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Exam Results

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As some of ye may be aware, I am doing a 4 year degree course in Accounting & Finance at night time (cos I work during the day). Anywho I had my yr 3 exams at the end of April / start of May. Well I got my results today and I passed everything! I was very surprised because the two weeks study leave I had from work was pretty much spent on KAT instead of studying! It was a pain in the ass. I only managed a 51% average but at least I don't have to repeat any..... Only one year left now, better study hard this time and not leave it till the last minute like always....


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Blog: Exam Results

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I can’t believe you cannot just download a degree in torrent form, I sometimes wonder what the uploaders spend their time doing here to be honest, it’s like they just don’t care!lol
Congratulations on the pass.
Congratz and good luck with the rest of your study wink
BIG Congrats on passing!! now study HARD, dangit...the world needs you to help figure out and fix the complete mess those jerks got us into!

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Way to do it when not trying. lol You don't need to save the world's finance, just keep the debits and credits you're responsible for in line. One's on the left, one's on the right. Make 'em equal m8. biggrin
Make sure that when you become president you make torrents absolutely legal. no matter what the senators say! congrats and good luck!
Congrats on your pass mate, well donebiggrinbiggrin
congrats on your good result mate!smilesmile
congrats on pass 3rd and Best of luck for 4th !!!
Very happy to hear that, the best of luck in your last year :)

Bon courage !
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