Just want to thank everyone

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I have just uploaded my 128th billboard collection and i just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has downloaded and helped seed these torrents. I would also like to thank all the users who PM'd me and followed me everywhere when i quit uploading them and talking me into uploading them again. You guys stuck with me and convinced me to just keep doing what i love doing. Also thanks to the staff that have helped me along the way whether with issues on my torrents or helping me understand the difference of quality's (hint hint :]) As most of the users who download my collections know i put them together myself each week, i spend alot of time putting everything together and i just want to say thanks for showing so such good feedback and letting me know that my hard work is paying off. I will continue to upload them as much as i can.

Again Thank you

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Rise of Lemur

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Blog: Just want to thank everyone

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Blog I Pushed Off
Rise of Lemur
oh oh the lemur conspiracy thickens lollollol
Keep uploading mate.

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thanks for helping kat be the best :)
Keep up the good work, mate!! :)
(and congratz!)
Awesome job there mate!biggrin
Keep em comingsmile......but watch out for the Drug Monkey Clown Association!funk
Good stuff - thats what we need!
Good job mateeeyyyy!
Uploaders keep the torrent side of the site alive, Cheers mate. loveliness
Blog I Pushed Off
Rise of Lemur
oh oh the lemur conspiracy thickens lollollol
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