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Are you with us???

Some famous quotes about dat Platypus:

[1) You are either for Platypus or against Platypus.

2) Ask not what Platypus can do for you but what you can do for Platypus.

3) Don't tread on Platypus

4) To platypus or Not to platypus that is the question!

5) The only good platypus is a lemurized platypus (not sure how that one got in here!)

6) I like bands like Iron Platypus, Platypus Osbourne, Metallitypus, Black Platypus, Led Platypus. Great bands!

7) You can take my Platypus when you pry it from my cold dead webbed feet..

8) Platypus is good believe in the Platypus.

9) Never a platypus around when you need one (lies!!)

10) One good platypus deserves another (So true...)

11) Heading down under for a platypus experience (errrr that's the best part about Platypus)

12) I am rubbing Karmas platypus right! (kind of creepy)

13) ohhhhh *nuack!...NUACK!!!!! (spoken like a true Platypus)

14) To know the Platypus is to Rape a Platypus (ummm, commence Platypus rapings!!)

15) Who let the platypus out of the bag? (pretty sure it was a zombie)

16) All your platypus are belong to us!

17) On the sixth day, God created the platypus. And God said: lets see the evolutionists try and figure this one out.

18) The plural of Platypus is..... Platypus ( dang straight!)

19) Platypuses rule. Cagers drool. (Dang that Braddddddd!!!!)

20) No, You're a Platypus....

21) Chuck Norris can't beat a platypus as he has no clue what kind of creature it is.

22) "Never, in the field of Platypus conflict, has so many platypus, owed so much to so few platypus." (Sir Winston Platypus - Battle of Platypus 1940)

23) Never look a gift Platypus in the mouth. (they don't like that!)

Ran out of time. Please post some famous Platypus quotes...

Here is the avvy if you are with us!!! If you don't like this blog or dat Platypus then contact ZombieQueen107K or wrong user link hee hee and be sure to spam wrong user link's wall for instigating this whole thing...go get him!!


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Blog: Platypus

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I've only just been cured of CAGE disease so I should be safe from PLATTERPUS virus?titter
The.Craftsman156.91K titter
just saying is all wink
What do ya get if you cross a Kat with a platypus, and then it crosses the road?
A FlattyKattypuss!funk

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The Platypi have spoken and it was good!
Cage did ruffle they say
Caused turmoil and dismay...oh yay!
Along came Platypus
To save the day.
A Hero did rise
Vanquished the they say
People did rejoice
All Hail
the Zombie
You rock my world SkyMtn.loveliness

The Platypus is he a mutation?
His existence an off equation
Is he a stopped evolution?
Or just God's question
To know the answer
You must understand creation
(forgot title - "The Question of the Platypus")
by ZQ
To be Platypus
Or not to be Platypus
That is the question
that one is already up there hee hee

Perry the platypus lol
Ich bin ein Platypus.
The Brazilian Fashion among women has almost led to the extinction of the Plait-er-puss.
"Never look a gift Platypus in the mouth"
because they have bills!!! many times do I gotta splain it!!! lmao

A few good albums: Platypus in the Abyss, Piece of Platypus, Diary of a Platypus, The Platypus Remains the Same, Platypus 'em All, The Dark Side of the Platypus, Wish you were Platypus.
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