I Love My Family

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Just been talking to my sister on FB who I haven't spoken to in years, and it's reminded me how much love my family and friends. Emotions are running quite wild at the moment, trying (and failing) to hold back tears. She's visiting my hometown next weekend, and we're going to meet up then. Wonder how I'll react, hard enough just doing this electronically. She's had a baby, which makes me happy for her. It's so fantastic hearing from her again, and I can't wait to see her.

I guess I could've made this longer, but it's hard enough as it is, and we're talking about some memories....

Again, I love my family, friends, and all you fantastic members of KAT *wipes away manly tears*

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Blog: I Love My Family

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Never understood true meaning of that until I had a family myself
good luck bro
Family is extremely important, some people just need a wake-up call, seems this was mine
as we get older we realize what is important....embrace the moment and keep that spirit alive :)

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Family should be the First and Most important thing in the World to Any MAN or Woman. But some People do corruption, violence and all shit and say they doing it for their Family, so?????? which one are you.. there is more and every one Knows those things...................
Dude, I'm surprised that you haven't talked to your sister for over a year! Whatever be the reason, you can't and you must not break away any relationship as precious as family. I really hope goodwill for you and wish you and your family a happy life! Enjoy your time with them and those will probably be your priceless moments ever!
Great first blog mate.
I'm chuffed for you, hope it all goes well, I'm sure it will. ;)
I am happy for u..!! And as for myself I live with my family..!! This is my family...!!!winkwink
Wonderful news my friend, and you're an uncle aswell!
What a fantastic use of facebook, I guess it does have its good points wink
Reunions they bring memories back on love em!!!biggrin
F A M I L Y is 4 E VER..............KICKASS
thank you brother lolbiggrin

I love my lil sis & miss her crycry
I love my family unfortunately we are not close. My mom is my main lifeline other than my fiance. My fiances mom is sick and we just told her to move in with us...That is what a family does they take in the sick and help them get well. i wish my brothers all talked to me more but I cant change them I can just change my life and be close to the ones I can
I fight with my sisters a lot, they always complain to my dad about me lol
But I love them a lot, I love fighting with them lmao and will always remember the big big fights we had :P
So just enjoy the moment you too meet again, sisters are very good friends :)
Same here bro, I fight allmost everyday for silly things and dad who is the judge, jury and the executioner gives us both some weird punishments, Like cleaning up my little brother's room
In my case, every time me gets sued lol

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