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Did you know if you do not collect unemployment then you aren;t even counted in the unemployment statistics? Bayfia made a post about the unemployment rate in the USA is 10% but in actuality it is closer to 30%. It just shows how much the government hides the truth even though it spends billions on economists and BLS to provide us the unemployment figure.

I have been unemployed for 3 years and do not even count in the jobless rate. I'm curious of other country stats are manipulated like that...

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A few years ago, an ex prime minister, John Howard, said if you work an hour a day, you have a job. It made our unemployment levels look pretty good. Lying sacks of sh!t, all of 'em!!!
I hear ya, I was out of work from August of 2011 to March 2012. I was only on unemployment 6 months, but even those that are on unemployment end up paying it back in taxes. I feel ya seeds and if it wasn't for KAT members like you I would have had a harder time. The KAT community helped me stay positive until I found a temp job. It's too bad that they only show the figures of people that are unemployed and only show the numbers for those that are on their first claim. They don't count those on their second, third, or on a federal extension. I understand your stance Seeds and just wanna say to you on a personal note. Your awesome and I appreciate everything you do in our wonderful community (KAT/USA).
The most accurate form on true unemployment rate I've found actually is the employment rate. I found out long ago if you're not drawing benefits you're not "unemployed" but if you're not employed and you're not on benefits then what are you?
Anyway the difference between the employment rate and the maximum possible employment rate gives you the actual unemployment with perhaps a slight leeway for disability or retirement /related but I honestly wouldn't mark it over 4 or 5%
and based on which number you're using we're anywhere from 47 to 56% unemployment nation wide with something closer to 70 or 80% for my age group here in my city at around 60% overall for my city and to clarify that is in fact unemployment not employment and it's not based on "benefits" which aren't really benefits now are they? The only benefit of unemployment is time which is more of a curse if you have enough of it and don't know how to entertain yourself like I do. Though I must say it's been a wonderful learning experience that I'll carry with me my whole life not including the degree's I've earned by being a student because I'm having such a hard time finding a job let alone getting one. If you're confused I'd like to point out that employment is low which means there aren't a lot of jobs and a wealth of workers available, most job positions are filled by the time you hear about them.
err i don;t get it...

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I just want to know how you manage to survive for two years without a job. Please share this wisdom... so I can immediately quit my job!
i had $500,000 hee hee
I had about $750,000 hee hee so i need to start over and get that back
*eyes* OK, now I want to know how to be a millionaire so I can quit my job and still have money! You lucky... Seed... you.

If your not employed or claiming benefits the Government assumes you are retired. Enjoy your retirement SirSeedsAlot129.47K titter

seeds the rate of unemployment get higher everyday our economy is literally going to shit man peope cant afford the thingsthey use to and things just keep rising as the rate get higher
Spain I think has the worst people to unemployed rate. But here in the UK it's pretty high too.. Shame really, goes against all the people like me who are out the door at 7am every morning doing 45 hours a week. I personally get abit bored of being taxed through the nose to pay for teenagers kids and flats.

Girls I went too school with (so ages 19 - 21) that have had children are now living in a nice flat/house with all nice things around them yet they don't work.. Hm... I can't afford to move out right now and I earn £1,300 a month!!
That's a heck lot in Indian Rupees!!!
but not enough in english pounds.
You may have many sweathearts but you'll only ever have 1 mother. Let her carry on cooking, washing, cleaning, ironing & fussing around you while you can, eventually your Dad will kick you out!titter

I was unemployed for 2 years to take care of my grandparents. Here in Canada there are plenty of jobs, it's just most people don't want to work them. Whether it be flipping burgers at McD's, or serving coffee at Tim Hortons, even delivering papers. Can't say that go's for any other countries but, once I started looking for a job it was pretty easy to get into one.
Keep the positive thoughts going, your worse enemy is always yourself.
In the US, we have (a claimed) 10% unemployment rate because it's an election year. Political statisticians have determined that 8.5% is the upper limit for a sitting president to be re-elected. That's why our current government is lying their a$$3s off about the unemployment rate. Expect it to get worse (better) as November gets closer. Obama has already started running TV ads showing how many private sector jobs he's created. All lies.
Doesn't matter if he gets re-elected anyways. The wild west days of 1-party rule are over and they're not coming back anytime soon.
and what bout SirInckAlot?? LoL
err i don;t get it...
I mean your tattoo parlor??
oh, no one has money had to scrap that idea

India's economy status is better atm, and the govt. always shows wrong stats, I don't know how many tigers and lions are there....
Obama recently said that it's difficult to invest in India :p
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