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If you are a real man then shopping for an audio system is very exciting and gets the heart pounding. Setting it up is like having sex and watching a movie is sublime, listening to music is a religious experience. I can;t speak for the ladies but my hunch is most could care less and will yell at you to "Turn that thing down!!!!" when they are in the house. Sighhhh, they hate what we love.

I used to have a Pioneer system that I never even took out of the box before my life went to crap. It is still sitting in my former home all boxed up with my former cat and former wife...oops TMI....

So when I do find a job I gotta replenish the stereo scene and I;m a die hard Pioneer fan, I just love their Elite gear...but when it comes time I may wimp out and go with the non-Elite model b/c the features are very similar and prolly all I need and less than half the price.

Anyway, this is what I want....feast your man eyes on this sexy beast...

The Pioneer Elite SC-67! ta da!!!!


Speakers are another story but I drilled and cut for my last set-up so the speakers were inside the ceilings and walls and out of sight.

Doesn't that look beautiful and make you want to shop for audio stuffs!!!? I always insist sound is the most important part of a movie and that could be bias b/c I just get so excited with audio equipment..i just love it!!! More than omelettes....but not more than kittens :)~

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if u wonna have fun then u got to keep the music at full volume
looks awesome man, nothing else to say :P
I have kept a distance from music except LP ;)
I thought that women secretly like to ly speakers on the ground, turn the bass and volume up and straddle them until there is lady juice all over the place!
I saved for years for my JBL studio series speakers biggrin
Wives never understand the audio dynamics funklol

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I mean I love audio systems as much as most men, but i personally think that the $2,000 for that is wayy too much. I would go for something a bit cheapersmile
wahahha ma dad had brought an pioneer stereo amplifier A-441 i know its not a elite but had passed it down to me and i still have it !!! my first amplifier lollollol
They do last a long time....and they donlt need to be elite b/c that brand just means you paid too much hee hee

Damn..only thing missing is a set of hips...
Thanks for pushing my blog off the blog roll after 5 hours with your shit blogs...
ROFL, every day when my lovely lady gets home from work the first thing she does is turn the music down! I thought that was just her, didnt realise it was sexually genetic :)
The feeling when you listen to an incredible sound system is so much better and more lasting than you have when having sex!!
that's b/c you haven'y had sex with me...errr, that didn;t come out right hee hee
Dude, it must last as long as the girl's in your bed! If it lasts after that, complications may arisewinkbiggrin

hi guys just bought this its the KLIPSCH RF-7II yesterday it sounds amazing
wow, very nice

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