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A bitter sweet goodbye it was
You will always have my heart, my soul and my body
With each tear that falls is another minute in your arms knowing this is good bye.
My heart sinks lower and lower into sadness
Don't stop holding me
Don't stop brushing my hair to the side
Don't stop kissing me
My body shakes with each thought of you leaving
Wishing circumstances were different
Wishing you could stay
In another life
In another time
In another universe we'll meet again

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Blog: Aloha

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That's so sad, and raw and honest.. I hope this helps a little..

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Aloha means Goodbye just as much as it means Hello.
One day you both shall meet again.
Wonderful Poetry hunniboo. love to hear more of what you got.
all my poetry is from my heart. i'll try to find others i've wrote and post it.

i hope you are ok
thinking of the goodtimes u had would always turn a frown dowside up
ah so it was poetry. and here i thought your plant died or something lol phew. got me believin so that means its good poetry biggrin
well, it is based on real events, that's why it's so sad :(
well count on me to say the wrong things eh Lol. its a good poem boo. poetry, motorboating, geez woman u make me feel so useless tonguelol

Jeez!!... I never realised I meant that much to you, Hunniboo!!lollolloltongue
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that's beautiful man

That's so sad, and raw and honest.. I hope this helps a little..
Where's the hula girls and the grass skirts????crycrycry
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i just know :(

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