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What is real? Oh no, this is not going to be another question blog but my thoughts might lead you towards some questions... and maybe some answers...? (but I will not provide them so it's up to you!) ;-)
So again, what is real? What is the reality? What does it contain and how do you/we experience it, and how much of the reality do we in fact experience? I will not touch the scientific studies that have been made in this area but just explain what I have learned and how I experience it.

We have five senses, taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch and we use a combination of all of them in order to understand our surroundings. When I was studying shamanism we were told that people often have two senses that are used more frequently than the other three when we interpret the reality. This will lead to something interesting. A person that uses (for example) smell and sight and are talking to a person using hearing and taste can have some difficulties to understand each other because they see the same reality in different ways. We traveled to the spirit world to gain knowledge about what senses we were using and by that a greater knowledge about ourself, and others.

Did you follow? We traveled to another reality to gain knowledge about this one. Is that reality (the spiritual) real? Is there any way to proof that? Shamans have been traveling to spirit worlds for at least 100 000 years (according to some anthropological studies) but that itself is not a proof. But, the way of how they experience the realities are... Different cultures with no contact what so ever describes almost the same thing. The (spiritual) world is vertical, you travel up or down depending on what you need to do. There is more similarities but that's not important here and now. I can experience that world with my senses, sight, hearing, smell... to me it is real, a real reality. But I only travel there in order to fix something here. And there is mostly a solution in this world, if we take a closer look. OK, so far we have the reality (you, me, our pets, work, school and so on), and the spiritual reality, that also can be seen, heard... but It is important to distinguish these two worlds!

So there you sitting in front of your computer and reading this "nonsense" about different worlds and maybe you believe it or maybe you don't. And at the same time you're part of another reality... the virtual reality. Ever thought about that combination of words? Virtual (real) reality... funny, isn't it? Is this real? Yeah, I'm real, a crazy person called SoW use to write strange things in his blog but is he in fact what he claim to be? Can you be sure? Am I from Sweden? Am I a male? How do you know? I have posted some pictures but is that me? What is real with this reality? You tell me, if you can...

But there is way of gaining knowledge about "real" things of course. Over time we can see patterns and that pattern will become an image of something or someone and be "real" in some point of view.
I have learned a lot during my traveling to the spiritual worlds and the most important thing is to live here, in this one. It's not good to escape to other realities just because we doesn't like this one. This will always be here and if we don't do anything about it we will arrive back to the same problems, and maybe in a worse state than before. I read in a book about a native American and he started every day with these words: "this is a good day to die". I think it is supposed to show a gratitude for what you have got in life but I have done it a little different (of course). "today is a good day to live". Every day are! So get out of here and grab life! :-)

And don't forget: Let's be careful out there!

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Beautiful..someone needs to invent the SmellyNet so we can smell blogs lollollol
I am honored. Very well spoken! You are doing well, my friend...very well indeed.

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I have one question (nice blog by the way)---->who are you reallyshockedare you a myth shockedwho is this SOW shockedwe will never knowcrycry
SOW is a magical being of the north that only we can hear and see, you have to go thrue a ritual in order to communicate with him.
Sure you wanna know? titter "The truth is out there" smile
I'll give you bits and pieces. Don't worry. biggrin

Riktigt kul att läsa, bra gjort! Hope to see more of this in the futurebiggrin
on the target AGAIN, you write down your heart biggrin
Beautiful..someone needs to invent the SmellyNet so we can smell blogs lollollol
Soon, in a computer close to you! titter

I am honored. Very well spoken! You are doing well, my friend...very well indeed.
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