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Mute Ban Self-Delete Bye-Bye Blocked

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I've been here one year and have seen *many* users who once were active and enjoying themselves suddenly lose their minds and depart. Most of the times we will never know the real reason, even if they do share one side of the story.


This blog isn't to gossip about those who left, but try to understand how a person changes as time goes by. Some people think the people at KAT change for the worse, or the Mods/Staff are suddenly become unfair. My theory is different. The one thing that constantly changes is you :)~

Check out the diagram. Storming is a normal behavior to challenge authority and each other within any group situation. We do it in school, at work, social media sites, and even pirate sites. When that happens we all change but at different speeds and our reactions are different. Does KAT really change that much or maybe it is some people having trouble getting past the "Storming" phase so they can movie on to Norming and Performing. Or maybe they do Norm and Perform but at some point return to Storming all over again and that's where things break down.


Or maybe there is something beyond this diagram and there are other group dynamics, like power plays and creation of "better than you" cliques. Perhaps this diagram is limited and discounts Type-A personalities and control-freaks who want to run the whole show and not be a part of any group. The diagram does seem very democratic in nature. A dictator would not fit within this model at all.

Maybe I am straying form the topic. I do not know. The point is KAT remains fairly constant it is you who change. You make more friends, know more about how the site works, then start forming opinions on how things should be (I know I do and it's a challenge to place KAT first above my own interests).

So, this blog is to make you think about things in your life. Maybe you have a new boy or girlfriend. Maybe you have a new job or school. Get through these phases and try not to burn any bridges...

In closing, here is a damn kitten that sums this blog up hee hee

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Blog: Mute Ban Self-Delete Bye-Bye Blocked

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When we first met you were all over me KAT, but I think somewhere along the way you just got complacent and stopped trying. Your threads got a bit saggy and you now have a little bit of an extra roll around the blog section. (See what I did there)
I want to say it’s not you it’s me but that would be a lie and we both know it. I tried sleeping with your sister TPB, thinking I would find in her what I once saw in you, but she’s just plain damn vicious and bit me! (Not in a good way either) Why did you have to change? Why? Why?
Interesting take on forum dynamics. I never really put that much thought into it. Thanks for taking the time to do it for me biggrin
Sometimes we get our feelings hurt...and we just need a sandwich and a quiet place to poop to feel better...
thats all i got to say about that!!! hehe tittertittertitter

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Valid points although presentation was a bit off.

An anonymous anonymous user hee hee Making two accounts is against the rules and unless your IP is hidden it would be easy for a staff member to see who you really are...just saying...make sure you plug in a free proxy IP address into your browser to throw people off your trail.
Is that you Diva? lol
hee hee nice one...whoever it is it seems they think this blog is about them, and for that I am sorry :~)

Comment is deleted
The rules keep changing too so they must be read often by all of us :)

I still rock up for torrents and to have a look around, I just prefer other forum topics these days... Streams of help threads and find threads patched together with the random image threads. Hmmmm, gets a bit thin after a while. The blogs can be good, but not always... Kat just doesn't have the enough scratch for my itch to keep me here as many hours as before. sad
I'm fairly sure this is straight from a treatment centre!!titter
Sometimes we get our feelings hurt...and we just need a sandwich and a quiet place to poop to feel better...
It figures asbo would be the one +1 you. There is something about asbo and poop that go hand in hand. :D

I think you're being really harsh on dictators.
I never knew *many* was he a Mod or something?loltitterbiggrinsmiletonguewink
keep working on the material..and the delivery hee hee
It must have been something.

Many problems arise simply because any "social" site is not "in person." We read and interpret comments/posts in our own voice, not necessarily the writers. Emoticons help, but are limited in both number and expression. It's easy to take offense, feel slighted, overreact. Motto: visit the real world for awhile; live to fight another day.
BTW, love all the cat pictures.
thats all i got to say about that!!! hehe tittertittertitter
can never go wrong with a kitten image!!! hee hee

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