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Seeders Wanted

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Hello guys. Today's blog, as the title suggests, is one where I will be asking anyone who wishes to help, to help me seed some upcoming torrents I will be creating. Here is a basic explanation of the torrents.

Many blogs ago, I wrote about certain geopolitical topics that sparked a lot of discussion. For a long time I have known of an extremely well made video series by a guy who calls himself know the truth studio, called the truth may scare you. The series exposes, in great detail, hidden agendas in propaganda, and several other esoteric agendas hidden from view. Rather you believe in it or not, I ask that you give it a shot, because the videos are very thought provoking at the very least.

The series, to date, has 17 parts. Most parts are 20 minutes long or so, so I don't know if I want to put them all in one torrent or upload them one at a time separately.

Either way, yes I have a fast connection capable of fast downloading and uploading.....the problem is, however, that my ISP is extremely nosey and has attempted several times to throttle my connection due to the little downloading I occasionally do. I cannot afford a seedbox or other security measures, so I must resort to asking you guys for help.

Anyone with a seedbox, or a fast connection, who would like to download and watch, or just seed, the series please let me know. I would hate to spend the time upping them only to have other members get frustrated because there are no seeds. So if anyone would like to help me out with this small request, please comment in the blog.

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Blog: Seeders Wanted

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Anyone who ever needs seed help can also ask here...
We're pros at helping others with their need for a seed biggrin
I need a seed box too tittertitter
I'd be happy to give you say 40Gb diskpace, at 1Gbp/s with unlimited bandwidth for a month and I have a backup seedbox as well. Just swing me a PM smile
<----Seeding Machine...Just let me know if you want help;D

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I'm so jelly, most of you guys got fast connection 7Gig torrent will take me 12 hours to download .___.
Just send me a pm here on kat, I am up for some seeding to support a fellow member of the KAT family!
- Aciire
I'd be happy to give you say 40Gb diskpace, at 1Gbp/s with unlimited bandwidth for a month and I have a backup seedbox as well. Just swing me a PM smile
Comment is deleted
I'll have a chat with you anyway I saw your blog but forgot to bookmark it, I'm off for a week on holiday and don't know if I be on much but when I get back I'm interested in that.

yes my isp Alliance has shrunk down my 1.5mbps torrent speed to 350kbps, i really need some help
i need a seedbox too
then i could do lots of thing, one of them is help users that need seeds
unfortunately i can not have, it would cost me like 30 euros /month..and i can't afford thatsad
this seedbox has a good plan $10/month
but a short term it will not have enough storage for my torrents, as my torrent folder has reached 400 GB
the next plan $25/month is out of my reach
f@ck sadmad

I hope you get the seeders you need! All the best.smile

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<----Seeding Machine...Just let me know if you want help;D
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