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  [1980-1992] White Souls In Black Suits
  [1981-1992] Thirst
  [1983-1992] Advantage
  [1987] Digitaria
  [1987] meontological research recording - record 1
  [1988-1991] meontological research recordings teste tones
  [1989] The Act
  [1989] The Hacker - The Act
  [1990] Buried Dreams
  [1990] Sound Mirror
  [1990] Transitional Voices
  [1991] Final Program
  [1992] Bitstream
  [1992] Black Words On White Paper
  [1992] Digital Soundtracks
  [1992] Hacker (Hacked) [reissue]
  [1992] Man-Amplified
  [1992] Tour 1992
  [1992] Virtual Reality Handbook (With It)
  [1993] Eternity
  [1993] Sign
  [1993] Voice Recognition Test
  [1994] Collective
  [1994] T.A.G.C. - Iso-erotic Calibrations
  [1995] Audiophile (The Anti-Group)
  [1996] Psychophysicist (clock dva & the hafler trio)
  [2005] psychoegoautocratical auditory physiogomy delineated [27.05.07]


Torrent includes 27 releases by Clock DVA and T.A.G.C.
A few have been seeded by me before, but this torrent contains all - well, almost all.

For a complete overview of releases by Clock DVA check
(thanks for the extensive info)

General info

Clock DVA

Origin: Sheffield, England
Genre(s): Industrial music/Post-Punk/EBM
Label(s): Industrial Records

Adi Newton
Steven "Judd" Turner

Clock DVA is an Industrial music, Post-Punk and EBM group from Sheffield, England. The group was formed in 1978, with two members, Adi Newton and Steven "Judd" Turner. Along with contemporaries Heaven 17, Clock DVA's name was inspired by the Russian-influenced Nadsat of Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange; "dva" is the Russian word for "two". Adi had previously worked with members of Cabaret Voltaire in a collective called The Studs and with Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware in a band called The Future. Ian and Martyn went on to found The Human League.

The group was originally known for making a form of experimental electronic music involving treated tape loops and synthesisers. Clock DVA became associated with industrial music with the 1980 release of their album White Souls in Black Suits on Throbbing Gristle's Industrial Records. The album Thirst, released on Fetish Records, followed in 1981 to a favourable critical reaction, knocking Adam and the Ants' Dirk Wears White Sox from the top of the NME Indie Charts, by which time the band had combined musique concrète techniques with standard rock instrumentation. The band split up in 1981, with the non original members of the band going on to form The Box.

In 1983, Newton formed a new version of the band. First releasing the single "High Holy Disco Mass" on the major label Polydor Records under the name DVA, the band then released the album Advantage (with several singles) under the name Clock DVA. After a European tour, however, the band split acrimoniously.

After the 1983 breakup of Clock DVA, Adi Newton formed The Anti-Group or T.A.G.C..They released several albums continuing in a similar vein to the early Clock DVA, yet more experimental.

In 1987, Adi Newton reactivated DVA and invited Dean Dennis and Paul Browse back into the fold to aid Newton's use of computer aided sampling techniques which he had been developing in the Anti Group. The album Buried Dreams, an electronic album which received critical acclaim as a pioneering work. Browse left the group in 1989 and was replaced by R E Baker. The album Man-Amplified was the next album to be released, an exploration of cybernetics. Digital Soundtracks, an instrumental album, was the next release. Following Dennis's departure, Newton and Baker produced the album Sign.

Adi Newton has now reactivated DVA along with his creative partner Jane Radion Newton in 2008.

T.A.G.C. or The Anti-Group (Company/Collective)

The Anti-Group Company, or T.A.G.C. are a side project of Clock DVA. Formed in the early 1980s by Adi Newton (although the idea existed as early as 1978), T.A.G.C. (originally The Anti-Group) was conceived as an open-membership experimental multimedia collective, focused on audio, visual, and textual research and production, as well as performance art and installations.

T.A.G.C. audio recordings are released on Newton's Anterior Research Recordings label. The theoretical underpinnings of these recordings, which are often primarily psychoacoustic experiments or carefully-constructed aural rituals, are made explicit in the lengthy liner notes which accompany most releases.

The acronym T.A.G.C. is also intended to represent the four nucleotides that make up DNA (thymine, adenine, guanine and cytosine).

The original idea for the Anti Group was devised by Adi Newton & S.J. Turner as early as 1978, with the intention of the formation of a multi-dimensional research & development project active in many related areas. Research and development of sound/film/video/performance and the documentation of each project was the fundamental "Modus Operandi". Underlining this basic idea lays the deeper philosophical and theoretical; The first non theoretical action devised by TAG was the Film "The delivery", a 16mm triptych projection and soundtrack, and the Anti theatre performance "The Discussion" designed for five tape recorders and multi-video projection systems. These two works were first presented at the "De Doelen" center in Rotterdam on Sat. Sep 22nd, 1985. "The delivery" has been exhibited at the "2nd Atonal festival" in "The Ballhaus Tiergarten" Berlin, Feb 18th 1985 where the soundtrack was recorded on a mobile 24 track system. This document was released as the recording "The delivery" on Atonal Records. After these initial performances TAG concentrated on Audio development. it was during this period 1985-1987 that the above recordings were realized along with the highly acclaimed Ambisonic Album "Digitaria" which is a Technological and Ethnological work based on the ideas of the Sabean cults of ancient Khem and the Dogon tribe of Mali. Having worked through these areas, it became the next logical step to move into the application of Psychophysics developing the use of frequencies and Psychoacoustics with computer aided technology. Performance of these ideas took place at the 3rd Atonal Festival at "TU Mensa" Berlin on Dec 13th 1986 and "SO 36" Berlin on Feb 14th 1987 and at the "Museum of Contemporary Art" Prato, Italy on Sept 23rd 1988. it was at this time also that TAG displayed their first Meontological visual experiment "Burning Water". The recordings utilized in these performances were released as part of a series of recordings entitled Meontological Research Recordings 1+2. Currently, "Burning Water" has been finalized for released and will be available on CD/Video formats. TAG performances were held at the Electro-Acoustic Music Academy Stockholm, Aug 23rd 1990 and at the ARS Electronica symposium on Virtual Reality held in Linz Sep 8th 1990 Austria. Currently in preparation are Meontological Research Recordings 3+4. Recording 3 explores the central ideas expressed in the Coulier Noire and recording 4 centers around the current research project into the development of methods and techniques to aid expanded consciousness in collaboration with R.E.S.T., SpaceTimeTanks and Relaxation Center Chicago, America. In the TAGC projects, The Anti Group have recently started to return to the Arena after a number of years researching and experimenting with different medias and theoretical concepts, currently working on a number of new releases, and have recently contributed an abridged research document and sound piece for the next issue of Antibodies. Currently preparing for live performance and installation events as well as a series of artifacts for release during 2009

This torrent contains the following releases:

ClockDVA release their first official album WHITE SOULS IN BLACK SUITS in 1980 via an invitation from Throbbing Gristle to be released on their Industrial Records label as a cassette release only. The album itself is a raw pre-amble prior to the Formation of Thirst. Taken from fifteen hours of improvisational sessions a five member version of DVA recorded the sessions via a mobile recording unit.The album was mixed and produced at Caberet Voltaires Western Works studio. The album includes a tape chance montage sequence in collaboration with Chris Watson. Richard H Kirk and Stephen Mallider engineered and co-produced in collaboration with DVA.

Contempo CONTEDISC 157 [CD][ITAL](1992 re-release)

1. Consent (5:05)
2. Discontentment (1&2) (6:03)
3. Still /Silent (7:22)
4. Non (11:07)
5. Relentless (5:27)
6. Contradict (5:23)
7. Anti-Chance (14:08)
(Soundtrack; Keyboards assemble themselves At Dawn)

Adi Newton
Stephen James "Judd" Turner
David J. Hammond
Roger Quail
Charlie Collins

In 1981 DVA achieves its first recording contract with Independent underground label, Fetish Records and released the seminal album THIRST and the single "4 Hours" both produced by Ken Thomas. It was received with unilateral critical acclaim and projected Clockdva into a position as one of the cutting edge groups to emerge from the Industrial New Wave movement. Among the many outstanding reviews the one by Paul Morley in the NME stands out. "'Thirst' is the first brilliant LP of 1981 and one of the great records of the '80s".

Contempo CONTEDISC 192[CD][ITAL] (1992 re-release)

Personnel 1981:
Adi Newton
Steven "Judd" Turner
Charlie Collins
Roger Quail
Paul Widger

1. Uncertain
2. Sensorium
3. White Cell
4. Piano Pain
5. Blue Tone
6. North Loop
7. 4 Hours
8. Moments
9. Impressions Of African Winter
*10. 4 Hours (Original Single Mix)
*11. Sensorium (Original Single Mix)
(*tracks 10 and 11 are only available on the CD re-release
and on the bonus 12" #TEMPO 192 that accompanied the
limited edition LP version.)

1983 Adi Newton travels to Paris to meet Hugh Jones to act as Producer on the new album production ADVANTAGE recorded over a period of time and in numerous studios most noteably at SARM Studios in London where final mix production masters where recorded. The production values stand bold in comparison with previous releases and the material contains a dark atmosphere, at the centre of the works the DVA element is in place.DVA also finish work on an outstanding video for the single entitled "Resistance" in cooperation with Peter Anderson and Peter Care, the later being the writer and director of the avant epic JOHNNY YES NO. It was shortly after the recording of the titles "City of Night", "Sister", "Someday" and "Sequential" at John Foxx's studio The Garden and the John Peel session that DVA began a major European Tour.

Adi Newton
Paul Browse
Dean Dennis
John Valentine Carruthers
Nick Sanderson

Contempo CON 191[CD][ITAL] (1992 re-release)

1. Tortured Heroine
2. Beautiful Losers
3. Resistance
4. Eternity In Paris
5. The Secret Life Of The Big Black Suit
6. Breakdown
7. Dark Encounter
8. Poem
* 9. Noises In Limbo
*10. Black Angel's Death Song
*11. Resistance 12" mix
*12. Breakdown 12" mix
(*tracks 9-12 are only available on the cd re-releases)
ADVANTAGE was to be released on Wax Trax! records
WAXCD7093 but never saw the light of day.

During the European tour and after the Bains Douche performance in Paris where the whole ADVANTAGE project began it abruptly ended, having appeared briefly in the Rolling Stones video "Under the cover of Night" that was being Filmed at the Bains Douche on that day. Newton left that night for Amsterdam after the DVA show to collobarate with an American physicist. During this period in Holland 1984-87 Adi formulates : The Anti Group Communications Project T.A.G.C. Details on TAGC can be found at the
ARComm(TM) WWW Site which is in preparation.

ClockDVA triumphantly returns to the music world in 1983 with a totally new electronic sound void of traditional instruments. The band line up now consists of three members of the Advantage era line up: Paul Browse, Dean Dennis, and Adi Newton.
Likened to Kraftwerk's darker half, the band promotes a cyberpunk "man + machine" philosophy. "ClockDVA have picked up where Kraftwerk left off" --- Alternative Press

01708-10 [CD]

1. The Act (6:26)
2. Sonology Of Sex (4:20)
3. Re/Act (6:26)
4. Re/Act 2 (6:26) [only available on cd versions]

1989 Adi begins work on soundtrack material which became
DIGITAL SOUNDTRACKS released in 1992.

Contempo TEMPODISC 189 [CD][ITAL]

1. Hacked Reprogrammed 1
2. Hacked Reprogrammed 2
3. Hacked Reprogrammed 3 [only available
on cd version]

Wax Trax! WAXCD 8068 [CD][US]

1. The Hacker (7:40)
2. The Act (6:26)
3. The Connection Machine (5:50)
4. The Hacker (Hacked Version) (6:40)
5. Re/Act (6:26)
6. Sonology Of Sex (4:20)
7. Re/Act 2 (6:26)

Personnel 1988-89:
Paul Browse
Dean Dennis
Adi Newton

1990 DVA releases their first new album in seven years BURIED DREAMS. Also that same year, a live album entitled TRANSITIONAL VOICES was released and Robert E. Baker became a fully fledged member of Clock DVA . This recording caused unresolvable differences between Adi and the issuing record label, Interfisch Records in Germany. Adi cancelled the contract with Interfisch and severed all connections. This dispute effected U.S. record label Wax Trax records who where to be re-releasing the ClockDVA back catalog via a licensing agreement through Interfisch. All Wax Trax released in the end was the album BURIED DREAMS and a number of singles, and a catalog number for the 'un-re-issued' ADVANTAGE album. Soon after that, the band signed with Contempo Records in Italy. A company very interested in promoting and contributing to the advancement of ClockDVA.

WAXCD 9105 [CD][US]

1. Sound Mirror I Programme 5 (5:43)
2. Sound Mirror II Programme 5 (5:43)
3. The Sonology Of Sex II
(Le Comtesse De Sang) Programme 6 (3:45)
4. Hacker (Hacked) Reprogrammed 3 (7:21) [only
available on US cd version]

8) BURIED DREAMS [This is the 'good' version, not the 1998 clipped Czech remaster !]
Contempo CONTEDISC 193 [CD][ITAL]

1. Buried Dreams (4:01)
2. Hide (4:30)
3. Sound Mirror (5:43)
4. Velvet Realm (6:44)
5. The Unseen (5:19)
6. The Reign (5:26)
7. The Act (5:22)
8. The Hacker (7:23)
*9. Connection Machine (5:55)
*10. The Sonology Of Sex I (4:23)
*11. The Sonology Of Sex II
(Le Comtesse De Sang) (3:45)
*12. The Hacker (video mix) (3:24)
(*tracks 9-12 are only available on the cd versions)

Interfisch Records 01718-26 [CD]

1. Transitional Voices
2. Sound Mirror
3. Syntactic
4. N.Y.C. Overload
5. Fractal 9
6. Technogeist
[Recorded live in Bologna, Italy 15 March 1990]

Contempo TEMPODISC 173 [CD][ITAL]

1. Final Program 4:15
2. Final Program (Decoded 1) 5:00
3. Final Program (Decoded 2) 5:00
(track 3 is only available on the cd version)

Contempo CONTEDISC 182 [CD][ITAL]

1. Man-Amplifiers
2. Techno Geist
3. Axiomatic And Heuristic
4. NYC Overload
5. Transitional Voices
6. Bitstream
7. Fractalize
8. Final Program
9. Dark Attractor
10. Memories Of Sound

Contempo TEMPODISC 183 [CD][ITAL]

1. Bitstream
2. Virtual Flesh
3. Bitstream II
4. Bitstream [H sub 3, O squared]
5. Bitstream III
6. Bitstream [H sub 3, O]
7. Bitstream I
(tracks 4, 5, and 7 are only available on the
cd version)

Contempo CONTE 217 [CD][ITAL](Also available in Digipak)

1. The Sensual Engine (6.26)
2. Cycom (4.06)
3. The Presence (4.14)
4. Sound Sweep (5.55)
5. Chemical (6.08)
6. Delta Machines (5.09)
7. Stills of Emotion (5.19)
8. The Inversion (7.13)
9. The Operators (6.46)
10. E-Wave (dedicated to Klaus Kinski) (4.47)
11. Diminishing Point (5.00)
12. Stations of the Mind (6.03)

Contempo DUCADISC 172 [BOOK w/CD][ITAL]
A 75 page book including a 4 track cd of DVA
tracks from 1978/9. The book contains original art
Works, original and prefab album covers, band
photos, and lyrics to all the officially released
ClockDVA songs from 1978 through 1990. [NOT INCLUDED IN TORRENT ]

1. 1.23 (1.23)
2. 7 DC (7 Day Cycle) (3:44)
3. Otto M (13:20)
4. Alien Tapes (3:28)

15) TOUR 1992 [live bootleg CD]
Smurf SMURFCD92-01 [CD][GER]

1. Intro (8:32)
2. Man-Amplifiers (5:16)
3. Techno Geist (6:02)
4. Axiomatic And Heuristic (6:02)
5. Bitstream (6:17)
6. Fractalize (5:16)
7. NYC Overload (6:52)
8. Final Program (Decoded) (5:39)
9. Final Program (4:19)
10. Encore Attend (5:46)
11. Sound Mirror (5:41)
12. Bitstream remix (6:24)
13. The Hacker (4:12)

In 1993 DVA release the last of their full length album to date, SIGN and excellent video collection Kinetic Engineering. This year also marks the departure of long time member Dean Dennis and a very successful European tour for the band.

Contempo TEMPO 224CDS [CD][ITAL]

1. Voice Recognition Test (5.56)

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