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Hi again, it is indeed good to be back...
But what happened? And why? Well, this blog will tell. :-)

I like hunting fakers and spammers, it's a task that force me to "evolve", a job that continuously educate me in different ways. And there is no better way than mistakes. My hunting ground is the "latest" and you can find a lots of strange torrents there. After a while you can spot them directly but to be 100% sure, you have to download them. There are some basic rules, don't trust movies in .rar or wmv for example. Exe files are a potential danger and so on. There are very good threads about how to spot fakes and here is some:

But this very moment it was a .rar archive with songs. Same here, don't trust audio in archives. Downloaded it and scanned it with my ESET that told me it was password protected. Fine. Reported it and "case closed". But, the torrent also had a .txt file (often p/w protected files comes with a txt that tells you where to find the password, often shady places on the net). I didn't think of it so I just opened up the txt and I could read: Password ="welcome". Wow, how nice?
Tried to extract the files in the archive but only one out of three came out in the open. Strange but I didn't give it much thought. Here it is a bit blurry I not sure in which order I found out that something strange have occurred but suddenly I saw that my web page scrolled a bit. Not much but enough to notice it. Could it be because I touched my mouse pad? I tried but no result. Since the torrent I downloaded was not anything I needed I removed it, or at least tried but I couldn't... It was in use. How could it be in use when I didn't use it? Next time I saw that my webcam was on. And that is never a good sign. At this moment a knew for sure that I had some malicious "thing" on my hard drive so I changed the p/w, logged out and started my Linux dist (I was on my Win 7 when all this occurred)

When I tried to log in from my Linux dist and Opera I couldn't. I I knew I wrote the correct password so how could I fail? Then I choose the option "forgot your password", typed my email and... there where no such email??!!
Opened up Firefox and for some reason I was logged in there. At my profile I could see I've left feedback on a torrent I've downloaded (in my hunt for fakers) and that feedback had been done when I was switching OS. So I knew it wasn't me. I noticed the mods and moments later a new feedback was done by "me".
Now I wrote a new status on my wall and told people to be careful if they received any mail from me and then I contacted the staff, got told to change my password (again) and then I noticed that it wasn't MY email there but somebody else. Told staff immediately and they muted me at once. Good thing about mute is that you can't do any real harm. You cant change status, leave feedback, post anything, just sit there and... relax.

After a day the hacker took complete control over my account by changing the password so I had to create a new one in order to contact staff and admin. They sorted it out very quickly and here I am, a bit more educated. Never trust a .txt file! :-)

I have two OS, Win 7 and Linux Mint and I'm only at KAT from my Linux dist, just to be safe. I have cleaned up my Win 7 as much as I can but maybe I need a clean install. It's good if you know your computer when you're looking for strange things. Yesterday I found two values in the registry that was designed to start up the control over my computer. Have of coursed removed them but not sure it's enough. The registry is a maze and it's a bit dangerous to remove things there so... well, I guess I'll reinstall it... later. :-)

So you see, there is a lots of dangerous files but we try our best to keep you all safe.

Lets be careful out there!

Cherish life

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Have you ever had the feeling of being immortal? When you were young and the hormones was pumping through your body. Nothings gonna stop us now (to quote Starship from "my time").
Great feeling. Unfortunately it wont last the rest of your life. Life, with all its ingredients will catch up on you, sooner or later.

First time it did for me was when my mother died. It took a month from that we knew what was wrong with her (cancer) until she died. That's not enough time to process sadness but over time it slowly became better. But I never felt immortal again. The rat race continued, as it always does and after almost two decades something happened, again, that reminded me of how precious life is and how quickly it can turn into... nothing.

It was early a saturday morning when my cell rang. It was my sister and she asked me if I've heard some news about our old child minder. (She, her husband and their kids lived almost next door and we have always been close friends). My sister told me she heard that she had a heart attack and that she'd died... Later that day it got confirmed. She really was dead and it felt so strange. I was with them (her and the husband) two weeks before and everything was like it used to be. But no more... The next day (sunday) my best friend hurt himself in a game of floorball, fell and hit the head, not much, he got up directly but the referee thought he should visit the hospital. My friend had other thoughts but suddenly he became ill and got picked up by ambulance... and later by helicopter to another hospital. Ended up in coma for almost 4 months and now he is recovering, slowly.

I know (and everybody else) that he want recover fully, he can't eat, drink, move around without help so life is pretty much screwed there and that's whats this is all about. Life can take sudden turns and we never know if/when it will... so, enjoy life whenever you can, every minute, every hour, every day. Don't let your possibilities run away from you, grab every moment and cherish this vulnerable thing we call "life".

Do I have to say this? Let's be careful out there! :-)

A request.

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Yesterday someone wrote this on my wall: "keep those blogs coming!!! post some pics that represent your life as well if you are able :)~"
Well, this is a try... but... it's not easy to do for two reasons, first, I don't want to show too much of me / my surroundings and second, I still want it to explain about me. Anyhow, let's start. Description of every image below said image. OK? :-)

This is not an advertising (but it is indeed a good binocular) but my life set its path when I got my first binocular. From early age I was outdoors early in the morning... like 5 am... watching birds. remember this quite clear. That interest (not just birds) have followed me ever since.

I'm not sure which came first, the bamboo rod from my grandparents or the binocular, but fishing have also followed me the entire life. And the reason why is as simple as this, I got fish with my 3 m bamboo rod. I clearly remember two rainbow trouts taken with that piece of equipment. The fishing itself has changed since and these days it's mostly fishing at the bottom with feeder or as here with a common rod and a paternoster rig. Tried to catch an eel at this moment but sadly 99% of the European eel population is gone... My fishing interest has rubbed off on my son...

...and here he is, fishing in the channel in our village. You don't need much, a rod, beautiful weather and some luck. :-) It was not the best photo of him (that day) but I didn't want to show his face. He have to make those decisions later by himself.

I'm not "rich" when it comes to money but I live a rich life... and in this life I have a thing for red wine and dark bear. Here is an Innis & Gunn and... I can't describe the taste. But its yummy! =)

A life without flowers is not a life I want. I love flowers so this tulip represents my interest for that. This particular one bloomed one day but the smell and the color... worth waiting for next year! :-)

This is the second last picture and it shows... books. I have read a lot in my life but these days it's mostly literature from my biological studies.

Last picture, a drawing my son did some years ago. A heart with the word "dad" inside. This is one of the most precious gifts I've got. I love him so much and I guess he loves me back?

Hope you all enjoyed this "tour" around my life. Can't really believe that people actually are reading this. Thanks all of you! :-)

And don't forget: Let's be careful out there!


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What is real? Oh no, this is not going to be another question blog but my thoughts might lead you towards some questions... and maybe some answers...? (but I will not provide them so it's up to you!) ;-)
So again, what is real? What is the reality? What does it contain and how do you/we experience it, and how much of the reality do we in fact experience? I will not touch the scientific studies that have been made in this area but just explain what I have learned and how I experience it.

We have five senses, taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch and we use a combination of all of them in order to understand our surroundings. When I was studying shamanism we were told that people often have two senses that are used more frequently than the other three when we interpret the reality. This will lead to something interesting. A person that uses (for example) smell and sight and are talking to a person using hearing and taste can have some difficulties to understand each other because they see the same reality in different ways. We traveled to the spirit world to gain knowledge about what senses we were using and by that a greater knowledge about ourself, and others.

Did you follow? We traveled to another reality to gain knowledge about this one. Is that reality (the spiritual) real? Is there any way to proof that? Shamans have been traveling to spirit worlds for at least 100 000 years (according to some anthropological studies) but that itself is not a proof. But, the way of how they experience the realities are... Different cultures with no contact what so ever describes almost the same thing. The (spiritual) world is vertical, you travel up or down depending on what you need to do. There is more similarities but that's not important here and now. I can experience that world with my senses, sight, hearing, smell... to me it is real, a real reality. But I only travel there in order to fix something here. And there is mostly a solution in this world, if we take a closer look. OK, so far we have the reality (you, me, our pets, work, school and so on), and the spiritual reality, that also can be seen, heard... but It is important to distinguish these two worlds!

So there you sitting in front of your computer and reading this "nonsense" about different worlds and maybe you believe it or maybe you don't. And at the same time you're part of another reality... the virtual reality. Ever thought about that combination of words? Virtual (real) reality... funny, isn't it? Is this real? Yeah, I'm real, a crazy person called SoW use to write strange things in his blog but is he in fact what he claim to be? Can you be sure? Am I from Sweden? Am I a male? How do you know? I have posted some pictures but is that me? What is real with this reality? You tell me, if you can...

But there is way of gaining knowledge about "real" things of course. Over time we can see patterns and that pattern will become an image of something or someone and be "real" in some point of view.
I have learned a lot during my traveling to the spiritual worlds and the most important thing is to live here, in this one. It's not good to escape to other realities just because we doesn't like this one. This will always be here and if we don't do anything about it we will arrive back to the same problems, and maybe in a worse state than before. I read in a book about a native American and he started every day with these words: "this is a good day to die". I think it is supposed to show a gratitude for what you have got in life but I have done it a little different (of course). "today is a good day to live". Every day are! So get out of here and grab life! :-)

And don't forget: Let's be careful out there!

Black & White

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I have come across many paths in my life and most of them have taught me important lessons. My main path remains (shamanism) but I have fused it with many other parts. I use to claim that I'm not religious but that's not true, I am... in my own way. But how did I get there?

As a Swede your born into Protestantism (more or less) but we Swedes are not that religious, and that was the story with me. Didn't believe and didn't care. Until I was about 20 years, then I started to search... and I found... Taoism. It appealed to me from the very beginning and one of it's most famous symbols, Yin & Yang, are brilliant. Everything has it's opposite inside itself, and none of them can be extracted in order to create just "white" / light / goodness or whatever. It's a never ending motion or struggle between these powers and over time it is balanced. This beliefs are quite common in older religions. Nothing is "pure" evil or only "good", ancient Gods where complex beings with different features and characters. But then something happened. Three big religions was "created" almost simultaneously and now there were "good" and "evil" on different sides, pure, extracted. I happen to believe that this (good vs evil) is a result of our lazy minds. It is more easy to divide things in two categories and by that, two ways of living. But is life that simple?

For almost two millennium this beliefs have ruled the world and they have tried hard to conquer everybody's mind. But then "new age" came... something new... or was it?
Fancy beliefs for fancy people, expensive beliefs for rich... the spiritual world was more or less flooded by new ways of "finding your way / beliefs / religion". And some of them went a bit further than the three big ones. One of those are Reiki. They teach you that there is a "force" that only can be used for good purposes. But first, what is a "good" purpose? Is that what I believe is needed or is it what people ask me for? Here is an important crossroad. A good intent doesn't have to be good. It can in fact be considered as "black magic". If I think that he/she needs some help and I try to help that one without anchor it with them... it's not good! It's nothing "white / good" about doing things to others if they haven't asked for it. Never!
Secondly, is there anything that's just "good"? No, of course not. But mass hysteria (yeah, that's the case with Reiki, if you ask me) makes it "good". One reiki master (they call them self masters) told me that my path (shamanism) was "too dark"...

Later I helped another Reiki master. Unfortunately she got a crush on me and when I didn't answered that she became mad. It happened that all her beliefs about "good" just disappeared and she gathered some people she knew and then she threatened to kill me, repeatedly. According to her they were "magicians", "skilled" in dark magic and I guess they should kill me from a distance.
Sometimes attack is the best defense so I struck her first, I took her sleep. Yes, I did. Not happy about it but what could I do? After two weeks without sleeping she begged me to have it back... and I gave her it.

Was I "good" or "evil" back then? Black or white? Or was I just a scared human being that did my best to survive? And are we allowed to do whatever we can? I have never done such thing after that, it was far too easy and I could have got used to it.
Young minds tends to be hasty, but when we grow older that change... I don't think I ever been hasty, not even when I took the sleep because it was a result of a long process. But I have changed never the less. I have formed my own religion and I try to follow it each and every day.
It can be expressed in one sentence and here it is: The Earth is my Church, Life is my God, and humility is my path. Nothing more, nothing less. Every place is holy ground, no matter where I am, in the forest or in a friends house. And every living being is my God... you, a dog, flowers, you name it. And by walking the path of humility I have less conflicts...

I don't claim this to be the best "religion" but I think that it describes the essence of many other religions... but I'm just a ordinary man in the countryside... what could I possible know? :-)

Let's be careful out there!

Some stories...

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Once upon a time... (like all good stories begin)
...I worked as a support technician for one of the biggest ISP's in Sweden. I got the job all in a sudden. A friend of me had just started working there and told me they needed a lot more employers so I wrote an email at Wednesday, got an answer Thursday that I could start at the next Monday... So I got to hurry up a bit. To most people that's quite hasty but my life where a bit more complicated then just "me". I had a house and a lot of animals (sheep, hens, cats, ducks, rabbits) but at the end of the week (Sunday) I had given all my animals new homes and where heading towards my new "job".

To be totally honest with you I was a noob in so many ways. Didn't know much about computers but they had a course (2 weeks) and good support tools so I gave it my best... and was there for over two years (so I guess I did something right...)
One of the most frightening things was an angry costumer. Nobody liked that and everybody feared it. I remember three angry customers whereas I could help one of them so in fact there where only two, in over two years time. Pretty amazing. But I do remember some funny stories... there where plenty of them.

This was fifteen years ago and Sweden had some sort of "computer program", everyone that was employed could via the union buy a computer very cheap. And many people did and the majority of those didn't know anything about computers (but some did)
One particular costumer had this problem with his password. It was a dial up connection and the server rejected his password. First thing to do was to check the pw on our computers. Did so and it worked just fine. OK then, let's get started!
Removed the pwl files, rebooted the computer and tried again. Same error. OK, i did everything I new for at least 20 minutes when I knew that he didn't typed the password right. So I asked him to open notepad and type the password in plain text so he could see it, and then copy and paste it but did I succeed? No... after 30 minutes he said he had to take the kid to his hockey training but I think he then knew he was too "stupid" to type the password right...

People in the cities are more hasty then people in the countryside. Evidence? Sure, here is one.
If a server went down in Stockholm customers immediately called us and asked what was wrong... And to hell with all of us if it wasn't running soon! But then a customer from called us from Norrland (thats the region far north in Sweden and it's mostly sparsely populated)
He also had this problem, couldn't connect, wrong password. He have had this problem for over a year! Tested it and it was in fact wrong. Told him I would send him a letter with new ones and that it probably would be working the next day and then he replied: You didn't need to be that hasty! (this one is far more funny in Swedish... sorry...)

Another customer had a problem with her email. Don't remember exactly what kind of problem she had but she used Outlook Express. One solution for that kind of problem was to erase the inbox (or outbox or whatever depending of the problem). You did that by throwing the files that was the inbox (two files). When you rebooted your computer they "emerged" again and mostly things worked well after that. But not this time... When her computer started again it got a black screen with a message (in white) where it said that it had a memory problem (don't know exactly what kind of but it was not the sort of problem that we should take care of).
I explained to her what it was and then she asked me: Could I have my old problem back, please?
Nope, couldn't do that but a friend that was online on ICQ helped me to help her so in the end she was a happy customer. :-)

This was a few of all the stories that I carry from that time. The angry customers are long gone and that's the great thing about life, it's more easy to remember good stuff. :-)

Let's be careful out there!


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Have you ever been scared? I don't mean "horror movie scared" but scared in real life because of real situations? Have you been that in a group of people and did you study the different ways of dealing with it? I have and here is a little story about that.

It was about 20 years ago and I was a board member of the Swedish association Fältbiologerna (field biologists, bad translation) It's an association for young people who are interested in animals / nature / environment. We used to have every meeting in different places often "in the middle of the forest"... or at least close to some forest or interesting environment. And this time we were in a small cottage in the countryside. It was February, some snow on the ground but not much.
I don't remember how many we were but two of us had to leave because they had a train to catch. I was in the kitchen and cooked some coffee when I suddenly heard something very strange from outside. An animal (for sure) but what the heck was it? I didn't know and my mind was spinning around that noise until I entered the room where all my friends sat. No one said anything about the sound so we had a cup of coffee...

Then the sound was there again and we all looked at each other.
- What was that?
- Did you hear that before?
We really tried to understand what we had heard but it could just not be done. We thought we "knew it all", all the sounds that every known animal could do but non fitted the sound we just heard. It was dark outside and at this moment we acted as a group (note this!). Should we go outside and take a look? Did we have flashlights? No! Candle? Yes. Ok... we gave it a try. Together (and I really mean "together") we walked outside and the first thing that happened was that the candle went out because of the wind. It was almost totally dark outside and when we stood there we heard the sound once more and we got a pretty good direction of where it (the animal) were hidden. I ran inside, grabbed my flash for the camera and again, together we went it the right direction. (still this group-thing)

When we was close (about 5 - 10 meters) we stopped and I used the flash in order to see something but the only thing that did was to create even more darkness. 1 ms of light and then totally darkness. Standing there, together, waiting. Darkness and silence... and then, two "things" emerge up from a ditch coming against us with some really weired sounds: -aaarghhoouarrreaaou-

And bang! The group was scattered and we where all by our own with all our strategies to "survive". Some started to fight with the "things", other tried to escape, some fell and some managed to run away and within a few seconds we heard: "stop, it's only us!"
Oh, our friends that left earlier but missed the train and then came back and made this "joke".
It was over very quickly but it was indeed very interesting to see everyones reaction. I stood at the doorstep when i heard that it was them. A girl had lost her glasses in the fuss, some had been hit... it was survival of the fittest. I happen to think I was quite fit... I ran like an rabbit. I'm a coward but I didn't get caught.

The rest of the evening was weird in so many ways. Everyone (except for our two "friends") was upset and the fear we all had felt took some time before it disappeared. The next morning we found the glasses and we left the cottage with new experiences. I know what skills I have in a situation like that... do you?

Let's be careful out there! :-)

Walking with spirits

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My quite odd nick is a bad translation of one of my spiritual names given to me almost 30 years ago. I'm not much for talking about such things but I'm going to make some exceptions.
Since the three big religions arose pretty much all other old believes have been extinct. It's very common in the "big three" to proselytize people and Islam, Christianity and Judaism are for spirituality what Mc Donalds and Burger King are for food culture... But the old ways are not totally lost...

Since I got my name (my nick that is) I have had shamanic believes, or a shamanic map (as one of my teacher says). I didn't know that first, it sort of grew inside me. I call this "name giving" the first event, the first contact made by the spiritual world and it was pretty weird and scary (short version: the trees where talking/singing to me and one of them walked to me and gave me my name). Some years passed by and then "they" came again, this time in my dreams. Over and over again, teaching me some really weird (and useful) stuff. The second contact was done and still I didn't get it... what was it? Why was it? Then again some years passed by but not that many, maybe three or four and THEN i got a name for my experiences and a proper way of learning more. We can call it a spiritual (or intellectual) base camp from where all my thoughts arise. And most important, my shamanic map does not interfere with my other maps (science for naming one of them)
I also have to state that I'm not a shaman! I have shamanic believes and I do now a lot about the worlds that (I believe) surrounds us but I don't do any work (healing and so on)

In the beginning I wrote that the big three have extinct many of the old believes. But in fact, the extinction is a lot more common than that and not only by those big religions but by "old" ones as well. I'll give you one example...
The first thing you do when exploring the shamanic worlds are a travel to the underworld (shamanic cultures believe that the world(s) are vertically and that we are living in the middle) to get a power animal. That animal will protect you during your travels in the spiritual worlds. The next thing to do is to travel to the upper world to get another spiritual helper, called a guide (or something else) and here is the "Mc Donalds-thing". Almost everyone I've spoken to have an Native American as a spiritual guide. That's interesting in so many ways. Is it so because it is so? That Native Americans are more helpful in the other worlds? Or, is it so because of other reasons? And what are those reasons? Poor imagination? When I first saw my spiritual guide that almost freaked me out completely. I had this expectation of something I could relate to, something "human"... but instead I saw something that I describe as a gigantic amoeba in a pinkish - orange colored style, walking (with no feet) over a misty marsh. It sure was a sight that I remember... Am I special? No native American, no old shaman... just a thing from... well, I don't know... But it was very different from everything I've ever seen.
I think that this "Native American" is a spiritual pollution that is spread over the world. People are stuck in their patterns and cant think "out of the box" and that's reflected in the other worlds as well. We can call it spiritual smog. I guess I've upset some people now but it's my blog! ;-)

Again it's a bit difficult to sum up my thoughts and that is me in a nutshell. I can start many things but it's difficult to end them... Maybe I just wanted to tell you more about me or just upset persons with native american spiritual guides? Take your pick.
Some have read all my blog post and you must think I'm a pretty crazy and yes, you're right! :-D

Let's be careful out there.

What is wrong...

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... with the world?

That is one of my favorite threads. It's actually named "Things Wrong With The World" but never the less, it's a pearl. Why? Because underneath my happy surface there's a very negative person that don't give much for the hope of a future. And there is a lot of reasons for that.

20 years ago I was working with environmental issues. Mostly informing schools and companies about risks and possible scenarios in the future. The Swedish Department of Nature had produced a great deal of material and I was mostly using that but I used other sources as well. 20 years ago some scientist had calculated that if everybody had the same living standard and shopping habits as Dutch people we would need four Earth! Four! Imagine that. And that was 20 years ago. Today a new study came out and that is even more depressing... and this time it's about Swedes ("my" people) So, if every person on Earth would have the same standard and habits as us we would need five Earth... FIVE! That's not an improvement...
The funny thing (well, not really) is that everybody want this. In a thread, here, today, I saw a persons wish for his future kids, and he wanted them to have brand new computers, iphones and so on. So the rat race will continue... but will we last? Can we last?

What is produced by farmers and Earth itself during one year is consumed within seven month. So every year we ran out of resources... and what we basically do is to borrow... And we borrow it from the future, from our kids, grandkids... Can we pay it back? Can we reintroduce extinct species? Can we clean all the polluted water and land? Can we get the fish stock back on track? Can we? And more important, WILL we try? Personally, I don't think so. There are some good stuff going on here and there but will that be enough? Two good examples are "When I fell in love with a fish" (from Spain) and Transition Milwaukee (from US). I do HOPE it's enough but deep inside I don't belive it... (and the links are all clean btw...)

How did it became like this? I don't know... but I guess that as long as we are fed by new technological stuff, tv-shows, clothes, books, games... you name it... we're "happy"... or at least the majority of us. And today I saw the saddest thing, and I quote:
By the way, that Animal Planet film is SO popular, the demand has been so high, that it was broadcast again tonight at 8 pm (May 31st)! And KAT still has the only complete copy of the show!

Quote taken from the fantastic thread: "Believe mermaids are real? R...ll, the U.S. Navy sure does!"
What is so sad about it? Well, the fact that people are demanding illusions. The governments can't give us drugs (at least not legally) so instead they are feeding us with illusions. And what do they do whilst we slumber in front of our TV? I don't know but it sure ain't "saving the world"...
Where will it end? Because it will end. I don't know that either... But instead of saving money for the future I believe it's a better idea to save tools like spade, hoe, hammer and a lot of seeds and knowledge to use all this. Maybe I have to cheer up a bit, have a drink and relax but this will not go away... ever...

Don't know how to end my thoughts properly... maybe pour up a glass of wine and relax? Cheers friends and let's be careful out there!


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I do move away from my computer from time to time and when I do I often ends up at a shore or in a forest. I've been fishing a lot in my life and I try to pass that interest to my son and the best way to do that is to get him some excitement. Big fish provides that and if they are easy to catch things will be a lot smoother. Fortunately a friend of mine have a great spot for ide (Leuciscus idus). He lives close to a lake and feed them (with cookies) almost every day.

So, a sunny day (well, it doesn't have to be a sunny day but admit it, it's a lot funnier when the weather is good) we went to his place with our equipment... (cookies, bread and a rod).
Threw a few cookies in the water and almost at once they came and took it. Great whirls on the surface told us they were quite big. Took my fishing rod (nothing fancy, just an ordinary rod without a bob), baited it with some bread and threw the bait in the water. It floated 5 meters from us and it took only a few seconds until we got one on the hook.


It was a bit difficult to take the picture given that I held my cellphone in one hand and the rod (with a ~2 kg ide) in the other... You can see whirls in the middle of the picture... The fight didn't last for long and soon we got him close and could unhook it and take a better photo.


Didn't have a scale but it was something in between 2 and 2,5 kilograms. Nice catch and some excitement for the kid (and the dad..) :-)
Happy with our lives we released it and took the rest of the cookies ourself. It was a great day indeed.

Let's be careful out there! //Sow
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