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  • Original run: 04 September 2010 — Present
  • Summary:
    Against the backdrop of the Great War, this story that tells the risk of life and the will to survive of our soldiers, and together the commitment to fight hard. On the Isonzo front, in '17, a war photographer, Caesar, and a chaplain, Don Silvano, are in charge of escorting a young man in the trenches, Vanin, convicted simulated to be a telegrapher translator. The penalty, given the seriousness of the offense, is equivalent in practice to death. For this reason, Vanin, just may, manages to evade the surveillance of the two and runs away. The photographer and the priest, who has joined Teresa, a young feebleminded and incongruously in love with the priest, they are desperate. If you do not find the prisoner, will be condemned to his same punishment. Thus began a frantic search, in constant fear of being discovered, through the Italian troops to the front line. Caesar and Don Silvano finally manage to track down Vanin that reached its village to assist the young wife about to give birth. But the Austrian advance cuts them off. The two are captured and only a brave and unexpected intervention of Vanin can save them. Among the guardians and the condemned was born friendship and solidarity. On the way back, while it is a formidable Austrian attack to the Italian lines, the three perform together, for that feeling called "love of country", an extraordinary gesture of value. For them no medal, but can they save the condemned Vanin with a gimmick full of irony.
    Written by axe-1122.71K
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