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I love the coffee. Love it in the morning. Love it with dessert. Love the smell of coffee beans. Wish it tasted as good as the beans smell. Love how healthy it is. Love love love the coffee. Shouldn't drink it after noon but I do any way. Guess why? Because I love it. I wanna marry coffee. I just wanna kiss it and lick it all over. Coffee is even better than kittens. There I said coffee coffee....

Stay tuned for my next blog about pillows. I just love pillows.....


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Blog: Coffee

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pilloffee titter
You should combine the 2, a coffillow.
Finaly some one feels like i do, 13 cups a day keeps the doctor away ;)
i haven't given it that much thought. It's kinda like women who drink beer though...that can be sexy but only if they ingest 16 beers within an hour. Them I just can't keep my hands off of them.

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Seriously Seeds, I am genuinely concerned about your mental health lol
you and me both....unemployment and boredom is taking its toll haha
I know how ya feel's the same here...

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Comment is deleted
hee hee nice one..very steve martinesque, here;s one for you!
hee hee nice one

Having my first cup of coffee right now , Nescafe instant for me ,i love Coffee.....
coffee enemas... never forget that. proven treatment for some illnesses. biggrin
errr if you were a woman that would be a very cool post hee hee many worms in a cup..!
Only one cup a day for me or I can't sleep at night. Now when you say pillows, are you referring to chest pillows or just standard pillows?
What the heck is going on over in Ireland?? haha

I'm a coffeeholic, love the the taste.
I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the smell of cofee beans but i dont like the drink itself. I am more into chocolate tongue
coffee and chocolate must be related somehow....
yah they are both

I'm with you on the coffee. I gently grind my own beans. That's how dedicated I am to coffee
ahhhh, the gentle grind....i bought some bulk beans from while visiting Panama once and even in a sealed plastic baggie the aroma filled my hotel room and the airplane...i was really shocked they didnt search my bags for cocaine but i was traveling on a diplomatic passport
ahhhhh the gentle grind of fresh beans..nothing is better

Coffee beans are very costly here, so we buy packed instead, it does good, I am a coffee fanatic and I drink 3-4 times a day, my mothers makes it for me and now I will use my faulty CD-ROM drive as mug holder lmao
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