Do you smoke? What's your brand?

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When I first started here as a member. There were times I was on the community and having troubles or attempting to help another user in need! I find myself having to take smoke breaks through the frustration. Then, I started to wonder.. Geez, there must be a lot of smokers here. If you care to, I'd like to know what brand and how many sticks/packs you smoke a day!

My brand: American Spirits (Blue pack)
I smoke about 10-15 cigarettes a day. Depending on how messed up the day is for me.
Cost: $6.75/pack


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Blog: Do you smoke? What's your brand?

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My brand: Pall Mall menthol 100's
I smoke a least a pack a day, depending how long the day last.
Buy by the carton (cheaper for me)
$39.50 a carton / which is less than $4 a pack.
That's why I don't wear clothes. (They hold in the smoke smell)titter
Drum rollies, zigzag blues ... been rollin my own for years. I can't stand the taste of commercial filters on cigarettes. I make my own filters from the flap on the papers. For a pouch and a pack of zigzag's it comes to just under $25 50 grams. I smoke about 20 a day.
That was the lamest joke I've heard today. Congrats! I went to google and grabbed you a ribbon.titter

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Marlboro Red, 5-10 sticks a day, more than a pack when drinking it cost a dollar here in country if it will be converted to dollar
I smoke hookah only...Does that count?
Starbuzz is the brand thoughbiggrin
Sure why not. I consider that loungin' and chillin'. I personally don't consider that smokin' cause you don't inhale. Well, I don't understand why you would either titter
You inhale hookah smoke

Pall Mall Reds 100s smoke bout a pack a day cost 29 buck a carton
DuMau Distinct are my favorites 3-8 a day
pall mall blue 100',i'm trying to cut back,now about half a pack(10 ) a day.
that's what I smoke mate, hookah... once or two in the day and the doctors says it's equals 20 cigarettes (we call it CHICHA or ARGILA).. I wonder how many of you guys tried it before ????
That is my favorite way to smoke with some shisha for some extra flavor!

I roll my own now and even if I could afford cigs with the ridiculously excessive tax the UK gov't imposes, I would still smoke roll ups. It's a pain making them but they taste much better. Drum Blue is my brand, about 20ish a day!crycry
Took me a long time to develop a good and working rolling technique.. ugh lol
Lol. You know of the "boat" technique? That lame ass rapper Wiz Khalifa put me on that. Good technique for when your drivin' and such! lol

My girlfriend's 'smoking' hot, so I guess that's enough for now biggrin
That was the lamest joke I've heard today. Congrats! I went to google and grabbed you a ribbon.titter
Sorry...but I couldn't think of any other anecdote to pass with this thread!
I'm with Taunchi on this one. Wtf were you thinking? Luckily you got a plus one, otherwise I would've deleted this lame ass post. Fucking aye!
Pretty sure she's just average mate! d:)

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