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1700 Days on KAT

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Well, as the title says, this is my 1700th day here on KAT.
Thought of waiting till I hit 2000 days but who knows, a lot might happen during a year...
Thanks to all the friends that made me stay, and thanks to everyone else for all they've done.
And that's all there is to say. TvT


New Anime or 2nd first blog.

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Seems like Anime's getting more attention than ever here on KAT, guess I'll do the same and give it a shot with this... almost-blog.

Well, don't know how to start, since it's my first official blog in about two years and a lot has changed, been blogging about movies and such, now I don't even watch them, you see nothing but franchises, remakes and not enough original scripts, anyway, fuck that for now, who cares? (I know, some of you do, fuck you, too. LOL)
If you're watching and following anime lately, you certainly have noticed, it's became like Hollywood movies, almost, all shitty and lame and no need to talk about story since there is none, you can say it's... Fairy Tail-ish. = v = (Well, Fairy Tail had Happy, which was enough to cover for the rest)
Just, the moe isn't moe anymore ( PhatKoala19.09K approves), Mecha is but 3D nowadays, Shounen... what's that? Most of Slice of Life is dead, Romance as well... and so it goes...
Wanted to pick some titles from spring season but couldn't, art is very similar as I stated earlier and most of them are novels adaptation, and manga became too damn rare, there were some good ones of course but only a very few of them really deserve a watch.
Mmm, I've got lot to say about anime, new anime especially, but will leave it for later, spitting it out for now made me feel a bit better I guess. :p
Still, the majority of people that think old anime is better are wrong since most old titles are overly overrated, or not, anyway, Fairy Tail was, eat that. Old anime rocked indeed and still rocks, new too, if you give the titles that deserve it a shot... And that's it I guess, if anyone has anything to say just leave a comment, gonna lay low for a while till the next one, thanks for your time. = 3 =

EDIT: Here's a Yotsuba, just for the sake of it.


Four Years.

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Just got my four years cheevo and failed to take a screenshot. ><"
Nevermind, I'm happy, really happy for staying here on KAT for these four years and hope to stay a lot more due to some amazing people I met these few last months.

Special thanks to all of you dear friends, and all the KAT people.
"I am legen... wait for it... daaaaary"


Deth93's Manga Collection

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My friend Deth93117.66K makes some great manga releases, he converts them from pictures to PDFs which is quite useful if you want to read them on the go ^u^
Here they are, more to come in the future :D

Link to thread here.

Kimi no Iru Machi, 24 available volumes:

Suzuka, complete:

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, complete:

Velvet Kiss, complete:

Ibitsu, complete:

Nozomi x Kimio, available 14 chapters:

Half & Half, available 7 chapters:
Note: Note: Shorter version of "Half & Half" can be found here.

Nozoki Ana, 12 available volumes (/13), it's complete but not fully translated.

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou, 3 available volumes:

Watashitachi no Shiawasena Jika, complete:

Link to thread here.

عيد مبارك سعيد

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عيد مبارك سعيد لجميع الأمة الاسلامية و كافة الأصدقاء هنا في كات . أتمنى من كل قلبي أن يكون الجميع بخير و على أحسن حال بعد شهر رمضان و نطلب الله أن يتقبل منا صيامنا و قيامنا

My 1221st day on KAT

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W'ssup everyone , it's been almost four years now that I'm on KAT precisely 1221 day :D I think that's a lot , but it was good spending those days here with fabulous people , on a fabulous website :) I don't remember how I found my self on KAT for the 1st time but , but I'm glad to !
Hope to spend more & more days here .

Note : Some people will see this as a waste of blog space , but nevermind , I'm celebrating here ^^'
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