Do you smoke? What's your brand?

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When I first started here as a member. There were times I was on the community and having troubles or attempting to help another user in need! I find myself having to take smoke breaks through the frustration. Then, I started to wonder.. Geez, there must be a lot of smokers here. If you care to, I'd like to know what brand and how many sticks/packs you smoke a day!

My brand: American Spirits (Blue pack)
I smoke about 10-15 cigarettes a day. Depending on how messed up the day is for me.
Cost: $6.75/pack


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Smittech130.35K • 18 Sep 2012, 00:47
My brand: Pall Mall menthol 100's
I smoke a least a pack a day, depending how long the day last.
Buy by the carton (cheaper for me)
$39.50 a carton / which is less than $4 a pack.
Smittech130.35K • 18 Sep 2012, 01:58
That's why I don't wear clothes. (They hold in the smoke smell)titter
Kixxo2131 • 18 Sep 2012, 02:01
Drum rollies, zigzag blues ... been rollin my own for years. I can't stand the taste of commercial filters on cigarettes. I make my own filters from the flap on the papers. For a pouch and a pack of zigzag's it comes to just under $25 50 grams. I smoke about 20 a day.

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nytcreeper58 • 19 September 2012, 01:08 Show comment
Marlboro Red, 5-10 sticks a day, more than a pack when drinking it cost a dollar here in country if it will be converted to dollar
Silent_Seeder2848 • 19 September 2012, 00:26 Show comment
I smoke hookah only...Does that count?
Starbuzz is the brand thoughbiggrin
Burgundy.7096 • 19 September 2012, 04:19 Show comment
Sure why not. I consider that loungin' and chillin'. I personally don't consider that smokin' cause you don't inhale. Well, I don't understand why you would either titter
Silent_Seeder2848 • 30 September 2012, 23:10 Show comment
You inhale hookah smoke

Blazer4040436 • 19 September 2012, 00:09 Show comment
Pall Mall Reds 100s smoke bout a pack a day cost 29 buck a carton
BenjaminSwift5882 • 18 September 2012, 23:30 Show comment
DuMau Distinct are my favorites 3-8 a day
Zagreb18.35K • 18 September 2012, 23:07 Show comment
pall mall blue 100',i'm trying to cut back,now about half a pack(10 ) a day.
F.U.B.A.R7421 • 18 September 2012, 22:06 Show comment
that's what I smoke mate, hookah... once or two in the day and the doctors says it's equals 20 cigarettes (we call it CHICHA or ARGILA).. I wonder how many of you guys tried it before ????
5minsAnarchy750 • 18 September 2012, 23:53 Show comment
That is my favorite way to smoke with some shisha for some extra flavor!

RedArmy203490 • 18 September 2012, 21:23 Show comment
I roll my own now and even if I could afford cigs with the ridiculously excessive tax the UK gov't imposes, I would still smoke roll ups. It's a pain making them but they taste much better. Drum Blue is my brand, about 20ish a day!crycry
Taunchi2985 • 18 September 2012, 21:45 Show comment
Took me a long time to develop a good and working rolling technique.. ugh lol
Burgundy.7096 • 19 September 2012, 04:04 Show comment
Lol. You know of the "boat" technique? That lame ass rapper Wiz Khalifa put me on that. Good technique for when your drivin' and such! lol

Sylar739287 • 18 September 2012, 19:24 Show comment
My girlfriend's 'smoking' hot, so I guess that's enough for now biggrin
Taunchi2985 • 18 September 2012, 20:50 Show comment
That was the lamest joke I've heard today. Congrats! I went to google and grabbed you a ribbon.titter
Dee0101889 • 18 September 2012, 20:53 Show comment
Sylar739287 • 19 September 2012, 09:27 Show comment
Sorry...but I couldn't think of any other anecdote to pass with this thread!
Deztructor44.19K • 01 November 2012, 13:47 Show comment
Burgundy.7096 • 19 September 2012, 03:48 Show comment
I'm with Taunchi on this one. Wtf were you thinking? Luckily you got a plus one, otherwise I would've deleted this lame ass post. Fucking aye!
Burgundy.7096 • 19 September 2012, 03:49 Show comment
Pretty sure she's just average mate! d:)

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