Save The Earth

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Save The Earth - written by Me


look all around you..
so many trash..so many waste..
caused by what?
human activities of course..
some hazardous..some might not..
needless to say, no need to explain..
it pollutes, it contaminates..
affecting environment, affecting our health..
how do we cope.. how do we manage..
reduce, reuse, recycle..
some provides collection vehicles..
some might not, some prefers dustbin..
labeled with pictures, different in colours..
made of plastic, comes with wheels..
save the earth, don't mismanage..
so many ways, so many options..
we incinerate, we reprocess..
we collect, we recover..
we transport, we dispose..
we treat, we sustain..
this way, we'll have the advantage..
save the earth, whatever it takes..


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wee_wiwie31K • 27 Sep 2012, 07:28
but if i used save the environment, it won't convey what i meant to.. we have different environment, but we're living on earth, we share it..
DineshJackson18.48K • 27 Sep 2012, 08:00
Save The Earth Its Only Place With Chocolate
ManyWurlds56.16K • 27 Sep 2012, 08:54
Saving the Earth is my first priority, all i need is a big enough HDD to save it on. BTW, you have a link to that torrent?

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adieu_winter2931 • 28 September 2012, 10:47 Show comment
make an effort to save our precious earth! recycle for the human race, all other species, and bacon! tongue
jazzy4kat111.6K • 27 September 2012, 16:57 Show comment
Its a necessity To Recycle ,good blog.. and very nice Poem Wee !!
wee_wiwie31K • 27 September 2012, 17:14 Show comment
thanks khaleesiloveliness

dunky769668 • 27 September 2012, 15:15 Show comment
Very nice. ;)
wee_wiwie31K • 27 September 2012, 16:09 Show comment

pbs4134983 • 27 September 2012, 15:09 Show comment
Comment is deleted
wee_wiwie31K • 27 September 2012, 16:09 Show comment
Recycle or die.

kakarrot2021 • 27 September 2012, 14:31 Show comment
i will...in time...
Sylar739284 • 27 September 2012, 13:02 Show comment
Unless we find another habitable planet and a way to get there, we must try to protect our only home in this unbounded Universe.
Mertado6254 • 27 September 2012, 12:32 Show comment
I think it was Oppenheimer who famously said that the earth was like a great big dog and mankind was like fleas on it's back, and that one day the earth would decide to shake us off. What most people are missing here is the size/dynamic aspect. First, that the earth's environment is a dynamic system. It changes all the time, always has, always will. The front cover of Time magazine back in the 70's said we were heading for an ice age within 50 years, now we supposedly have global warming (all because of what mankind does, especially those bastards in the USA). In reality, mankind can affect the environment only in minute, localized ways (from a global perspective). Mankind cannot destroy this planet, nor the environment surrounding it, even if we detonated every nuclear/chemical/biological weapon in all the world's stockpiles, something would still live on. Probably wouldn't be us, but something would.
jazz_singh16.61K • 27 September 2012, 11:10 Show comment
Nice blog wee_wiwie31K biggrinsmile
wee_wiwie31K • 27 September 2012, 11:18 Show comment
thanks jazzsmile

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