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I just love pillows. I used to like them flat but now I like them fluffy. I just love fluffy pillows. I love pillows when they are cold but they never stay cold. Must keep flipping the pillow. Fluffy pillows are great and I love love love them. And there must be two of them. One to cradle one for reating my head. I want to marry a pillow. I just wanna kiss them and lick them.

Stay tuned for my next blog about chairs.....


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Blog: Pillows

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I want to make a funny comment but I am too excited about the upcoming chair blog.
"For he's a jolly good pillow"..
i'm gonna leave that post there for everyone to see!!! Feel the shame burn hee hee

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Believe it or not,I still have the same pillow for as long as I am living loltitterIt travels with me akakakakaka
it prolly has no filling it is just packed full of dust mites hee hee
maybe memories lollots & lotsa tittertitter

I recently bought a latex pillow, which has become my new best friend because (a) dust mites don't like 'em, (b) they retain their heat once they're warmed up and (c) I'm not waking up with a sore neck anymore.
Also, as a shiftworker, I don't like chairs as much as I like beds. They are more comfortable, essential, and WAY more fun to spend time in tittershocked So I don't think I'll like your next post nearly as much!
i was in the hospital and they had latex covered pillows i think...some sort of rubbery cover anyway. Dang dust mites!! They just want to eat our dead skin!!

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very subtle..hee hee

I dreamed that I ate a 500 lb marshmallow and when I woke up my pillow was gone...
i think next blog will be about "bedspread"
I like a soft pillow,but don't forget to change it regular because dust mites love pillows too...
true mites line inside pillows!!!

Dont even get me started!!madmad
we will figure out what you like eventually!!

Can you guess my disappointment that this is about standard pillows and not chest pillows which are my most favourite type of pillows...
I hope by chairs you mean stools! titter
are drinking and KATing again?? tittertittertitter
Lol, no.. that was at 7.30 this morning when I was on my way to work...

Comment is deleted
started off very strong but ended Dunky!!! hee hee nice one...
Cheeky git. :)~

My Lines Of Peotry for pillow not so gud . n dont make fun
Pillow !ow Pillow
stay by my side
each and every night
when the girls dont feel rite
they cry to you n hold you tight
you do the most
ohh you are so soft
Pillow !ow Pillow
You're right, its not very good at all.... titter
i knw but its funny
i sae master piece for pj lollol
bravo!!! bravo!!!!

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