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1 year on KAT and became TH .. let's have a little party

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Time for another little blog of mine
I've been on KAT for a year and became TH on the same day .. whoot whoot

soooo, I had an idea: let's have a little party! send me whatever (meme, pic, edited pic, ...) you want to be posted on this blog to celebrate this lazy Sunday (read: my one year anniversary) and if I approve I'll edit the blog with it :D

[EDIT] a lot of pictures won't load in the comments, so I'm sorry if I can't add them :(

Let's partay! :D

Eppo77.18K is partying hard (on his toilet) (^_^)
Eccles38.77K calls for bullshit
bfab76.99K likes the achievement :D
50X16.92K is partying Radioactive Man style .. go Simpsons! :D
theknight0 asks for some pity on me .. thanks mate :D (cute kitten by the way .. make sure SirSeedsAlot129.63K won't come and get it from you titter
haha, wrong user link sends me some unique love .. welcome to the party, grumpy cat!
haste21 says "I don't have anything to contribute to the blog :p" .. well look at that, you did contribute .. and I'll upload this in your name then:
a very sweet picture from the very sweet sexy DethHolly68.78K [:Qlovely]
Smittech141.42K caught me, Toga and Holly partying like it was Friday ( .. on a Sunday .. naughty we are!)
CaeSarcasm34.35K makes sure there is a great atmosphere by making this a pirate theme party .. Arrrr!

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Blog: 1 year on KAT and became TH .. let's have a little party

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I'll start.
Congrats...make sure all you do is party!
congrats missix well done boo
be nice you. She has to do coffee runs first.

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There is a certain amount of animal cruelty in the world, and dying your kitten pinkish purple is one of them.huffy

Congrats on your new Status missix90.87K
true .. don't even know why people do it ..
thanks mate :)

congrats on the year missix smile
thanks mate! :)

I dont wanna know how they dyed that cat pink. Cruel mutts.
Congrats Massix!! :)
me neither :(
but thanks mate! :)

Comment is deleted
thanks again mate :D I'm very happy to be on it!

With the day/time image I have to be politically correct about it... It is 365.25 days; 8,766 hours; 525,960 minutes; 31,557,600 seconds... Why do you think we have a 'Leap Day' once every four years?
and Congrats on making TH and your one year anniversary with KAT!
thanks :)
well, there is a lot of (wrong) information in this world .. :)

My turn..lol
and congrats bud.loveliness
thanks mate! (wish I could see the pics though :( )

Grats Missymiss!
thanks celery.! :D

pff, I can't see this pic .. sometimes I dislike KAT (ok, I only dislike it when it doesn't show pictures)
but thanks anyhoo! :) :)

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