#Today In Kat History - Birth of Eternity#

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- Knock knock
- Hello, is anyone here???
- Surppppprrrriiiiiiissssseeeeee !!!!

Made by Smittech141.42K

Made by wrong user link

I think all of you can guess that today's entry will be about sweet DethHolly68.77K as it is her 23rd birthday. So I will begin with her biography.

Born in Usa in 1990, July 27, Holly Jade Banana is the only daughter of a merry dentist and architect couple. Her father Mr. Benjamin was 27 and her mother Mrs. Anita was 23 when they had their baby. The first thing our little Holly did when she opened her eyes to cruel world was to give sigh and say 'Hey, dad! Do you have a cigar?'
which caused him pass out with the thought of there is no other way to leave the baby near the closest trash and run away. Of course we wouldnt wanna imagine her mom with a can opener in one hand and ketchup in other hand for the decoration of hospital stage for the pregnancy scene, right? Anyway.
At the age of 2, Holly experienced her first sessy kiss with floor when she was crawling up on the floors.
(one another bad habit of her - facepalm-)
And I mentioned her first words above if you read carefully.. As a career Holly began to make sigs with crayons on walls at the age of 4.. (damn, poor Anita).
(here are her crayond by the way)
When she was 10 years old Holly had her first truck Mitsubishi -by stealing of course- which was broken down half of the way, you know cheap asian trucks.
(I think bananas were appealing to her at the age of 10)

I call 10-16 as 'age of her great depression'.. you will get what I mean soon !!
(she must be depressed in a great deal)
(I was not supposed to show you guys this one XD )

After her 18s (thank god) she became more reasonable

and sorry for skipping guys as it will already be a long blog.. So when I first met with Holly she was like:

and she will live happy after but maybe she is supposed to have this tattoo too:
Okay maybe I exaggerated a bit by asking her to have my name as a tattoo :DDDD

- The End -


#Who has given her 'Diva' nick and why?
DethHolly: "Had my first duel with Pick_n_Roll on here a couple of months ago, and ManyWurlds had given me the nickname Diva of Design. I loved it! In all of my years as a designer I never had a nickname... until I joined KAT. (And it couldn't have been more perfect of a nickname for myself.)

RiverCoyote41.22K - DethHolly came to me for a Native Name. After meditating on her name, it became clear to me that this is one Strong young lady. She's overcome a lot in this walk called "Life"...and I wish her nothing but the best from this day on.

wrong user link - She is kind and generous for she spends a lots of her time for others.

juliafairy22.76K - I think Holly is unique.. She is funny and fun.. Whatever she does she does it with passion.. I hope she stays the person she is.. and I wish her from the bottom of my heart to be happy.. She is a dear friend and i'm very glad to have met her.. Now let's dance.. lol :p

Lancelot233.79K - She's a sweet lady. Kind-hearted and always giving .But we'll always have "The Dungeon"

annizaki11.47K - DeathHolly truly is the Diva of Design! She made both my avatar and my signature for KAT and they were both amazing; original, full of colour, and everyone asked me where I got them ^.^ Imagine that! So, once again many thanks for all the hard work and happy, happy birthday! :):)

wrong user link - DethHolly is one of the nicest people you will come across on KAT, period. A great artist with a unique style all her own. She's smart and a tough cookie, much stronger than I think she realizes. KAT just would not be the same without her presence and I'm happy she is with us.

AfT3RLiF3-1 - Of course ill give you 6.
great friend...
hard working....
and an absolute one and a million

bfab76.98K - The Design of KAT, kat is more creative and colorful coz of her.

ausy50.96K - holly when she first came to kat we immediately hit it off in the adult section,i am still trying to cross swords with her,she is a great girl fun to talk to and enjoys a laugh,she does not take herself seriously apart from her work which we all know is exceptional,im delighted to call her a true friend here on kat :)

HanSOul74.65K - She is very helpful .
Great Sigger :P
one of the great asset for KAT.

wrong user link - A lady with a kind heart..shares her love with all..her presence makes us smile.. God bless you Happy B'day

kaisa laga

MafiaMundeer9358 - may u live long death holly you r my best friend wishing u a happy birth day

BradsAnnoying95.48K - very lovely girl, spent a lot of time talking on skype, playing minecraft (placing doors). a very taleted photoshopist (it is a real word) who has made some astounding wallpapers for me whenever i needed them :)

happy birthday dear!!!

ZombieQueen106.89K - Holly is one of the most talented, artistic people I have ever met and the fact that she is one of the first people I met here makes her shine brighter in my opinion. Keep shining Holly.

Zagreb18.67K - she is creative soul,fearless,speaks her mind without hesitation.Olso lucky to find such a great Kat wife(or husband(don't know which you are)

CodeBlaze11.42K - not my field really...i think you already know that..but i'll try....what i think she is..well..uh...first, she can be a badass troll!.. She trolled the whole KAT once just cos CrackUC was blushing at her(ask her if you dunno abt it)... Then she can be an arse and very frank about faults when it comes to sig stuffs and similar stuff where she's on the helm..

But i'll try...Well above all, she's a damn good sig maker as everybody knows. She is very appreciative of other users with similar talent and very confident in her skills too. She knows to chat nicely and when it comes to trolling she's pretty darn good(ask her about the troll queen incident if you dunno already)... And personally i like her but i stay away since she's a busy type. And lastly, when it comes to being a tough arse...she can give that good show too..
That's all i can think of...

SirHatesaLot27.36K - Holly..the design of diva..the one whose sig i used for 1.5 years..her avy's i still use..i am very proud of using her avy's...at the same time, happy for her as she has caring people like you around her...i hope i have some people like that one day..but i hate them all, every single one of them people. Happy Birthday, sweetie!

eika2565057 - she knows Photoshop better than I do (but I have bigger beard). Definitely one of my favorite Katians.

AryaN_L33T72.87K - the great dethholly my opinion she was very good person listening every one even new users like me ....at last we all love you a lot hooly ^0^

SirSeedsAlot129.54K - DethHolly has talents and gifts she freely gives to others. A real pirate with a true spirit of sharing. She has helped shape the KAT community and has made many many new pirates feel welcome and part of the family. A real credit to KAT Super Users. Puts a smile on my face when I see her working in her shoe factory :)

KDRT3844 - based on what i see, i think she's very helpful and patience, and not selfish too, a great tutor, and very social.

wrong user link - Sure .. she is one of the awesome super-user as i know and ... she help many use so we can say that she is a helpful user ... there Photoshop Tutorials helps to many people included me ...
if anyone told me to explain her in one sentence then i can say only """""" Awesome , Superb """"""

wrong user link - About Holly:
Yeah about Holly, let me think, she made my sig, which I put on a t-shirt, because it is a great sig. She are a cool girl with great talent in photoshop and have a big creativety. Yeah and Im not good at this, so happy birthday.

Put it in like this, dont change it.. :)

Maxen13 - Well, as per my opinion She is nice, honest,open-minded,helpful and friendly (I am going short :P).She put her valuable time and 100% effort to make sigs for members of this community and I have never seen such.Its she who taught me all about PS. You know in the web we can find many people who have an ego that they can do stuffs in a way that others can't (Not only in designs) and they feel that they can take over anyone in that particular stuff (no pun intended) but dethholly is not like those, she is completely different and she doesn't mind at all to reveal her design techniques or you can say her hidden treasures. And apart from all these sometimes she had also supported me when I was in stress. I always respect her the most.She is truely one of the most valueable asset of KAT.
Well there are many more but as you said to complete it within 2-3 statements so I am giving it a break. :D

HopenDarkness76.13K : I am fucking jealous XD if you kept I would shoot you lolollolol (just joking..) thank you very much for your beautiful opinion ^^

CrackUC2663 - She's good . I'm not that good in english . Emphasize what I said in your words and publish under my name :D

PirateZKing577 - Detholly is everyone's Diva... She is Most Lovable in our KAT world... I couldnt imagine a KAT without Holly and her outstanding fantabulous awesome work...
Happy B'day Sizzly Holly... My tons n tons of roses are on the way to U..

cleve2cali3415 - i dont know much about her but from what i do know is she makes awesome sigs and avys

Penguinpirate36.74K - I honestly don't know her, apart from comments in blogs she seems fun and has a good sense of humour. I don't think I've actually chatted with her

wrong user link - I don't know her but she is well liked in the community. She is helpful and curtious. She creates cool sigs for the members and does this from her own free time. Active and a joy to be around. Hope and wish her a Happy Birthday :)

UltraRound98.81K - what can I say she makes great sigs and is one of the members of kat that adds character and makes kat the great site it is,when member like Holly go missing everyone notices the loss"

Smittech141.42K - To describe somebody you meet here on Kat is not so easy. DethHolly is great with PS designs and is a great competitor. She has a kind spirit and became my friend because we like to design things. We help each other at times, too. She also has a crazy fun spirit! Hope life treats here well in the future.

KatStar52.04K - Well as I know .. She is very creative.

KILLBURNKK26.41K - I have only seen her work with Photoshop. I can tell that's great!! So, in my opinion, she is a real artist!!

zeke23331.35K - i really don't know her seems like a nice person does some really
nice work and is an asset to kat

TimeBandits90.83K - DethHolly68.77K is a vibrant member of our kickass community who shares her creative talents for the benefit of all KAT users. For best results always ensure your screen is clean inside & out. Click this to clean the inside of my screen please.

Bartacus50.19K - I don`t know DethHolly that well, but what I`ve seen she is a funny and lovable girl!
She`s the best at making signatures as she has shown in her battle with Smittech!
I`m sure she is a girl you want to know better, everybody wants someone like DethHolly in their neighbourhood!
Happy Birthday

maximersk199.72K - I bet she's goddamn hot ! She's awesome and very nice
She listens Metal/Rock music, just like me...
If I could, I'd meet her in USA to learn better my english.
The only thing I hate of her, she's too slow to reply to my PM and seriously, it's sucks...

Chew195.12K - She is great with photoshop :)

SkyMtn116.2K - Holly is a super, duper, all around nice person, always ready to help out...plus I hear she makes a great signature...

LordofKarma1813 - Certain people stand out as truly "Super Users" - DethHolly is one of them. My circle of KAT gals wouldn't be complete without her - love her attitude and sense of style. Happy B-day!!!

JagatJeetSan3923 - First Of All I Want to Say Happy B'day Sis
And Thanks For All Your Photoshop Tutorials
I Learnt Photoshop By Your Tutorials Only
And In Last Again Happy BirthDay

wrong user link - I hear great things about her.I have yet to chat with DethHolly but i cant wait for that day. Happy Birthday

Horrorhound51.28K - Epic designer, slightly demented [in a good way], not a push over, says her mind.


PsiClone17.79K - Ha the Design Guru...what else could i say about her..never messes up with anybody...helped me once during a blog attack..She is friendly the way she talks...she must have got a lot of presents from Santa i think !!!

Lisaleo0 - 1) cares and shares with grace and hairs
2) friend of mine till the end of time
3) teacher of skills with all the thrills

mobilecracker5359 - I see my face in your eyes I hear my voice in your ears .you are a holly king in Photoshop you are a hero in our kat family .I wish you a sweet happy birthday and have a many more sweet days

wrong user link - she is a diamond of KAT, one that can never be competed by anyone here. And many users, misbehave with her. She deserves a lot lot better than this, and I just hope she gets what she deserves in her life. Wishing her a happy birthday :)

wrong user link - I've barely chatted with holly but when I have she has been an amusing woman with some fire behind her which makes her come across passionate in her conversations, She has helped me understand and work with the Cool stuff in P/Shop by way of her great tutorials ,

Celery.11K - Holly is a slightly salty, slightly spicy bag of mixed nuts all wrapped up with a purple sparkly bow. She's a nutbag!

wrong user link -
O..outstanding !!! creator of sigs
L..Loves Hope

Holly is a very talented,and generous girl
A great asset to kat
Her work with Photoshop is outstanding
I'm Happy to have her as a friend..

vickey121417.53K - dethholy is sometimes stubborn but she always is ready to help anyone..she is amazing person to me,i learned alot from her,from the very first days of my life at kickasstorrents

Nitr0n4085 -
2.Super Creative
3.Very Kind

50X16.92K - She is one of the best designers I have seen.She always come up with great and good looking images,independent of what you ask for.

ToRBoT12.73K - Holly, was not just a fellow SU, she was a friend, a Great Helper and a Sweet teacher. Holly - the diva indeed. howz it..

HopenDarkness76.13K - lmfao, you really dont have feelings, dumbbot :D

ozyris3331 -
Zindagi K Tufano Ka Sahil Hai Teri Dosti
Dil Ke Armaano Ki Manzil Hai Teri Dosti
Zindagi Bhi Ban Jayegi Apni To Jannat
Agar Maut Aane Tak Sath De Teri Dosti…

i want u to post this on behalf of me???

HopenDarkness76.13K - yeah sure she needs to translate though but lmfao maybe I got only the word Dosti .. it means best friend?? XD

TheMohawk6986 - Well, if that's the case, i find Holly somehow mysterious as she loves Avenged Sevenfold and in general that kind of creepy music (that i used to listen, too). That gives her an alternative prospective of her character. She's helpful, as she always helps people here around KAT and i guess that's what she does at her routine, too. Also, having so much knowledge about Photoshop technics, certainly the title Diva of Design suits her, it's just awesome. And i bet she's awesome with computers's manipulation in general.

wrong user link - Well,Happy B'Day •?((¯°·._.• d€$ign diVa •._.·°¯))?•
In my View..He is a Poor One (lol i don't know the truth.. Need to ask to 'Hope')
He made many sigs For me..He did many Awesome works.. After married Hopen..he became some naughty i think..xD
Anyway u need to Control ur wife or she will spam the whole Kat (ur shoe Factory too)..
Congratss..Happy B'Day once more.

1eyedwillie105.3K - My opinion from what I seen from her is she is very nice. I have not known her very long but she is very kind.

adstark0211386 - DH is a very kind and a rare woman, she has a really big heart and she has very unique perspective which we have seen through her photoshop artworks and we are really lucky to have her in this community.And finally, I'm glad and proud that i can call her my friend.

George0 - DH is one of the most helpful people on KAT, a little bit of everything goes into her personality, but thats just what makes her what she is....just awesome!

irritator3943 - (abt holly :hmm..! remembering da old dayz..

1) da girl vid freaky tattoo..

2) (i still remember our 1st meet):
i would love 2 meet ya, specially when ya r drunk.. but not 2day coz dat ll b da gift 4 me not 2 ya.. so, don't get drunk 2day

3) still waiting 4 ur yes..
(even though ya married 2 hopen)

4) last but not da least:
wish ya Ballistic B'day
wantz 2 say alotz but hopen allowed only 3 sentences..)
thanx hopen..

wrong user link - Don't really know much except that Holly is very friendly and stops by my wall to say hello which makes a person feel good.

jodimm4124943 - Holly was one of the first people i met on KAT,, very real, and sweet!! We became friends,, and i saw what a hard driven, smart person she was!! She's passionate about the things she loves in life!! She's made many people pround to have an original DH sig!!! Did i mention she's a BADDDDASSSS,, she's just BADDDDASSSS at everything she does!! Love ya Holly HAPPY BIRTHDAY

ibad17733 - i would just say that she is a great member and also she has great in graphics work.

danm973130 - Holly is a dedicated artist, She's artistic from head to toe !!
Her art is beyond a signature...
I'm not a believer, but I believe in talents like Deth's !!
In 10 years I imagine Holly as a well known tattoo artist !!
I would actualy be a client !!

xumith357 - she is good friend always polite with me and nice editor i like her editings :) and she is a very good friends :)

missix90.87K - Ahh, DH, a nice person .. and I'm glad she found out she wasn't a loveless soul at all (but then again, I have always thought she wasn't.. she just didn't believe it xD)

HopenDarkness76.13K - I dont really know how to begin because mere words cant define my fullest feelings but I am not gonna mention her works of art but only her, she is the greatest magic one mortal can ever be touched with, she is a great reason to change one's life top to bottom without hesitation in order to be with her, you can discover and experience every kind of feelings that she already serves. She is a good accompany to cry and laugh all together.. She is funny, merciful and a good troll, and no matter how much she seems hard, she has a tender and kind heart that is made of gold. And she is the only love of my life who could both speed up my heart beat to live longer and slow it down to death. You dont know how happy and lucky I am to have such an amazing soulmate like you. I just wanna her know that she means the world to me. Happy birthday
I love you
Tres Palabras

And special thanks to everyone one by one who gave me hand for the preparation process of this entry.

We wish you 'the happiest birthday' and a life surrounded by luck, health, success, peace, bliss, Holly.

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Blog: #Today In Kat History - Birth of Eternity#

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This is the most any pirate has ever been honored at KAT. DethHolly68.77K deserves every bit of this....what a champ.
This is beyond anything I could have asked for as a birthday gift... I can't believe anyone would put so much of their time into a blog about my birthday! Even shed a few tears of joy reading the comments from all of you guys! This blog is the most amazing birthday gift anyone could ever ask for from this community, and I thank you all for taking the time for making it. loveliness

As for you Hope... wow. This is just outstanding! I am truly stunned by the amount of work you put into this... and I can't thank you enough! boo
Kudos for collecting all those messages! Also, happy birthday DethHolly68.77K :)
Do you like my Platyraffe Avylol

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Happy Birthday Luv...boo
Wow, i dont know this guy but this blog just moves me.
i wish you a holy death frm my heart !!..
happy birthday DethHolly68.77K

Last edited by MafiaMundeer, 2 years and 10 months ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY,, we all love yaboo
Happy birthday DethHolly68.77K !!!
Happy Birthday DethHolly :)
Happy Birthday, DethHolly68.77K . This blog is a mark of true companionship. Awesome gift for youbiggrin
to DethHolly68.77K ...lovelinessloveliness
It must have been a rainy day
when you were born,
but it wasn't really rain,
the sky was crying because
it lost his most beautiful angel...
happy birthday dear friend.....winkwink

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also many thanks for the princess... HopenDarkness76.13K
but i know i was late for u have asked for the contri.....
but happy for averyone in here...
thanx again ...cherish this moment....lollol
Thank you storng :) well I wish I could add but you might tell her personal opinion by pming or sharing here.. :) I am just sorry that we had little time it but thank you for the contributions :)
thats okkk yaaaaar...biggrinbiggrin
but really the best one blog...
if it had the best blog of the month
it will definitely this one....tonguetongue

Very happy birthday DethHolly68.77K , keep up with your amazing character, helping, creating, contributing. Take care loveliness

P.S.: HopenDarkness76.13K many thumbs up for this blog, awesome work. Glad i was asked to contribute biggrin

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