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First of all read the Site rules if you haven't:


Please read this thread & Be safe :

Thread: Phishing attempts

If you are a beginner please read this beginners guide thread:

Thread: The Beginners Guide To The Site

If you want to upload at KAT check this tutorial:

Thread: How To Upload & Seed A Torrent With Utorrent Client

Want to be a Verified Uploader? Check here:

Thread: So you want to be a Verified Uploader V3

If do not know how to upload Images check here:

Thread: How to Upload and Post Wallpaper or Picture (in Large)

If you want to request something then request here:

torrent requests

Want to do some coloring on your text read this tutorial:

Thread: How to Make ur Link Address Larger and Colorful

Want to grab a good torrent, watch this tutorial:

Thread: How to spot a good torrent and download it !!!!

If you want to know more check these 3 threads:

Thread: Menu - Thhaque's Tutorials links ,

Thread: Menu - Links To Complete Sets Of Tutorials ,Rules,n Other Tech Stuff Required here on KAT

& Thread: Menu - sundox's tutorials

If you want more things to learn just check below links, you will find more useful tutorials:

Report a bug Open chat