintendo XBOX Commandline Launching Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Doom Games Killer Instinct Games Laser Disc Retrospectives Mortal Kombat with sound support Automatic HD Support Video Preview support support Screenshot Preview support Background Music support Most featured sort engine for any emulator on the XBOX Most acurate keymap acade emulator on the XBOX Simple favorite system support Cheat support Monitor on it side support Keymap support Simplest keymaping and aspect correction for Console on the XBOX Greatest Aspect Correction support for any arcade emulator on the XBOX One click aspect correction support Commandline support Game tracking stat support Mouse and trackball support Game Information support Vector game support Artwork support Multple skin color support Folder path support The list goes on and name it, its probably got it
I'm having this same "Locking Glitch" that everyone is talking about :-/ .... I don't understand why this emulator wasn't tested better before it was released, before such a HUGE download... I'm kind of mad that I wasted days downloading it
recommend to removing and running the new core.....also releasing a new pack it will have a 1000+ more games including PSX, N64, C64 and alot more of everything...more arcades more SNES...Gameboy you name it all to the same standard....The list goes on and name it, its probably got it.. after this its still in a bug bash for 2 weeks then im doing some N64 mods at present and the new team will calling on a project manager position application now open. New Rebrands...Improved Consistance of cores...Improved Consisency of naming and conventions...Many Many bug fixs and tweaks... End to End tested end to end polish of everything.....I only release stable releases and my code is spread across many many branches... locks will stay.... about 1-2 weeks after vote it will be depends on vote... no standalone has been or will be released... locks comply with the vote 85 plus percent...the locks have been constructed around what people voted for lol I seem to be owning the xtras site now the traffic on CoinOPS has hit the roof on there it kicks arse on there other threads...and I mean kicks arse!!!!! it will minimise all there other god the xtras people are fecking up there support for coinops..... I just dont like seeing miss information..they are such newbes at this.. it owns the rest of the traffic by 100 fold. im sick of the newbes trying to run im going to show them they are newbes
Where can I vote? I want to vote against these locks... its really confusing and doesn't make sense for me because my HDD isn't big enough for all these games
Wooow. Reading the long rant above makes you realize how sinister the author of coinops is. Luckily, it's also good to see you can rely on more sensed people these days when it comes to xbox.
LMAO. You're so panicked that you removed your previous posts... Next time, please try to control yourself before claiming anything else...
Haha. "miss information". She looks hot apparently !

I don't understand. (Im the one who posted about upgrading from Final Burn) Why do I have to have 2200 games? I cant even fit that many games on my Xbox
the coinops author is a lunatic (just my opinion based on reading years of his posts on his forum, i don't know him personally). he's recently coded into coinops some restrictions as to how you can and can't enjoy your games. if you want to use coinops you are left to either play by his rules or use an older version with more flexibility (albeit less updated). if you need more help with setting up or using coinops i'd recommend checking in at the xbox forum or the forum.
I guess I can't use it then, which sucks cause it looked pretty cool. Unless I can save up for a new HDD, which I can't... :(
You can keep the arcade games only and remove the videos. See links below for the procedure.

man these trolls with no works perfect just cause you guys cant code and ive owned you....the only way they have is misinformation to keep you away below it will reboot on playing you have less than 1200 games on there...if you use this pack it works fine as it has 2200 games ok im gone this torrent is out of date now as its all over the place...well ace and phil can kill seeding it now...this has done its job well :) cheers all
That torrent was almost dead from the beginning... 3 seeders, 14 leechers after a week... Huge success, eh ? And you shouldn't be so proud of your coding hence the "lock policy" failure. You're just standing on the shoulders of giants. Xport came first, then good coders like GogoAckman, Nes6502, Bendermike and many others. They all contributed to both Mame and Final Burn Alpha during these last years. You brought some, too. But your attitude, BP, ruins everything. Boy, I've been reading you since 2005 and you always behave like that. Newcomers should google "BritneysPairs" on Xbox-scene for a laugh. Watch how he was already begging senior coders to give him source codes and how he was disrespectful to others. Generations come and go but the song remains the same. Always.

I just upgraded from Final Burn Legends after reading about this new emulator at 1emu and I am amazed there is another arcade emulator out there that is new! but sadly I'm having this issue. 1) The emulator boots up and scans, all my games come up. 2) I pick a game, the emulator scans again for like 10 minutes 3) the emulator reboots to the rom selection screen 4) I pick a game, the emulator starts scanning again I did this about 5 times and it keeps doing the same thing. I tried to download the emulator again and replace the files but that didn't help. Oh, and I'm not using the Final Burn Romset. I just downloaded those games again from this torrent because I wasn't sure if they were newer sets or something.
these are locks type 5 result of tampering.... sick to death of supporting some in CoinOPS 2 I put a line in the sand to only support my stuff everything else is not worth my time... THESE ARE DUE TO SUPPORT ISSUES FROM MISINFORMATIONS..... I wouldnt worry about the comments the downloads are massive and now from many sources......this has been the biggest amount of downloads in a short time.... this is pointless now and im moving to 2.1
The issue mentioned above isn't due to "misinformation". It's due to your lame programming and your insane brain. This is completely nut. Seven years of xbox modding and i've never seen a coder behave your way. You're a disgrace to this community.

I just got done downloading this after like 2 days and the download is corrupt or something for the emulator. Can you please re-upload the emulator by itself? or fix the emulator in this download so I can grab it again Cheers, thanks for sharing
Im having issues with this.... I tried to delete the games I have in other emulators and now it just keeps rebooting and scanning? Is this some kind of bug? I need help to figure this out.... the emulator looks cool but should I just used Mameox until this gets fixed? or is there something I'm doing wrong/forgot to do?
I just posted about this same problem. The emulator I think got corrupted, or one of the files is corrupted. Hopefully philexile can fix it soon here.... I want to get my cab set up after downloading this for almost 3 days!

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