New Messaging System Beta!

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Finally with the Summer coming to an end we are ready to roll out some awesome new features!

1. New Messages
They're still in beta, but this system has way more potential than the old one and in time we will develop it into a modern messaging similar to dialogue messaging in social networks. Right now you can either use the messaging button, or just enter the recipients in the upper field in the Create New tab and initiate a dialogue with one of the fellow KAT users. Your new history will displayed in form of an easily editable dialogue and in time we will improve this system both visually and from the inside.

For a while you will also have access to the old messaging system but we will soon remove it completely, so if you really want to keep your old messaging history, go over to our forum and vote.


2. Search in Bookmarks


3. New Media Type: Book!
Hopefully this will help to organise most of the books that people upload here.

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Blog: New Messaging System Beta!

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Welcome to Kickass Torrents, your Message Center, Forum and Social Media network..
Can someone tell me where to find torrents i'm having a problem... titter
Long Live KAT! biggrin
I really really don't want my old PMs deleted, how do I save them all? Seriously theres hash codes for torrents, email address' and loads of other stuff I want to keep
There is also the inappropriate PMs girls receive here off guys, they should be able to keep them if they need to report a user for harassment, these need to be kept
I seem to be the only person here who has noticed a few problems but this is still a beta release so maybe the things I am having trouble with will be sorted out. (It might just be that I am incompetent though and that is actually pretty likely)lol

The first issue is that pm's no longer seem to have titles. So if I send ten pm's to someone in an evening how am I going to find a particular pm later on when I want to reference something if none of them have a title that differentiates them? I know the first few words are shown on the message page but if a lot of pm's have been sent to a user the first few words of each pm are probably not going to be much use when finding a discussion about a particular subject.
The second issue seems to be that we now no longer have a reply button on the Pm's we receive which is just about the simplest way possible to reply to a pm so removing that is not very good. I see that we do have a reply feature on our messages page but I don't want to have to go to that page just to reply. (Because I have to then leave the page I am on) I also cannot now view sent and received Pm's separately so they are all just mixed up together at the moment so again not very good. Finally, when I get a pm it doesn't show me the whole message so I have to click on it and go to my message page to read it and that takes me off the page I was on again. (Which might well be a thread I want to stay on)

I hope that these are just bugs that need to be sorted but they don't look like bugs they look like intentional design features.

I know things here take time to sort out though and we do get some fantastic new features in updates so I am interested to see just what new features might still yet be implemented for this new message system.
this looks really good from the start i hope i really hope it works better then that damn chat which has never worked for me
anyways thanx

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somebody plz tell me who is the best uploder with English substitution
Idea: Add trailer for the series
Idea: Create a new Category for parody
Idea: Create a new Category for antivirus
Dope wallpapers! and the update seems to be working perfectly! thanks to all the KAT staff. Greatly appreciated everybody
yeah deserved it, congrats!
can anyone give me a tutorial ??

I have someone "bookmarked" - I go to their uploads... but then i can't search their uploads.. i have to go through every page?

also want to know if im doing the whole download torrent and then using other software to download it right...

how would i become a leech here then or seeder or whatever all that is...

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