Kat.ph - Our New Domain!

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This is official, from now on the main page of KickassTorrents will be - Kat.ph!

As soon as you will be redirected, you'll have to re-login on kat.ph. Once again - don't worry it's our new official domain!

If you encounter any bugs or problems with the new domain - please leave us a message in a special thread on our forum.

Finally we'd like to ask our supporters to promote our new domain, so that more and more people won't get lost due to the domain change!

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Blog: Kat.ph - Our New Domain!

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I prefer the old one.

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leonenesso0 Show comment
Forse quello Vecchio e piĆ¹ pratico da usare.
Folders1 Show comment
grt i like it.. it's all working gud!
toiri0 Show comment
grrr everytime i try download it takes me to a different web page!!!?????
simonjgr322 Show comment
Nice one are your emails working off the new domain???
kinari.cessna41514 Show comment
OhMyReact14 Show comment
Sweet! Nice job KickAss staff =]
Usbdriver4955 Show comment
Reminds me of url-shortening sites... good job guys, less typing, more sharing XD! And I tried to post this without including this entence, and this red spam line appeared... twice, what's spam about my sentence :(
NKay639 Show comment
Everythings great as usual :D
zingalvs19.86K Show comment
everything's fine..
a bit slow though.. but i guess the staff are getting into it.. biggrin
NBD as long as KAT is alive.. lol
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