Why not meet up ?

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Over the last few days i have read blogs/threads about how most of us will never meet,for us living on opposite sides of the globe that is more than likely true,some might not want to meet up in person,but what if you did ? why not say if your in N.Y or London,wherever you might be organise a KAT "chapter" for your area,any bar,pub,club,cafe,restaurant even a bbq at your place (weather permitting) i know it's not for everyone i get that and understand,but why not for the one's that would ?

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Blog: Why not meet up ?

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Already happened. Suicide_King117.28K went travelling and met a few of us on his journey. There was a whole thread with pictures and descriptions of his travels. I don’t know if the thread still exists or not, but if it does it is well worth reading. I was lucky enough to meet him and Sizzler25.47K for a few drinks and they are both really nice guys. It turns out not everyone on the internet is a serial killer. (I had a break from murdering that day, but make up for it the day after, nobody likes a slacker)biggrin
I live in Antartica :
And its winter... titter
Nice idea though, but please don't kill each other if you do
Organise a local KAT chapter? That sounds like one of those sting operations where the police invite all the local hoodlums with a bogus raffle win and bust then em masse titter
funny as,i did see his thread and it was a good one,i'm travelling soon at that reminds me to pack my knives biggrin

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Wow i taggin this for the future any girlies out there from england titter
Oh noone wants to come to Antartica... :'(
The closest KAT user to me is like 4 hours away... a bit far to meet for a drink haha
"If you need me i'll be in the basement"
to quote Brian Griffin.
Seriously KAT needs more aussie users...
who's gonna meet me, still no PM! am that bad?shockedsad
sorry, I have agoraphobia titter
if any of yous insane clown killers show up at my doorstep, I'm sicking my attack cats on yer tails. tittertitter
naw, back in 97-02 when I lived in SF, we used to have AOL get-togethers once a month and it was a blast! sadly, the world has changed a bit too much for me to feel comfortable with this kinda thing anymore...
aol? haha so old school... now we have skype hangout facetime google talk... so many choices i pesonally thing that would be fun using our bandwidth on something other than torrents lol

is there a way we can set up a poll or something so we can determine what country? followed by state/Provence?
that way maybe we could all meet up somewhere and use someones open wifi and pirate the hell out of their bandwidth.
What if it was somebody on here that you didn't like, then find out they stay right down the streetlollol
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