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What Cat is Best for You??? Try this cat selector and let us know :)~

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Head to the site and it will walk you through some steps to find your perfect cat! Once you know what it is then post the breed here. Yes, your cat will reflect your personality so then we will psychoanalyze you haha
The results will show you many breeds, but you must pick one!!
If you want to post a full size picture of a cat image just paste the URL between the image tags like this:

Are you a dog lover?? Then you can click here to pick a dog!!!

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Blog: What Cat is Best for You??? Try this cat selector and let us know :)~

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I rescued a Siberian a few years back. She is worse then any woman I ever met, sullen, jealous and demanding!
don;t forget this one
damn u seed..for i am the dog person..huffyhuffylollol
VladSam44.58K could have fun drawing on it and gluing fake fur on it and stuff, I reckon.
I know. I'm a BAD Sam...

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Dogs Rule!!! Cats Drool!!! They are mean! Except when they are kittens, or in rare instances Hat bearing.
Her name is Commandant Remington Steel of the 1st Battalion, she goes by Remi off duty.
Unequivocally The Cat in The Hat!
My Results Turkish Angora
do you feel pretty now?? hee hee

Love it! And want it!
is that real??? beautiful cat..very wild looking
a unique beauty biggrin
When I lived in Florida our rich neighbors down the seawall had a cat like this. They had paintings of it in their house and showed it at various events. Whenever I was totally broke I'd go down to the seawall and spark up a j... and that cat would come running. Then I'd scoop him up and take him home for a reward. Evil, I know... but I have to admit.. it did make him my favorite cat. LOL

ragdoll was mine
lol random Egyptian Mau was mine
British Shorthair 94%
Like ObsceneBlush945 before me, this was selected for me. Since I am not really a cat person (sorry Seeds!), I don't really care one way or the other. tongue
you are not a cat person because the right cat hasn't found you yet. it will happen, prolly by introduction of a girlfriend..btw, get a kitten and you will have pick of the young ladies at the park, oh yeah...they can;t resist the kitten...tell them you are not sure how to take care of the kitten and need them to come over for some kitty lessons...
This is me..... backing slowly away.... :P
Tell 'em Seeds! Cats are BEST!
Okay ladies, you know what to do!!

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