July upd.1 - New Rep Mechanism, Ideabox and Request Fixes and a New FAQ

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Summer is a really slow time here, but we finally have new updates for you:

1. Reputation Updates
We changed the reputation page and also updated the inner rep mechanics. The good news is - there will be less unfair reputation given out, the bad - some of the users might lose some points.

2. Requests and Ideabox
We renewed the Torrent Requests and Ideabox. They god some inner and design fixes so from now on they will work much better.

3. Profile and Sidebar Optimization
The name says it all: we optimized profile and sidebar for better usability.

4. Solved the Duplicate Torrents Issue
It's done! You won’t get any more duplicate torrents on the front page!

5. New FAQ
And the final update – we’ve restored our FAQ! It is practically empty now, but you can search for some basic answers that are already there and add your questions that our team will answer and don’t forget to rate the questions if they were helpful or not helpful.

Plus the usual bugfix and minor rules update!

Also, as a PS, we have a small announcement for you! Last month one of our mods - wrong user link started a signature competition on our Community. We gave our full support to this terrific idea and from now on we will announce the monthly winners! So if you have some interest in participating - check out the July competition thread.

And the June winner is - maddj1509 who made this signature:

P.S. Don't panic! :)
Reputation for all your comments and uploads will be back!

upd.27 of July
Once again we're sorry for all the rep disturbances an want to assure you that from now on we'll avoid any reputation fixes.

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Blog: July upd.1 - New Rep Mechanism, Ideabox and Request Fixes and a New FAQ

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I want my rep points back i earned everyone of them do u no how long it takes to get themcryi got them,cherished them,loved them an now they just left mecrywithout even sayin goodbyedizzyso sad gonna miss u rep points but i will rember the time we had togethercryan i will never forget each an every one of utittertittertittertitter
Awesome Updates ! Thanks :)
Just give my reps back crycry
I don't like the new rep system - I worked hard for over 18 months to get where I was, and to lose most of it in one go - due to a change - pfft! It would have been nice if you had done everyone the courtesy of forewarning before going ahead!
Not happy Jan!
I left commented on well over 1000 torrents and then there`s my 167 uploads and I`ve just lost over 4000 rep points(is my time, effort and input worth nothing to you KAT), been uploading comics few times a week I`ve just uploaded my last two torrents and now when i create some more I`m going to take them elsewhere or just not bother, this place felt kinda like home now i feel like I`ve been burgled - If the idea behind this was to incite people into leaving - Nice one kat mission accomplished madmadmad

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Idea: Add trailer for the series
Idea: Create a new Category for parody
Idea: Create a new Category for antivirus
thanks!! will be useful!!
I see this rep point problem are already existed from july, i'm new here, but it's december, and until now, my rep point are stuck to where it is, cannot add anymore point.
What seems to be the problem? Please fix it, it's no fun at all!cry
OK i don't know if i am in the rite place or not but how do i download and watch them is there something i need to do this??please someone help
i would like to find a copy of diary of a wimpy kid dog days please.can anyone help?thank you for taking the time to read this.
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