March upd.2 - New Image Upload

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In the last update we added the new image upload, but only for uploaders, yesterday it was set as our new default image upload mechanism. From now on the bbcode image tag is allowed only community. So lets see how the new system works.

Now you can attach images to all comments or forum posts! To do so you need to click the upload image button and select an image (or multiple images) using Browse or by clicking on your latest uploads.


When the image is selected - click upload and they will be added to your uploaded images and attached to your post.


The attached images are shown below the post.


And they will appear below any text you enter.


As for forum post the upload mechanism is the same, only you need to insert the images into the post by clicking on them in your Latest Uploads. Also there is a small problem with multiple upload - only the name first image will be displayed in the upload pop-up, but the mechanism still uploads all the selected images. This system still needs few fixes and after that we will start implementing a new feature based on it... and this feature is rally easy to guess.

Stay tuned!

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Blog: March upd.2 - New Image Upload

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you guys shouldnt updated the photo posting in profile!!
its really small now!! :( :(
please bring it back!
other than that its good!
The old system was best sad...
I find a lot of people are frustrated, and are just not bothering to post a picture ,this is sad ,please reconsider and bring back the old style.
Thank you for all you do it's very much appreciated
Our evil image posting plan is coming together quite well, bwwaaaa haaaa haaaaa (rubbing fingers together like a crazed scientist)
I am very disappointed in the new picture posting system. It is very hard to post decent size photos now. Please make the necessary changes.

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thanks!! will be very useful!!
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Thanks, great blog :)
New sometime's is better.Just take's time to get the hang of it!Dont worry guys.It seems to work quite fine!
Not at all comfortable... Old method was good
the image system is great, only if the uploaded images were big like we used to have here, that would've been greater... also we should be able to post external links, if we want to... i mean seriously it kinda feels like it's a one way decision & you guys are forcing it on us... it kinda sucks and demotivational... the fun level here got to 7/10 from 10/10...
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