Love him or Hate him,but you cant Ignore him...! \m/

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Love him or Hate him,but you cant Ignore him...! \m/


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Blog: Love him or Hate him,but you cant Ignore him...! \m/

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A punch on the nose doesnt count as donating ghosty biggrin
Ronaldo is probably hated because of his undisputed arrogance, but the difference is: he has the skills to back up his arrogance! Others are arrogant just for the sake of it.
Respect ....The man is living Legend
I think this man sets good values for being an exerllant role model for the younger genaration of kids to look up to smile

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He's certainly vain and cares just a tad ;) too much about his looks while on the pitch, but he's a solid individual from what I've seen. And as a United fan I've watched him and read about him quite a bit, as have many of you. I could do without some of his histrionics on the pitch, but jesus, Sergio Buesquets is the most pathetic, cowardly cheat the game has seen since some of the thugs on the '90 Argentina "We'll keep fouling the Germans and hope that keeps the match at 0-0 until either Maradona produces some magical winner or we end up in penalties" World Cup squad were still around. Hell, at least those guys had some cajones and weren't afraid to get stuck in. I'm pretty sure Busquets would play each game in a pink short sleeved polo, collar popped up of course, with Bermuda shorts and "topsiders" with no socks. Total numpty that guy is. I digress. Point is, Ronaldo gets an infinite amount more criticism for his occasional whining (I realize it used to be much worse than "occasional") and barely more credit for what he does on and off the pitch. Shame. The boy needs to hire a new PR firm to let the world know of his charitable efforts and such so we aren't only given access to tabloid pundits.
Making the haters his motivators....Go Ronaldino!
he is gr8

He is talented, gifted & best soccer player in the WORLD. Loved him when he was @ Manshester United & still like him because of his arrogance & great skills as a player.
he is like the best player ever

I don't get it, what game is this?

Well considering the way he lives his life and his skills as a soccer player....he's one of the few that DESERVES to be a bit arrogant.
And it's always refreshing to see someone in the limelight that avoided the tattoo goldrush of 2008/2009.biggrin
Its either the way he portrays himself or the way he is portrayed makes him the most hated player, but he is one of the best players on Earth
nothing matter he is best at what he do

Comment is deleted
he is best

he is best even in c games

I think people need to stop comparing him to Messi, both are great players, it's like comparing which one is the better fruit, orange or apple. They are the best players in the world right now, we all would love to see both of them play for our fave club (I support Man United, so I know how does it feel to have Ronaldo helping United win the games).
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