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This is the Blogspot where folks can actually ask how you can get your program to work.

I always prowl whole sections of Software in KAT, and I always see users, anonymous users ask how you can get to function the app and end up rating it BAD and make others think the software is useless.. because they don't get the help they need...or the uploaders never reply in either post, or PM...so here, feel free to put your queries, questions, how-to's etc..you will always get a reply in posts or PM's here.

We will here be revising all kind of apps: from Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, Corel, Avid, Faronics, Nuance, etc..to Wondershare, NCH, Digiarty, Abby, Pixologic, Audodesk, Arcsoft, etc...

I use lots of tools to test software, and check its effectivity, efficiency, productivity etc.. therefore if you need a list of them, don't hesitate to PM me. And, I include all the necessary "tools" to do whatever processes you have to do with your downloaded apps.

Folks, I have used most of the software here in KAT, and I can basically help you in most of the newest programs, but if you ask for one I have not tested yet, I will gladly go and check it myself.

This Blog is always meant for EVERYONE OF YOU asking which apps get your job better done than others...of course, in my personal opinion. You always have to test it on your conditions and if this or either programs are best for your work. I will gladly share my opinion on such software you ask for but it all comes down to how you feel using it and whether the software works more for you than the other one..and if you have a better Graphic card, Game Card, Processor, etc...because it is somewhat crucial for some apps to work better than on a Intel Pentium 4 Puter!

Note, I am not a Hacker, or Cracker, I have friends that help me on testing and I even on occasions ask them when I don't actually know the problem....


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Blog: The Test My Program KAT Blogspot

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you missed my point...threads work better for support. When someone asks for help it will scroll the threads roll and they can get immediate support...when they post in here no one will even know.
Great idea, especially for the games section.
So many users do not understand how to MOUNT an ISO or where/how to use CRACKS, and many other things.
KAT should encourage game Uploaders to post clear step by step, simple instructions on how to install & run these games.
Some of the comments you read on certain games makes me want to pull my hair out, and its nothing to do with me at all.biggrin
aSBo, if you use the Blog Archive Thread each time you make a change then we can go there and click on the link to your blog and get the updates. Why does no one use this thread? I have it as a "watched thread" so as I don't miss a blog after it goes thru the roll.biggrin (But whats the use, if no one uses itdizzydizzy)
okay i will speak your language..this is what happens to blogs after a few hours hee hee

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If anybody needs help with games or ISO files i'm here to help and it'll be great to help me out if needed, but mostly to support the team and the people who gives credit for it.
Great blog I am ready to help who ever needs help biggrin
All the haters are gonna hate about what should and shouldn't be in blog. I am on the other side: as long as it isn't offensive or promotes hatred, post what you want, ESPECIALLY, like this blog, in which you are trying to be helpful.

I am all for it, so please keep it up and let the haters continue to stew. Thank you for being a considerate and helpful member of the community.
Comment is deleted
Perhaps a new title is in order.
Get Help with Software/Games Here
Maybe a little more appropriate?biggrin

How hard would it be to revise that logo to read, "Kickass Political Party"?
If anyone needs help with torrent clients then I'll try my best (I'm rated #8 on user votes in the Vuze support forum)
okay i will speak your language..this is what happens to blogs after a few hours hee hee
Comment is deleted
he will do what is not allowed ... !!!! and he wont do when it is allowed like seeding torrent on torrent site .. !!!titter
OMG!!!! lollollollollollollollolTo funny...tittertitter

Comment is deleted
Comment is deleted
Users can Bookmark T.I.M. and return to his blog whenever they need help with software.
Also users can be directed to this blog for help by other users at any-time.
If you all put as much effort into being positive as you do about being negative this idea will fly.biggrin

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