May upd.2 - Small Security Update

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Summer is just around the corner and we have some new features in the works for you (the whole thing got a little slow with the release of Diablo III :)). So for now we made a small but important security update - from now on you'll get a warning every time you click a link on


Plus our usual bugfix! Stay tuned for more!

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Blog: May upd.2 - Small Security Update

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pirates are way cooler than hackers
Diablo? I sort of remember something like that. I kill spare time in the evening with Novalogic Joint Operations.
It would also be kinda cool if this didn't happen to links that point to
p.s. actually, the update is annoying.

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thanks!! will be useful!!
Comment is deleted
Small Security For Responsibility.

Hackers are cool too. We are all a part of a wonderful neighborhood.
I haven't encountered this.
And how to disable this useless feature?
this feature is aint useless

SirSeedsAlot7781 • 23 May 2012, 15:28
pirates are way cooler than hackers
he is
Very true, Pirates beat hackers.

Thanks :)
sure the update, might be annoying, but I appreciate that we have a dev team maintaining this site and its security, so that I can download without a great deal of worry.
p.s. actually, the update is annoying.
Nice, glad you are maintaining the site security!
small exploitery update?
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