How Easy to Post Pictures

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Since i've joined the kat I'm seeing so many users faced the problem to post pictures. In starting wrong user link helped me to post pictures and after that i've helped my so many friends the same. So, in my this blog I'll explain you how can you post pics very easily.

Step1. First we'll find pics in Google Images option and don't forget to select size "Large" in left side pane. Now select any pic and open in new tab.


Step2. Now we've our pic so right click on it to select "Copy Image Location"


Step3. Now go to any user's wall where you want to post that pic and insert code


Step4. Okay, now paste the image location between this code and change word "code" with "IMG"


Step5. And last just click on "Post Comment" button.


I hope this will be helpful to you. Thankssmilesmile

Again Next Episode of Naruto Shippuuden is Filler!!!

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Yes frnds next episode 271 is a filler. Its a special episode "Road to Sakura " in which Sakura has lost her memory and her frnds will help her to get her memory back.

As you know guys already there were so many fillers after Naruto defeated the pain and before the 3rd Ninja war. And also they have postponed some episode like last week there were no episode.


I'm fed up with this fillers.........I want to see Naruto Kyuubi Mode!!!!

What you think guys????

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