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What Men Do After Breaking up With Their Lady

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OMG the list is huge!!! But the first thing we try to do is have break-up is awesome!!

Video games without interruption hee hee

Watch more movies

Go to bars and get drunk and pick up on women

Phone call an old Ex for some Ex Sex

But ladies have an edge because men don;t have people to talk about their feelings so they don't heal and just get a bit more twisted in some cases. Women have more of a tendency to work out the pain.

Men don;t mind being single but women have a tendency to judge their worth by being in a relationship so are in crappy relationships more often. So guys, hit on the ladies even if they say they have a boyfriend hee hee

Anyway, I have no idea what I'm talking about so please give me some pointers :)~

Just be careful of angry ex's

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Blog: What Men Do After Breaking up With Their Lady

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image...2 hours latertitter
never broke up with my wife
someone piss in your cheerios??lollollol

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Post pics of their ex's in a thread or on a blog page with funny/insulting captions, such as those found on cheezburger or theChive.
Seriously, what do (unmarried) men do when they break up with their girlfriend? they go out and look for a newer model. They move on.
Post blogs on here about how sad they are?sad
Feel Relaxation, nothing else.. lolshocked
Well if my girl breaks up with me ill find a another girl ASAP tittertittertonguewinkbiggrin
dont want to piss on ur parade but its been proven men find it harder to get over break ups, with high levels of depression and anxiety found in men in the aftermath.
Women are more open with there feelings than man and have better listening support, whereas a man puts up a front and does the macho thing acting like nothing is wrong so things take longer to heal as they deal with the issue by themselves, we as men are the greatest liars why do you think men rule majority in government wink
This is bullshit all these depression and stuff, if the girl break up you find another girl and tell her about your depressions. She will really like ya lolloltitterbiggrin
Yeah i agree, just forget about her and go to a party, get f**ked up and hook up with a
Usually works with metitter
lol parakrama no girl likes a depressed guy biggrin thats y u gotta hide it titter
ummm, did you even read what I wrote?? It seems not , blaaargh
your right sire i just wanted to use your blog to dribble loveliness

sit back relax and forget her

I +1d you for the great picture, but I think you showed the references wrong biggrin
I definitely agree with Sylar739732

Plenty more "fish in The Sea " titter

Comment is deleted
someone piss in your cheerios??lollollol
I thought he was a real person? shocked
WTF! Now we are not real? Better pinch myself, yep I'm real!
Oh Sh*t I didn't feel anything when I pinched myself funk
Oh noes....someones commenting about how boring it is to comment.....Sheesh Ryukami.....tip out your bowl of pissy cheerios and just have some toast or something.

I say most of us try to hookup with an ex, cause we know them and it's easier than finding a random broad.
Most of us fail in this attempt. I don't recommend this at all.
I say, enjoy your new found freedom and try different things you wanted to do but couldn't cause of your girl and stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Oh yeah, a good cold beer with your buds helps.
Good luck!
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