Facebook Advertising Proved Useless

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According to the recent poll, 80% of Facebook users have never
bought anything advertised on the social network. In fact, the
survey states the obvious: people aren’t using Facebook to buy
something or get informed, they are rather killing time. There’s also
another phenomenon revealed: Facebook fatigue. Around 34% of
Facebook users admitted to spending, or wasting less time on Facebook than 6 months ago.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s controversial IPO didn’t go down well with
its users either, because 44% claimed it made them less favorable
toward the social network, says Reuters. So, all of this doesn’t bode
well for the network, because it tries to find out how to translate its
huge user base into actual profits. The fact is that people aren’t
spending on Facebook, and don’t care about advertisements or comments, which means that Facebook has yet to develop a
revenue generating model in the mobile space.

Moreover, the growth is slowing down and it has to, like mobile
phone penetration in the developed world a decade ago. There are
just not enough people to target with advertising, because more
and more of them are now from the 3rd world. Meanwhile, the
social network refused to comment on the poll results, but pointed
to previous reports saying that Facebook advertising campaigns were successful earlier.

After the IPO, the company’s business model came under even more
scrutiny, though it would have been a right way to scrutinize the
model before small investors pour their retirement savings in
Facebook stock, hoping that they are investing in the next Google or
Apple. In the meantime, the notion that Facebook would eventually
cash in on what actually amounts to the biggest information mining operation worldwide seems to be wearing off.

Although targeted ads may sound like a good idea, they can also
backfire, because Internet users aren’t that keen to see personalized
advertisements on their page, in some cases with awkward or
downright embarrassing material. Instead, it can be regarded as a
tricky balancing act between delivering proper targeted advertising
and bad taste. Thus far, the largest social network in the world doesn’t seem to be making this work. So, Zuckerberg has something
to consider…


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Blog: Facebook Advertising Proved Useless

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people still see ads on the interweb??
now we need to train the sheeple to modify mobile apps to remove the adware malware or simply NOT-use malware on mobile phones/pads/tablets
facetards will jump into the next shiny popular INFERIOR tech assortment
they are too lazy to
* use the email address required to setup facebook,
* setup a blog
* follow blogs
* setup CMS
* setup photo gallery
afraid of having all that one their own domain but happy to feed it into personal info grinder and all too happy to bend over and be violated by third party ad farms via facebook
FaceBook is a lie. It always was. It's great for what it was intended for: Allowing college students to keep in touch, lie about themselves, and gossip endlessly while in college, but in the wider scope of society, it's a terrible failure infested with more commercial interests than actual people.
There's nothing social about sitting on your fat ass behind the comfortable anonymity of your screen name and farming 'friends' from people you don't actually know and will never meet. Being social is actually going somewhere not involving your computer or smartphone and meeting and talking to people you can actually see, touch, hear, smell (unfortunately sometimes), and taste (if you're lucky). This new age paradigm of social networking via technology is absolute bullsh*t. Sexy chicks? HA! Ever seen To Catch A Predator? Those are your FaceBook fiends friends.
Why does every product of every company on the planet need a FaceBook page? Advertising, that's all, and if you're buying onto it, you're basically just consenting to let advertisers inundate you until hell freezes over.
fb who care about adv i use to get in contact with sexy chicks boo
Personally, I always use an Adblock on my browser so I rarely see any adverts that I'm not specifically looking for, it's great. People I know that use FB tend to use ad blockers specially designed for FB itself. I guess that's why FB's advertising isn't working, no-one actually sees their crappy ads.
Comment is deleted
i knew fb was bs!

Oh, kinda went off-track. Most online advertising is to maintain brand name recognition and not to sell stuff. Does make me wonder if the majority of FB users are lower income who have no buying power though.
The FB IPO was the company cashing out using investor money. SEC needs to crack down on that yet-to-be-criminalized crap. People need to go to jail over this. Even Wall Street was pumping this stock when it was very evident it is only worth about $10, not the $38 they claimed. Classic pump and dump and W.S. just going after their fees.
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