Catching Fire movie review.

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I just wanted to make a on the movie Catching Fire. As a person that really loves books, and this series was one of my all time favorite. I can sometimes be critical of Hollywood's portrayal of books I like. I will start by saying The Hunger Games movie was really good in my opinion but it totally didn't live up to the book. Now Catching Fire that's another story. This movie is the best I've seen all year and one of the best ever. They did an excellent job of keeping to the book with a few minor details left out (a few I would of liked to see). Jennifer Lawrence did an excellent job again as Katniss Ever Dean, but Sam Claflin was amazing as Fin Nick and I really liked their pick for Johanna Mason, Jena Malone. She is both beautiful and talented in this movie. I am not a sappy guy but a tear came to my eyes in the scene were Katniss accents to the arena. I won't give spoilers but those that have read the books, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. The movie has some length to it a run time of a little over 2.5 hours. The movie leaves off at the end of the last. Katniss and Petta are getting ready to travel the districts for their victory tour when President Snow stops by to give her a warning/threat. Next you learn that these years Hunger Games is special as it is the 75th games and as with ever 25 year the games are special with unique rules. The special rules for this one shocks and shakes everyone. If your looking for a excellent movie and only plan to see one this year... I HIGH RECOMEND THIS MOVIE!!!


Yep! It's Raver Kitty again - Learn how Raver Kitty help reintroduce the Red Panda to Bhutan

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Raver Kitty = RK

Many of you already know of RK's crazy adventures. If not check out these blogs: https://kat.ph/blog/JKS1976ADIDAS/post/32785/ , https://kat.ph/blog/JKS1976ADIDAS/post/32907/ & https://kat.ph/blog/JKS1976ADIDAS/post/33145/ . hehe! lollol I promoted my blogs again!
Even with all the crazy stuff RK has done, he's not without a good side. This story is about how RK's exploits lead him to help reintroduce the endangered Red Panda to the nation of Bhutan.


One day while RK was visiting his crops in Australia his local botanist ausy50.92K and Eccles38.77K took him to the Taronga Zoo. There he met this beautiful female Red Panda named Poppy. As he was chatting her up, she told him all about the breeding program that the zoo had for her specie. The zoo was horrible to her and this mean spirited b!tch red panda named Hillary always picks on her. She told him that she was being forced to breed with this lazy old smelly Red Panda named Biden that would rather hangout with the dim-witted couple that live in the big white enclosure then pleasure her. She longed to leave the zoo behind. She wanted to be reintroduced to her native home in Bhutan. She loved everything about Bhutan even the Tigers she once feared cause one ate her brother's liver with a side of fava beans. She reminisced about how her father once protected the poppy fields (Which she was named after) by eating the insects that would destroy them. She went on about how the farmers would pay him with the sweetest bamboo she had ever tasted in her life. RK was intrigued not only by her beauty and charm but the fact that Red Pandas could help his newly acquired poppy fields in Bhutan. See RK was having problems meeting the opiate quotas imposed on him by the CIA, Pharmaceutical giants and pain management clinics back in the states. RK had a plan....OH no RK's plans are always crazy!

When he got back to ausy50.92K place he checked on his cannabis fields, borrowed Eccles38.77K whips and chains for some fun with Poppy and made a call to a friend Jeff Corwin the animal planet host that has worked in Bhutan with the Red Pandas (by friend I mean the tree hugging hippie he sold weed and heroin too). RK explained how he wanted to help reintroduce the Red Panda to parts of Bhutan. Jeff was super excited to do it and score some of the fine buds RK had at the same time. So Jeff brought his camera crew to Australia and helped in convincing the zoo keepers to release all the Red Panda with the exception of Hillary, Biden and the dim-witted coupled Michelle and Barack that live in the big white enclosure.

So RK had done it! He had reintroduced 13 Red Pandas back into Bhutan and got new workers for his poppy farm. Things were going great until the cost of bamboo went up, the pandas were slacking on their bug eating duties cause they were so fat from the high grade bamboo and he found out Poppy was given that name more for her fondness of using his product then protecting it. Between Jeff's over use and Poppy addiction he was losing more product daily. RK was at his wits end when he got a visit from the CIA and the one's he feared the most Purdue Pharma (largest manufacturer of oxy cotton) they started asking him why his shipments were getting less and less. They wanted answers on how they were suppose to keep the death tolls going up from overdoses of their super addictive pain pills if they are not getting the raw materials to make hillbilly heroine. They told him to solve it or there would be repercussions. RK knew he was in a jam and had to make an example out of someone to get the Red Pandas back in-line.

RK sat there thinking when Jeff stopped by to say hi. Jeff could see RK was having trouble so he asked RK to come with him to track some endangered Bangle Tigers in the wild and relax. RK accepted as he had nothing better to do. While tracking the tigers Jeff and him passed a blunt back and forth. Jeff was already super high from doing more of RK's poppies. This made RK even more frustrated as Jeff kept nodding out while he tried to explain the problems he was facing. Soon they stumbled upon Jeff's favorite thing to play with animal scat. It was tiger scat aka tiger crap! While bending over playing with the big cat's poop Jeff went on about how RK needed to be chill and get high. He also started his hippie crap by saying just be loving to the Red Pandas instead of making an example out of one of them. Suddenly a super fly tigress leapt out from behind a bush killing Jeff instantly. She smiled at RK and said there's one of your problems solved right there. It Seems this tigress named Palin had been watching his operation and had a few ideas on how to help RK with his troubles. She explained that she knew this Giant Panda named Cheney that could get cheaper lower grade bamboo from China to feed the Red Pandas. She explained that since they should be eating the bugs too he could also cut the bamboo portions in half. After that she said her and her crew would round up some of the local Red Panda population along with other species to help for the harvest. She went on to say let her and her friend keep the Red Pandas in-line by making an example of that Poppy b!tch.

RK was a bit concern wondering what this sly tigress wanted for her services. So he said okay but what are you getting out of this. He was shocked when all she wanted was an occasional Red Panda snack when they got to weak or old to work and a little RK loving from time to time. So RK took her along with her tiger and snow leopard friends back to his fields. He then called for a meeting with the Red Panda workers. Poppy was so strung out she hardly noticed the tigress Palin leaped on Poppy ripping her to shreds in front of her fellow red pandas. After that things looked up for RK. The CIA was happy they were controlling the majority of the opiate trade again. With the death toll alone in the state of Florida from oxycodone deaths topping auto accidents, the Pain management clinics and pharmaceutical giants were pleased as well.

When I started this I said it was a story of RK's exploits to save the red panda...sorry I meant to say it was a story of how RK exploited the red panda.

Oh, I can hear the sweet music to my ears now. All the complaints about this blog. I do understand that the sticks in some people's butts can be very painful. I also truly understand this causes you to dislike almost everything. You know what, I really don't care because Raver Kitty's stories make me happy. If you don't get the satire in this story PM me and I'll try to explain what "satire" means and how it was used in this blog. PS my grammar sucks I know that and I proof read just as well so I hope that makes you even more disappointed in this blog.

Raver Kitty adventures continues - Read how he kidnapped Peter Dinklage

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So we've seen Raver Kitty's has lead a crazy, f-ed, wild life and a few other adjectives kind of life in these blogs https://kat.ph/blog/JKS1976ADIDAS/post/32907/ & https://kat.ph/blog/JKS1976ADIDAS/post/32785/ ...haha I just promoted my old blogs ... hehehehe
Well here's an adventure you will surely enjoy.

About a year and a half ago I was sitting at home one Saturday afternoon when Raver Kitty came home strung-out from dancing and drugging all night. Raver Kitty strolls in and takes a big dump in the litter box and grabs a 40 of malt liquor then crashes beside me as I start Game of Thrones season 1 from the beginning in prep of the up-coming second season. Raver Kitty was teasing me about watching a nerd show until he really started getting in to it. I think it was the titties! In fact, we sat there an entire 10 hours and watch the entire first season straight through. Raver Kitty was hooked on Game of Thrones and really liked Tyrion aka Peter Dinklage. Now as you may recall in another blog https://kat.ph/blog/JKS1976ADIDAS/post/32907/ Raver Kitty had once partied with Charlie Sheen(I pimped my blog again). The truth be known Raver Kitty has met and partied with lots of stars but those are stories for another time.

As the up-coming second season of Game of Thrones was approaching Raver Kitty had read an article that the scenes for King's Landing was to be filmed in Republic of Malta a beautiful chain of islands in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.

Raver Kitty called up his buddy that had flight connections and we took off to Italy then a beautiful boat ride to the Republic of Malta. On the boat ride from Italy Raver Kitty had that look on his face and I knew he was up to something so I went and checked his bags. Do you know what I found? Two great big jars of magic mushrooms an empty jar and 25 hits of LSD. I pulled Raver Kitty to the side and asked how did you get this on the plane? He was already tripping hard. He laughed and said I have connections all over the world as the captain walked by and gave him a high five. I found out Raver Kitty had eaten 57 mushroom caps and taken 10 hits of LSD so I knew that now was no use talking to him at this point. When we landed on the island nation Raver Kitty took off as I headed to our hotel. I did not see Raver Kitty again until this crazy story was finished. I knew that trouble would soon follow.

Raver Kitty found the set of Game of Thrones but he was currently in another world. Raver Kitty met Peter Dinklage and some how ended up kittynapping him. Raver Kitty told him they had to go to Croatia as that was were Daenerys was filming the scenes for Qarth so Tyrion could see the dragons he's always wanted to see and Raver Kitty could bang Emilia Clarke aka Daenerys. Peter tried to explain to Raver Kitty it was all a show but Raver Kitty was on a twisted drug induced quest. Raver Kitty handed Peter 4 hits of acid and a handful of mushrooms and said join my quest Lord Tyrion Lannister and we can whore our way along on a quest to bang Danny! Peter looked at the stuff in his hands and said what the hell and they were both off on a crazy quest.

Raver Kitty and Peter Dinklage were so messed up, they somehow managed to find two dolphins that were willing to give them a ride back across the Mediterranean sea and up the Adriatic for a few hits of acid. Raver Kitty had the Dolphins take them past Croatia to Slovenia first so he and Peter could hook-up with a few lady friends he knew on-line. At his friends house Raver Kitty was greeted with lots of loving and a connection with 45 Mescaline tablets and another half sheet of acid. Peter and him were living on the edge they took another 5 hits of acid a piece and 3 of the Mescaline pills. They were truly in another world. Raver Kitty next went and renter a car and they ran into Jon Snow. Peter and him laughed at him and called him a bastard while driving away. I'm not sure how Raver Kitty managed to drive as hard as he was tripping and dude he's a cat too??? When they arrived Raver Kitty was coming down so they both popped 5 more hits and took 2 pills with a big glass of Orange Juice.

When they finally arrived the set director was so mad at Peter yelling about how they were looking all over for him back in the Republic of Malta. Raver Kitty knock the loud mouth director out with one claw and went into Emilia Clarke dressing room like he own that mother. Emilia Clarke was in there cutting up so crappy coke her hair dresser found when Raver Kitty pulled out his fine Colombian snow. After they banged for 3 hours or so Raver Kitty, Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke took the rest of the acid and pills then took off to hunt dragons. 5 days went by until someone found them naked huddled in a blanket in the middle of a forest. Raver Kitty had did it again. The flight home was quite as Raver Kitty was sleeping off his crazy trip!...So drugs are bad...um k

I said I would not beg for votes this time and I want but if you do want to vote for Raver Kitty as the best avatar here's the link... https://kat.ph/community/sho...mit-your-avatar-here/?page=8

Raver Kitty's adventures are wild, crazy, insane and not intended for those with sticks up there butts or easily offended by make believe BS!

Another story about Raver Kitty - Hope you enjoy

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Yes this may be a useless blog but it's my useless blog. I don't bash others blogs so if your here to bash then I'll just ignore you. It's a crazy story and don't get mad I came up with a fun way to promote my avatar

You may think you've heard everything about Raver Kitty's life, but that not entirely true. That story was just an over view of Raver Kitty's life. There are many stories that happened in between. This is one such tail...........

This side story happened on a breezy autumn day when Raver Kitty was still in the dope game and using at the same time. Raver Kitty was hanging out on the corner of 13th and Park Ave selling his wears. When behind him he saw blue and red lights flashing. He knew it was officer Bacon-bits and Porky, the 2 officers that always gave him a hard time. Raver Kitty ran for the ally and jump the fence but the officers were closing in when a black limo stop and he heard hurry jump in! Raver Kitty jumped in the limo without a second through as it speed away. When Raver Kitty had time to look around he found himself surrounded hot chicks and Charlie Sheen.

Raver Kitty was stunned and excited at the same time. Charlie Sheen said to Raver Kitty "I was just about to stop and ask you for some of your stuff when those officers turned on their lights". Raver Kitty was like ya man I still got the stuff and I'll hook you up for the save back there. After Raver Kitty made his sale he said you can drop me off here, but Charlie was like come chill with us and party with me and the girls. Raver Kitty was like heck ya!

Charlie's hotel room looked like a mansion to Raver Kitty. The party started off small but before you knew it there was a DJ and light shows everywhere. Raver Kitty was coked out of his mind with Charlie and a couple of chick were grinding on then but Raver Kitty did not understand why their eyes were rolling in the girl heads and they were so fascinated by the light show and people dancing with glow sticks? One chick grinding on Raver Kitty said it's xtc and popped 3 pills in Raver Kitty's mouth. About 30 mins went by then Raver Kitty started feeling funny. It was like he was the music and the light were a live in his skull. Raver Kitty danced for what seemed like hours.
Around 3am a loud bang came from across the room it seems Charlie was going thru so kind of crazy coke fueled rage and started throwing stuff everywhere. Raver Kitty was so messed up all he could do was sit in the chair and tell people he loved them. Shortly after the noise the police show up and it's officer Bacon-bits and Porky who walk in the room.
Raver Kitty said hey I love those guys and started towards the officers to give them hugs when someone grabbed his hand. Somehow 2 girls Raver Kitty was dancing with were able to sneak him and themselves out of the hotel room before the officers could see them. They asked Raver Kitty were they could chill and he said let go to my friend Juan the Chihuahua's house.
Juan lived with his Girlfriend, mother and sometimes his estranged gang-banger father would crash there too. Raver Kitty knew Juan was away in Texas working on an oil rig, but Juan girl Carlynn would be glad to see them, unless see was entertaining some hood rats like she often did when Juan was out of town. Carlynn was happy to see Raver Kitty and gave him a big hug. Raver Kitty liked hugs more know for some strange reason...could it be the X??? He told Carlynn about his night and she was like Dam I want a bean too. Kitty was like a bean??? All the ladies laughed at him. Carlynn called on of her hood rat friend Moose and asked him to bring over some Molly. Raver Kitty took 3 of the clear capsules with brown crystals inside. After a short time had passed Raver Kitty was on a whole new level of gone. The night was alive with music, lights, colors and vicks inhalers. Raver Kitty was so happy. All of a sudden Carlynn had a suggestion. She wanted the other 2 girl and Raver Kitty to join her and Moose for an orgy. Raver Kitty was totally down with that. It was totally awesome til the door swung open and there stood Juan. The look on Juan face showed rage and heartbreak. Raver Kitty was so messed up he got off of Carlynn and went to hug Juan which resulted in a punch to his face. Juan father had arrived and heard the noise. When he found out what was going on he pulled out his glock and started shooting. Moose and the 2 girl were killed and Carlynn was wounded, but Raver Kitty ran away. A few hours later he heard that a stary bullet had killed Juan and that Juan's father was gunned down by officer Bacon-bits and Porky right after the incident. Raver Kitty went home and laid there for like 15 hours before sleep took him. When Raver Kitty finally woke up he felt super depressed and tried to take his own life. If it had not been for his sister Juanita knowing how to deal with the depression after a night of MDMA he surely would be lost to us now.

Raver Kitty should have learned a lesson from this yet he has not. Please help me get him in rehab. Like I've said before he has agreed to enter if he wins the best avatar contest. Around one ends the 17th and if he is in the top ten he will need your votes for round 2. Currently you can vote for Raver Kitty's avatar here https://kat.ph/community/show/kick-ass-best-avatar-season-4-submit-your-avatar-here/?page=8

p.s. Raver Kitty is deranged and not intended for those with sticks up their behinds or easily offend by make believe B.S......If you've not read Raver Kitty's life story go to my profile and check out my blogs...Self-promoting YA!

RAVER KITTY NEEDS YOUR HELP - Stop by and hear his plight

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Raver Kitty have a problem taking substance that make him want to dance around with glow sticks. Very sad indeed. He has promised to enter rehab if he wins the Best Avatar contest. The current Best avatar contest is heating up and my Raver Kitty is in 3rd place behind avatars not nearly as cool as him. You know you want to vote for my "Raver Kitty" avatar as favorite avatar...Please do so and +1 my avatar here https://kat.ph/community/sho...atar-here/?page=8


Chapter 1 of Raver kitty's life story "A kitten in the Hood"
Raver kitty was born the runt of his litter to a crack house Cat of a mother wrong user link and his father "Kat" had litters all over the hood but paid no Cat nip or litter to help his strung out mother support him and his brother and sisters. When raver kitty was 2 weeks old his mother was shot in a drive by then 2 days later his brothers and sister with the exception on one sister were killed by a pack of giant hood rats lead by wrong user link. Being small Raver Kitty did his best to take care of him and his sister. He worked as a mouse catcher at night and a lap cat during the day. On their 3 month birthday Raver Kitty saved enough money to get his sister her own litterbox when she went missing. He searched all over the crack house but could not find his sister. He heard rumors that she was kitty-napped and sold to a Restaurant thank cooked more then chicken, pork and beef.
Stay tuned for more Chapters in Raver Kitty's sad life
Chapter 2
Raver Kitty was feeling down and had lost all hope in life. One hot summer day when all the crackheads where out hustling a dope dealer scooped Raver Kitty up and threw him in a box and drove away. About 1 hour had went by when the boxed opened to his surprise a small girl picked him up and said I love him uncle Jerome. The next few months were like a dream. Sure he still lived in the hood but he was happy. Raver Kitty had a family, food, a litter box and a little girl that loved him. He even meet a cute Persian kitty next door and they started getting close. The crack house had felt like years ago when in fact he was only 6 months old. Yet he was a Tom at that age growing up in the hood makes a kitty age quicker.

Raver Kitty eventually had a family with his cute Persian love Precious. 2 lovely daughter and a son that looked just like him. Life was really looking up for Raver Kitty, but that's when tragedy struck. His owners mom had let the baby daddy of her youngest 2 cook crack in her kitchen and a fire broke out. Raver Kitty did the best he could to save his beloved owner, wife and kittens but to no avail. Raver Kitty had lost everything again!
Chapter 3
The next 3 months were the roughest in Raver Kitty's life. Raver Kitty had given up on trying to have a good life and lived on the streets now. He had to resort to steeling his meals from pit bull pens when the owners had them in the fighting rings. One time he was cornered by a mean B!tch and was almost eaten alive. After that encounter he no longer had the courage to steel from the pit pens. He tried to catch mice and other small rodents but the giant hood rats kicked the crap out of him for messing with their cousins. Eventually Raver Kitty resorted to prostitution. Selling his tail in the hood was hard work and there were so many freaks, like the sick old Tom with one eye that likes to be sprayed in the face.

One day while working his corner he saw something that made him glance again. It was his sister Juanita. He ran over to his sister and found out she was really kitty-napped by a pimp Tom cat named Sylvester whom had brutal enforcers axe-1139.95K , Spike and Tweety. Raver Kitty decided he had to take his sister and get out of this life. He took his sister's paw and promised her he would make a better life for them. The next few months were tough but looking up. They had found a little old women that had many cats in the hood and moved in with her. She may have been a hoarder and it was tough looking at other cat corpses that had died but the old lady had not the ability or want to remove them. Things were getting better again for Raver Kitty.
Chapter 4
Raver Kitty was working now as a dope dealer slinging that cheese to the local mice, but things had grown far from perfect. He was constantly have it out with his sister about her drug problem. Juanita would call him a hypocrite for selling drugs and getting mad at her for using. One day Raver Kitty was hanging out with this slutty little Siamese that talked him in to getting high for the first time. His sister was happy that they now shared this in common sadly.
One day Raver Kitty and his sister came home high as a kite and saw the local code enforcement and landlord removing the old women from the house. They were on the streets again and now had no money cause they had used his products all themselves. Raver kitty had received all his product up-front with a promise to pay back J-dog (aka redish0 ) the local supplier. When J-dog heard the roamers he was mad and knew Sylvester would pay good to learn were Raver Kitty and his sister had been staying.
On a Rainy Christmas eve Sylvester sent his enforcers to take care of the problem. One the morning of Christmas Raver Kitty found himself half alive laying in a puddle of his sisters blood. Raver Kitty had hit a new low in his life.
Chapeter 5
On new years day I was driving through the hood delivering food to the homeless people of the hood when I found a strung out cat known as Raver Kitty. I took Raver Kitty home and tried as I could to better his life, but the only thing that made him forget his tragic past was popping Molly and dancing to dub-step. He has had several loves come and go in his life and not even the love of wrong user link whom he loved dearly before breaking her heart then there was, wrong user link, haste21 or DethHolly68.74K could break the chains of tragic drug use. Please help me help my poor sad Raver kitty.

TV series and movies verse the books they are adapted from (focused on Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and fire series)

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I will avoid spoilers as best I can for those wanting to watch what I'm discussing.

There always seems to be a debate on whether TV series and movie based on books are better or not. Most book reader will say that books beat out the TV/Movie equivalent pretty much every time. On the other hand, people that don't enjoy reading will say I'll wait for the movie. I've decided to focus on "The song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones". I would love everyone's input on other books made in to TV/movie productions and your take on them. So please feel free to discuss away.

Personality I like to read and then watch what I've read as well. There are many times (like with The Hunger Games) were I felt the book was better, but I rather like seeing how different writer/producers interpret others works.

I recently started reading "The Song of Ice and Fire series and I'm half way through the 3rd book "A Storm of Swords". My first taste of this series came in the form of the HBO series A Game of Thrones which is currently my 2nd favorite actively running show. First let me start with a break down of how the books match to the TV series. Book 1 is the 1st season, book 2 the second season and the 3rd book will be the current 3rd season and next years 4th. The information on what seasons will cover the remaining 2 books that are already written and the 2 yet to be released is spotty at this time. I watched the 1st 2 season's before starting the books.

Season 1 followed the first book more then any other series I've ever seen. Yet, I like season 1 a little bit better then the book for 2 main reasons. 1st The TV series had small conversations between some main characters that I felt add to the flow of the story. 2nd the book goes in to way to much detail on what some character's look like, what they're wearing and the food they eat. I like detail but how many times do I want to hear about what the same person looks like. I swear how many times do I need to here what Brynden Tully looks like, what the Lannister banner looks like, that grease is running down someone's face or every color of every outfit they put on. Okay maybe it's something someone what's to know so I should not rant anymore.

Now season 2 differed a bit more from the book. The funny thing is that made me love the series and books almost equally now. Some of the events in the book are more complex and more interesting then how they did it in the show, but the same story changes have increase my interest in both.

So far it seems the 3rd season is doing the same as the 2nd in my opinion.

Well that's my rant. I know I focused heavily on one series but please feel free to bring up other books to TV/movie. I love getting more things to which and read.


A blog about my favorite genre of shows and what I like about each

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So my blog is about how every network seems to be taking on the Sci-fi genre in some way or another. I've always enjoyed stories, lore and mythology. About 90% of what I watch can fit into this category...from anime to live action shows. So I wanted to discuss what I like about a few series.


Supernatural - This shows been around for 8 seasons now and while some parts were stale for the most part this show delivers week from week during the season. What I really like about this show is it take superstition, religious and pangenetic character and stories and works them into a thrilling show. Monsters, vampires, Angels, Demons and gods all in one show.


True Blood - Killer vampires and boobs do I really needs to say a whole love. This show has grown on my a lot of the past season. So many plot lines and side stories through the season makes people want to watch so they don't miss a thing.


Game of Thrones - My second favorite series. This show has more POV's and plot lines then almost any show I've ever seen and it's a popular DL here on KAT. I've heard it called Lord of the Rings with bobbies, but I think the story itself is better the Lord of the Rings. The show is already so well received and they have not even got to the best books yet. What I most like is every fan has their favorite character and most hated character and they defend them well. Can anyone guess who wrong user link or wrong user link likes? It's hard to tell with their avatars. This one's gonna be around for a while!

Addition: Thanks haste21 for reminding me of something else I like about GoT. In almost every episode you get scenes from all over this great big world like Croatia, Morocco, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and 1 or 2 more


Grimm - This show offers loveable funny characters. The idea behind the show may not be terrible original but it's done in a different way to make it fresh and exciting. What I like most is they give you a little bit of the current main storyline with added main episode plots. This is what keeps me coming back. I want to see how the main story progresses while watching the weekly drama the characters get into.


The Vampire Diaries - Well I did not like this show at first besides the eye candy from certain cast members. This show has grown on me the most of the current season sharing my 3rd favorite live action show with TWD. What I like the most about the show is character interaction and you never know who they're going to kill off next.


The Walking Dead - Thanks to Zoooma36.84K thread about the show I've discussed this show them any other. When I first heard about a zombie apocalypse TV series, I was like who long can that last till I started watching. This truly is a show were pretty much any character could be killed off. I've found that fans are fanatics and will bitterly defend their opinion regarding favorite/most hated characters. My favorite part of the show is the character development and wonderful acting.


ONCE UPON A TIME - Well just encase you don't know this is my favorite show! Fairy tails come to life with a twist. The concept behind this show is genius! The casting is near perfect and Jennifer Morrison is the star. I have so many things I like about this show but I will just name a few. 1st the way each episode shows both current events and the back story at the same time. This give viewer a look into the characters mind to show why they react certain ways in current time line Next, the way certain story book character play the roles of various characters from other stories. Character development is another big thing in the show. Lastly the actors do a wonderful job portraying the characters they play.

Well that's my blog. Hope you enjoyed it!
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