4th part!

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Jimmy slowly dragged himself out of the car that had caught on small flames. His knee was of no use as he could not move it at all. he barely felt anything from the knee down on his right foot. His tears were running motionless as he dragged himself further and onto a wall to catch his breath. With his trembling hands he took out his cellphone and immediately called the police.
-Hello this is 911 how can i help you?
- Yeah um.. me and my mom had an accident, he said, barely able to speak.
- OK please give me your location and I will send help right away.
- I do not know exactly where i am... its dark and i see an old abandoned building, seems like a factory... uh... there is a street light right across from it.
- Alright I believe I have figured out where you are i will send help right away, do you want me to stay on the phone wi
......... He ended the call and dropped the phone on the ground. All he had to do was wait for help to arrive. As he waited for the police to arrive, he was staring at the car that was totaled from the crash. Images of his mother were running through his mind as he slowly lowered his head and submitted to his tears. The night was dark and Jimmy was running out of patience, as he got an big relief when he heard the police sirens closing in, becoming louder by the second.

2 years later...
Jimmy now lived with his aunt Kate and uncle George. His father was a no show after everything that happened. Jimmy did not even know where he was or even if he was still alive. It was 9 in the morning when he woke up from a strange phone call on his cellphone. As he answers, before he was able to even say hello he heard an old man's voice telling him "we are not done with you yet jimmyyyyyyyy..... *click*. As he put down the phone, he decided that it was either a wrong number or a prank call so he tried not to panic, although he had a feeling that this was not even the beginning on what awaited him...
His leg had still not healed completely. The doctors said he wont ever be able to use it for anything except walking. This would cost him a lot of things like not being able to drive or take a bicycle ride, or even drive a motor bike. He didn't seem to mind though. Instead, He seemed to enjoy long walks. Every day he would take his dog and walk it to the park. Jimmy would lay there for a long time, sometimes even a whole evening, watching his dog run around happy full of life. Maybe he was also happy for the dog, knowing how hard it is to live by when you dont have full use of your abilities. So seeing his dog, Rocky, happy also gave Jimmy happiness! And as the years passed on... so did Jimmy's best friend unfortunately... But as rocky left Jimmy's side, another partner was about to replace him, only this time, things would be a little more complicated, and dangerous, than they used to be...

alright guys, heres the 4th part. took me a little while but i didnt really feel like doin it all this time and i didnt wanna to something just to do it so i just waited untill inspiration came to me again. it was 3:30 in the morning when i started and took me a while but i think it was worth it! let me know if you so desire to what you think about it in the comments below and as always, thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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Blog: 4th part!
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