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Why Can't We Be Friends?

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Animals are driven by their instincts and survive in a world dictated by a food chain for the most part. The following animals ignore their survival instincts and let their nurturing instincts take over as they care for animals of entirely different species.

Humans are instinct driven as well but most of our fears and hate are learned behaviors. If animals can learn to love other animals certainly we humans can do a better job looking after our fellow man.

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Humans do have an amazing capacity to rescue others in their time of need especially during natural disasters. Many times we completely ignore danger to our own lives, cultural and religious differences, and centuries of fighting just to save lives of our fellow man. We can be so hateful but we can also be so courageous and awe inspiring.

No need to wait for a natural disaster. If you see someone in need this month why not extend your hand to them? The only thing you risk losing is an enemy.


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Blog: Why Can't We Be Friends?

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I give a hand when I can. All the time. Good topic, we should ALL be like this.biggrin
Good blog mate. We could all help samps with his bread debacle.
Love is all around ,just look long and hard ,nice blog... :^)
KAT removed his self-delete button but forgot to remove the delete friends button hee hee

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Nice blog, I help out whenever given the chance
oh sarah what happened :(~

what a loveley blog, i try to bring a smile to all i meet and help where i can, and those who try to take advantage of others lose far more than they gain. learned behaviour does not need to exist, we have the choice to be who we are. i choose to be a good person and helping another is good for the soul, knowing for just that brief moment i helped to make the world a better place, even if i never see that person again. my only hope is they remember and pay it forward, to maybe help another in the future. it is not an obligation or a condition of my helping, just a prayer that maybe, just maybe, the world will be a better place <3
Make love..not war
yes!! I mean y can't we be friends? I mean,if u put two animals together for the first time,they will fight or hurt each other but soon they becomes friends & if u keep them apart,one gonna search for other but we human...first when we meet,we r so nice n goody & oh yes after spending long time,being close hahahaha we end up fighting (sometime hating)loltitter ahahahaha sometime I think our brain works in funny way
stupid brains!!! hee hee

those pics are so cute. such different animals together, that piggy thing with the little monkey and the turtle and baby hippo. adorable!
thank you! i am the piggy!!

Comment is deleted
original or remake?? hee hee

Comment is deleted
that's right, son!!!

If only more thought like you the world would be a better place, thank you :)
thank you for saying but i have my secrets too...maybe the world would be worse off hee hee
we all have our sceletons but i have the manson family under my floor boards!loveliness
wow you must be evil if the Manson's are afraid of you

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