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Most Expensive Pets

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My cat dragged a hamster into the house one winter and saved its life because it would have otherwise froze to death. Cat hated what he had done because it had to share the spotlight. If looks could kill the cat would have wiped out the entire city hee hee anyway the hamster got sick and I was silly enough to pay $600 to a vet even after they told me the hamster was going to die. It spent the last few days of its life with a vet helper girl in her home with the best care it could have gotten. Still not sure if that was stupid of me or what..

So here are the most expensive pets in the world

Horse $16,000,000

Cow $12,000,000


Tibetan Mastiff $582,000


Puppy $155,000


White lions $138,000


Beetle $89,000


Cockatoo $16,000


Macaw $14,000


DeBrazza's Monkey $10,000


Toucan $10,000


Article source in case you w...expensive-pets-in-the-world/

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Blog: Most Expensive Pets

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They're Not Pet's They Are Investmentstittertongue
Dont forget the Penthouse Pets $$$$$$$lol
90 G's for a beetle?! You trippin, son! titter
What species of beetle is that? That toucan is nuts. I have to mention that you can get an arctic fox, thought that was awesome. Damn shame i can't get a tasmainian devil, seems like it could help genetic diversity if they did it correctly. Then again not many people would likely want one. Hands down scariest noises ever. Which is why i want one.

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what?? lol

what about the cheapest?
any maybe?
hmmmmm the cheapest are free!!!

What the HELL do you get from the 12 million dollar cow.funk (Golden milk)....oh wait a minute, that has something to do with a Goose, don't itdizzydizzy
Nice bit of info
did ti save your life??

It may not be most expensive but defo most spoilt. the channel pussy wrong user link will love it lol
wrong user link should be sir seeds stupid link thingy
damn cat has 12,000 Twitter followers and i don;t even have an account!! time to register!!

what, no cats?
hha those are a dime a dozen..even cheaper than that!!
because they're dangerous, germ carrier and naughty, scratches, hair on sofa and when they die you need to sanitize the house....whoofff
you described a teenager hee hee
lol, so you mean the oldies are calm??

can't I pick one from forest or attack the pet shop??
try the animal;s the best place for a pet b/c if they do not get adopted they get killed
yeah it didn't came in my mind, but there is no animal shelter where I live, this place sucks!
Comment is deleted
I AM RETIRED, ALFRED DIED (he was old), Gordon, Fox too died (were old), am alone and Robin fled somewhere I don't know.....
you described a teenager hee hee

Hmmm.. very interesting i think i'll stick to my teddy bear ,give lots of hugs stick him in the washing machine every now and then very low maintenance tee hee.....
how is he getting dirty??
Dust mites.. and lots of kisses

Tempting but I'll stick to the roaches & mice in my apt.
Comment is deleted
just our parts are a kidney

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