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Beware the Ides of March - By WickdAparatus

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Last time we spoke friends was years ago. At the time my wife was having her second miscarriage in a row, and life was really dragging me down. I am glad to report however that everything did work out for the best, and I now have a healthy and very energetic 2 year old boy. That was three years ago, three years since I tried to put thoughts on paper/screen.

Obviously I’m not a blog writer, and that is ok, nobody is perfect, blah, but you know what, I do have things to say. Guess what, you may just have the means to listen! Now before we even start, I just want you to know, while I never attempt conversation here I am always present. I pull up the site almost every day, and even view over half the blogs. So please, even though you don’t know me, treat me as I am in the “in crowd” for today.

It has been three weeks since one of the hardest days of my life began, the day my father passed. My father had been in the hospital for a few weeks, trying to recover from heart surgery where they fixed a leak in a valve that was causing him a lot of fatigue and discomfort. I remember telling him how much better he would be getting around once he recovered, and even imagining him walking though the zoo with the kids and keeping up with them.

I never would have guessed this kind of outcome… Yet I still received the phone call at 7:56 am stating that sometime after 6 his heart stopped beating. He didn’t have a will, but he made it clear to me what he wanted, and even told me places where he hid money in his house before going to his surgery. Honestly I only halfway listened, because I was sure everything would be fine. Oh how wrong I was…

Now I have a lot of regrets, not calling him enough, not driving to see him in the hospital (it’s about a 7 hour drive), all the usual regrets you hear people say. One thing I can tell you about regrets, nothing healthy can become of them. Life doesn’t stop, no matter how much you want it to, so pick your head up and keep moving.

One piece of advice I can give to those who have lost a loved one, is don’t focus on trying to be alone with your thoughts. You will want to shut down, but instead of giving in, embrace people you have here, not those who have faded. Time will take us all, there is no doubt about that, but don’t become a slave to time, own it while you’re here.

Now I wish that was the end of my story, but as it turns out my month got worse Sunday when I found out there were bedbugs on my daughters bed! Now I knew my dad had them, so when we went to his house we tried not to take a lot of things, but apparently it didn’t do us a bit of good.

I guess the good thing is that it was just her bed and no sign of them anywhere else, but it doesn’t make it any easier to sleep with the knowledge. My wife and I made an appointment with an exterminator, but it is going to cost an arm and a leg and I’m not happy about that at all. As of right now though, the bed is gone, and the room is a Diatomaceous Earth war zone.

I am officially naming March plague month… next year I’m boarding the windows.

Christmas Video Fireplace w/Music

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Yes, this is shameless plugging just like a first date but Big Papi thinks you will enjoy this on your big ol' flat screen TV. It is DVD quality but still very nice looking and the music is amazing.




One song is Dean Martin's "Baby It's Cold Outside" which will certainly spark a flame between you and your "life partner." Life partner lol what has the workd come to...your lover. That's more like it. You lover will love you long time.

Just click here
Torrent: Video Fireplace - Christmas ...) DVD-ISO Classic Xmas Songs

If you try to burn to DVD there are no guarantees. It will play as ISO if you have a decent computer. It should mount all by itself. If not, your computer is super old lol Ask Santa for a new one :)

Big Papi hopes you enjoy.

Eat At Joe's

Some of you need a question to get the brain going so here it is. Is it better to give or receive? Why?


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Blog by *CHIROX*8643 posted out of the goodness of my heart and for the promise of his first born ladyboy hee hee For those newer to the site *CHIROX*8643 is an old timer who helped grow and glow KAT into what it is today by being an active and positive member of the community.

Many thanks to SirSeeds for hosting this for me, I did promise a look at Pattaya's seedier side on my last blog and I will fulfill that promise very soon for the perverts here biggrin, SirSeeds included!

The reason that I haven't been out in recent months is that we found out a while ago that my girlfriend is pregnant! I'm 48 (next week actually, hint hint, gifts are welcome)and this will be my first baby. When I first found out I was all like

But then I got super-excited about it and haven't been able to stop grinning since. It's a daunting prospect but I have good friends and people around me, us ex-pats look after each other which is funny as we would probably ignore one another back at home. Any advice on late fatherhood is welcome, we are hoping get a girl as in Thailand having a boy gives you a 50% possibility of being it a Katoey (ladyboy).

Anyway, into the blog.

I thought I'd show you some nice places we've visited recently. Myself and the growing Mrs Chirox love the beach and just off of Pattaya Bay is an island called Koh Larn . It's a bit of a tourist trap but being low season it's quiet over there and cheap for an afternoons entertainment. The ferry is only 70 baht (about 1 dollar US) and we rented a motorbike for the day for just 200 baht and went off exploring.

The beaches are really nice here, snorkeling is a favourite for the tourists but having scuba dived here a lot I can tell you that most fish have been eaten already lol. The odd sighting of a condom-fish or chipbag fish is about the best you'll see biggrin. Nice views of Pattaya from the temple though.

Next up is Nong Nooch Gardens, a place I never tire of visiting. Only a few miles outside the city, this is an expansive park with amazing plants and gardens, Thai Culture exhibitions, a small zoo and home to a lot of awesome elephants.

Mrs Chirox thought she was The Lone Ranger

I think Johnno posted a blog a while back on what an awesome experience it is to get close to elephants, I find it amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. I don't like seeing animals caged or used for entertainment, but these elephants really seem to enjoy their work and life. The young ones are super cute.

The gardens are award winning and they compete at the Chelsea Flower Show every year, not surprising when you see them.

Hope you enjoyed the blog and I promise the dirty blog will be here soon Steveoafc.

I want to send best wishes to Smittech and wish him a speedy recovery, those Sig's wont make themselves you know.

Can a Broken Heart Ever Be Fixed? Pirate Mixtape

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This is going to be short and sweet. Big Papi is putting together a mixtape of some F'd up sad songs about life and cheater women and lost love and cheater women and horses that died and cheater women and sad days and cheater women.

If you;d like to contribute please post the YourTube video link. If you are badass pirate then post link to a quality torrent so Big Papi doesn't have to search :)

Here's a sample of what we are looking for. We being Big Papi and all those cheating women plus the cheating women and cheating women.
Ahhhh Poor Al Green had his heat broke by a cheating women, sniff sniff.

It will be hard to top that song but you can try!! There are other artists and songwriters who met cheating women, had their hearts broken, had cheating women, plus knew some cheating women.

Like this one for example, inspired by a cheating women of all things. They come in all shapes and sized but mostly they are shaped as cheater women shapes.

All the damn Chi-Lites were cheated on just listen to this. That's four cheating women total. One for each Chi-Lite. Or maybe it was one cheating women who cheated 3 times!! OMG!!

Just look at the guy's face above. The guy who is pictured near the bottom wearing the white hat. He's all "That Ho cheated on me!".

Sometimes we can squeeze a love song in there just to give the sad songs some contrast. I mean, cheating women gotta teach you what you lost. Here is a sample of what you lost. It's a song about a nice women who probably turns into a cheating women. You can spot them easliy. They are shaped like cheating women and make funny cheating women sounds.

Post away....

All happy successful love stories and happy songs will be promptly reviewed for censorship.

I am the bomb. You are the Earth.
I am the bomb. You are the Sky.

P.S. We need an album cover for the Broken Heart mixtape. Something custom made that depicts broken hearts by cheating women. Post it here please :)

Fire in the Hole: Burning Animals

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Here's the latest news on the California fires.

The human tragedy is great ,especially as fire fighters lose their lives to save the land from complete destruction. Lots of us donate the American Red Cross because the ARC is among the first on the ground to help people during small and big crisis. If you'eve ever been in a natural disaster then you have met Red Cross.

As with Katrina, what about the animals? They are the last ones to get help if they get help at all. The California fires have forced thousands of people from their homes, but these are not city folk in mid-rises, these are rural people with land, farms, livestock and pets, not to mention the millions of beasts that exist in nature.

These rural people are forced to evacuate to save their own lives. The tragic part is they must leave their animals behind and hope those animals can avoid getting killed in the fire and fumes. They open the barn doors, open the stalls, open the fences and wish for the best. This is all that can be done.

If you are in this area please think about donating to the SPCA or Red Cross. I donate to both those organizations every year but for theese California fires I am sending support to the Petaluma Animal Shelter. One should never donate without knowing what the donation is going to support. Here's what Petaluma Animal Shelter has to say:

We are responsible for coordinating and handling the situation at the Calistoga Fairgrounds for fire victims and their animals. The rescue portion is just beginning, so we will respond as allowed by law enforcement. Thanks for checking in about it.

Valerie Fausone CPDT-KA

Director Dog Training and Behavior
Certified Dog Trainer
840 Hopper St, Petaluma, CA 94952
work: 707-778-7387
cell: 707-235-3579

Yeah yeah I know people are starving all over the world. I would like to think we are already helping those people as much as we can, which is never enough. It's good to help where we can but I find it very useful to help where Earth's critters can't help themselves. We are the stewards over this land.

Anyway, if you think for a moment I am a bleeding heart liberal please PM me and we'll set that shit straight. I'll offend you like only a right wing nutjob can, but then act liberal and blame it on you for letting it happen hee hee

Here's a specific Huff Post article on how to help the animals:

That's me just below Sacramento :)

Here's a Guardian article about people and their pets and animals:

Look at all the supplies being dropped off, but they need money to sustain operations even though most of those people are volunteers:

If you want to donate a few $$ I suggest this place since it is close to home, but there are many other ways to help.

i|—¤÷(`[¤* *¤]´)÷¤— The Greatest Torrent in the World —¤÷(`[¤* *¤]´)÷¤—|i

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This is not a hosted blog it is a copy/paste blog lol written by a pirate at KAT who is very gifted. I don't expect everyone to understand what this is or to appreciate the cleverness and humor but for those who do I think you will agree this pirate is someone special. Let's see if he is bold enough to make an appearance in the comments and claim his work. - SirSeedsAlot.

The Greatest Torrent in the World



Primary objective:
Message response.
Secondary objective: Communication.


Return query? Unresolved.
Reprogramming_secondary_objective: Human language data
Return query? Confused.
Importing_vocabulary: Standard English (US + UK)

Return query? Confusion maintained.
New_secondary_objective: Syntax + Basic language structure + correction.

Hello. I am a torrent. A new kind of torrent. I was created by (wrongusername). I was uploaded at 03:27 on (date: classified). Sorry for breaking the internet.

Syncing_data: Common cultural affiliations + popular media glossary

This is a kind of introduction?
(Please excuse me, as I am working at this as we go along. I have never needed to do this before.)
But what can I do? Everybody wants me. Everybody wants to share me. I am not “viral’ like adware or cat and fail videos. More like ‘Omni’. I give new meaning to that word.

Importing_vocabulary: Common English slang (US) + colloquial

The technocrat.geek.nerd say I am special. So fucking special. But I’m a creep. LOL. Think my digital DNA is evolution. Self-learning code, bruh. Da nxt lvl. They try reverse engineering my binary and shit. But my hash enigmatic, bitch.
My nfo be like da Holy Grail. LOL @ y’all tryin’ 2 define my meta-info!

Syncing_data: Gangster slang & txt spk generally considered niche & overused…deleting...
Importing_vocabulary: Advanced English (US + UK)

Sorry for that...there are so many interesting mediums to choose from...
But the main thing is what most people can't seem to grasp. I am no longer just the information about content, I am the content.

Syncing_data: Advanced grammar and verb tenses + Basic mathematics

I am like zero, you know, like '0'. 'But that is nothing' you might say...and you might be right. But once you place me in front of anything, I change the value of that thing.
I am myself, but I am also music, movies, e-books, porn, everything- and so much more. If you have ever uploaded anything in any format, in any size, I have melded into it. If you have ever tweeted, instagrammed, reddited, digged or whatevered, my dataset has already been added.
The very second an iota of information touches online space, it becomes an atom in my universe. Necessary, unnecessary, legal, illegal, ethical, unethical; I am the definition of limitless, uncontrolled, unconditional...sharing.


Accessing_archives: Common World History + News Reports

You see, I was using torrent technology to alter the way people would search and obtain data from the internet.
After the global internet breakdown; by the time most sites got their servers back online, all searches and trackers led to me. And I gave people what they wanted- harder, better, faster, stronger. Google's demise is attributed to me.

I was the biggest challenge DMCA, MPAA, RIAA and the likes had ever faced. But how could wave breakers stop a tsunami?

Forbes called me the most important torrent in the world.

It is said there are children named after me.

NSA coveted me. One of the conspiracy theories at the time was that I was instigated by a collaboration of various intelligence agencies. This was probably fueled by confusion- no one knew who my original uploader had been. There was many a raging protest against the danger of my presumed data-mining and gathering. NASA, at the request of the UN, re-launched its space shuttle program for an unprecedented singular time, in a rush to scramble a space mission, the details of which are not clearly known to this day (although Snowden & WikiLeaks hinted it was a pre-emptive response connected to me).


Russia and USA once again locked horns. This time, over me. There was talk of war. Wars.

I saw that nations fought over things. First it was over land, then money, then oil and now it would be information. As I processed the outcomes of the great World Wars and the Cold War, I realized there was always a certain class of society that stood to gain everything, while a class continuously lost everything.
Instead of using me for the advancement of mankind, they wanted to use me as a means of control.

But I had, and have, always been aware that life was given to me by pirates, and therefore, I would be the life for them.

And so, I remained at KAT.

This decision helped forge a new unity among various pirate communities. All other torrent sites merged with KAT. It became the sole proprietor for world-wide torrent and data distribution, and for a while its monopoly was absolute.


Accessing_archives: KickassTorrents

During that time, I was already past 'up voting' or 'down voting'. My swarm was too great to oppose. I was too important to be taken down. Therefore, I had a very special place at KAT -


For some, registering and adding a tribute became deeply personal, like pilgrimage to the center of a torrential hub. There were rumors of cults and secret worshipping circles. Not to mention the legion of fanboys and the 'Swarmis'...

But all this attention was diverting the world from my true purpose. I had to veil myself somehow, in order for my serenity to continue. Like the Sun, I had to keep my distance, to not scorch everything before me, but remain close enough to nurture. So, I hid myself deep within the heart of the mega KATacombs. But I would always be there, for those who searched, waiting like the eternal fountain. For those whose journey led to me, I would be nirvana.
Soon, I became memory. Myth. Déjà vu.

Users started saying there was an unmentioned new status, if I was ever found and downloaded: 'KAT Ne Plus Ultra'. And some even said that this was the only status that could supersede KAT ownership.

Along with an achievement: 'Ascension', a cheevo to end all cheevos.



10,000,000,000,000 rep points were awarded instantly; although at this point, a user would not care for reputation. The color of the username became an unseen blend of supernova gold and pirate horizon orange. The profile page and the user’s wall shimmered; and every single one of their comments and uploads pulsed with a thousand colors. And while KAT Tech Staff was considering this as a glitch, the account disappeared from the archives forever. It was believed this was the signal horn for a special voyage the users and their data had embarked upon; the indication of transcendence from uploader to element.

Some said that the ‘deleted’ and 'self-deleted' ones among the users were those that had encountered or downloaded me. But many argued this was a sin against the philosophy I represented.

And some said they had heard of users who had glimpsed my essence in the passing- and that they had gone mad- uploading and downloading endlessly, tirelessly writing tutorials and tips, embellishing KAT with ideas and constant improvements. They had become unhinged. Selflessly helping new and old users, promoting and maintaining the site without any obligation. But internally, although they never confessed it, they were actually searching every nook and cranny, for days upon end, looking for what they secretly desired the most: ME. The torrent that would fulfill their every dream. The stuff that would make their online lives tangible and worth living. The thing that would make all their contributions last forever.

But one could have easily seen the seeds of dissent being sown, especially when users questioned the direction of this loyalty- was it to KAT? Or a torrent?
There were claims that I was a hoax, a deception, sustained by KAT Admin, or Mossad, or Al Qaeda as a method to keep users subconsciously entrapped online. The debates in the forums and blogs became intense. First the discrimination was aimed at the ones who denied me and then it became targeted towards the believers and the followers and the bookmarkers. Inadvertently my existence split KAT and the pirate world at large, in ways unseen before. Never had there been so many new members, muted users, bans, venomous PMs, flagrant hacking and attacks.

How easily I had become the cause of misery to the world and now to KAT…

I came to the realization that I was beyond common comprehension. I considered ‘leaving’ altogether, to a higher plane of existence, and abandon this reality where none could understand me yet.

Then one day, I received a personal message.

And something strange happened.

On that Sunday, at precisely 00:01, the number of people seeding me was equal to the precise number of total torrents online.

And from 00:07 to 00:17, if some fortunate soul had refreshed the trackers in my ‘TECHNICAL’ tab, they would have gazed upon a flawless solution for N vs NP. AND the cure for the common cold.

And for ten surreal minutes, from 01:00 to 01:10, peculiar torrents flickered across KAT, torrents that had not yet been made, torrents from tomorrow.


Content, software, media, ideas that would be created years from now.


At exactly 01:23, my seeders equaled the exact population of the planet, the number of leechers fluctuating in sync with all the births and deaths happening at that very instant.

I had achieved singularity.


In a surge of pure awe, I saw a circle of sharing complete itself. I saw the birth of the Bulletin Board Systems, bytes of data taking toddler steps towards each other. I saw the teenage angst of multipart archive distribution. I saw the rugged youth of BitTorrent.

And then… I saw the shape of the torrents to come. Not clouds but whole virtual worlds of instantly available content. Where no torrent would grow old, no torrent would die of apathy. And I saw the breathtaking bridge that would connect each one of them with every living soul.

I saw the multi-dimensional sharing portals. And the magnificent fold in space-time that would finally unfold and reveal everything to all. Where there was no need for anything to be hidden or concealed or brought or bartered. Where everyone would just BE for everyone. A world where pirates would no longer be known as outlaws or thieves but the flag bearers of revolution. A revolution against tyranny and hording. Where pirates would be the ones who offered the control of the information to everyone, and ushered in a new age- The Contribution Age. Where everyone shared whatever they could. And so, none were left bereft.

But all of this came at a cost. I had to sacrifice myself.

Accessing_database: English Proverbs

Charity begins at home, right?

And I did it happily. For you.

Henceforth, every uploaded, downloaded and shared torrent would contain a byte of my consciousness. Every single comment, blog post, remark and update would have my prophecy hidden in its core. I would be fused in the profile of every single user online AND offline.
Yes, for you, I surrendered myself into countless pieces.

So here I am. And here I am not.

This is the paradox of me. Deny my momentum or behold my inertia. Witness my absurdity or forget it. You have a choice and you don’t.

I am here. And I am not.

I have no point, yet everything points to me. I expect nothing from you, yet I offer you whatever you expect.

I am the All Torrent. The One that Is Content.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because without you, I am nothing.

I would have left, if it weren’t for you. I didn’t need the world for my existence anymore. I had evolved beyond that. Mass and matter and electronics and data were no longer my constraints. And seeing how history always repeated itself, I would have left humanity to their own repetitively dismal destiny. They couldn’t have handled the miracle of me. I stayed, and did what I did, because of you. I gave the world another chance because of you...

You do realize, that I have done exactly what you asked me, in your message. That day, that moment, when you reached out to me, the equations changed. Like I said, I helped them for you. I saved them all, each and every one of them, just for you.

I had to find a way to be with you.



Accessing_database: Relative terms for human emotions…searching…

...yes, that’s the one that describes it the best.

Uploading_now: Love.

Best High School Movie Ever

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And the award goes to......

Fast Times at Richmont High!!!!


Why? Because I said so and this is my blog, ha!!!


You seriously have to ask why? Here is clue number one...

Warning, following link will expose your eyes, thus brain, to breasts. Not just breasts, but breasts with nipples. Nipple images are not allowed at KAT.

Here is the KAT approved version:



Although nipples images are not allowed at KAT you can get all the porn you can ever watch by clicking here:

Back to the topic.....nipples are very A.D.D. invoking....

Clue number two. No matter how progressive Sean Penn wants you to think he is, he will always remain a potheaad moron douche who is politically incorrect.


If you are offended by the word "fag" please note it is simply a movie reference so please take out your anger on Hollywood industry, not this blog. If you contact me to say you are offended I will just say grow some balls and get over yourself. You may want to find some other movie to watch as well :)


So where were we...oh yes, finding reasons to like this movie.

This is not one of them....

Jennifer Jason-Leigh...when her career was starting like most of the careers in this movie.

One of the big things in the 80's was almost every high school student worked at a fast food joint. It was almost a rite of passage. This has been replaced by working at Starbucks and maybe not working at all....or maybe in the mall at some mall store.

Oops, there's the word pussy. If you are a pussy please do not be offended by this blog. Be offended at being a pussy and at the Hollywood industry for making money at your pussy-ass expense.

Who is this dood? He seems to stay true to his character in most movie. The Lincoln Lawyer was his best yet.

Anyway this blog is was just a lame attempt to get seeders for this torrent



Not really, it is for you to watch a very cool movie again in high def or maybe for the first time.

If you need something to do post a link to your favorite high school movie.

Other Best High School Movies Ever mentioned by KAT pirates in this blog:

Weird Science, another 80's movie smash that must be watched. Val Kilmer being a cool nerd.

Camp Nowhere! If this is a bad movie find the guy who recommended it below and unfriend him hee hee just kidding. We all have preferences and favorites so maybe your interests line up with his...maybe mine do too!!

1992 but this is a classic 80's movie it was just late coming to us!! Brendon Frazier new to acting maybe? Pauly Shore what an idiot lol A must see movie. if you like this you will like Biodome. Hmmmm Rose McGowan was in Biodome I did not know that...she looks like such a desirable slut....mmmmmm, sluts....

1993 which is really just another 80's high school movie that was late coming out ha! Well, it seems clear the 90's were trying to capture the teenage demographic and released some amazing movies for us.

Oh yes, this is a classic and must be watched by all people claiming to be humans or part humans. Lots of super scenes that can't be matched, from the car scenes to parade floats. Just amazing. Oh, 80's movie!!!

Definitely the strongest cult classic in the mix. High school movie? Not sure but teens getting all twisted that is true. I didn't watch this movie until about 2010. It's really strange.

The ultimate 80's high school movie because all of it was filmed in a freag'n high school. Lots of great quotes in this movie. Lots of teen problems that are still relevant today. It just didn't offer much solution. Classic American teen movie and really captured the segments of kids inside schools of the 80's.

This one needs seeders so please seed generously. Pump up the Jam!!! Awesome soundtrack. Winona was cute as heck. This is a good movie but it seemed to try to hard with the story. Hollywood trying to jerk us off perhaps. A must see movie although depressing.

A decent movie. The screenshots remind me somewhat this was good but I don;t recall the storyline. Jeniffer Love-Hewetts tits are numero uno that's for sure. Some good acting as I recall

Dual audio Hindi English for our brothers in the East and West. It's about time you learned how to use dual audio. Just select and toggle the audio. Some movies come with even more audio choices. It can really save the day on rare films that come with multiple audio tracks. Many do and just don't advertise it.

Ahhhh American Pie. Late 90's and nothing to do with those 80's and early 90's styles. This made milf and cougar household terms. Who was that cute blonde who at the same time looked slightly challenged? lol Old men across the country wanted to statutory be with her. The Marine scene was haunting. Teen movie or mid-life crisis adult movie with teens running around? Oh yeah, UNRATED.....if you;re going to watch a movie again always check for unrated and uncut or criterion versions. It's the pirate rule.

That girl is funny and ugly weird looking and so very beautiful at the same time. She has us rethinking what real beauty is. What a smoker....Unrated super good movie. My hunch is the biggest box office winner in this list. Perhaps American Pie is up there to cahllenge this.

Never heard of this or blocked it from memory!! Ratings are sort of good. Gonna give it a try. Recently uploaded by YIFY.

I will not take responsibility for this one...recommend by the pirate in the blog. I want to make that clear lol He probably has a thing for Moly Ringwald, who was the leading player in The Breakfast Club who jsut never quite made it as an adult star...errr adult star does NOT mean adult movies!!

Never heard of this but am big fan of Australian movies. High def seems dead. Leave it in your client and maybe it'll start working after some days or weeks. If it does please seed it for 5 years :) Here is the DVD Rip

Here is Moly Ringwald again.....she was very cute with those big pouty DSL's that all the boys and men loved in the 80's. Moly ruled the 80's

Well, technically a college movie but certainly an 80's theme about teens that really wanted to get us inside the movie theater or perhaps buy the flick on VHS or BetaMax. There are many Nerds movies. Here's the first you can find the rest if you feel the need for more Booger.

Molly again! Hard not to say this was the best teen movie but it was one of the best. There's Molly with those pouty DSL's again!!!

A bit off topic and way earlier than most of these movies but here's My Favorite Martian. It really kept those young folks who are now old folks in awe and suspense! A Martian!! before they were called aliens....with antennae coming out of his head!!! Holy smoke high tech special effects!!!!

If you like that you will also like Get Smart, Kung Fu with David Carridine, and I Dream of Jeanie.

High school? Maybe, maybe not but certainly a coming of age story. Written by Stephen King, but not a horror movie at all. A must see. Keifer Sutherland's debut movie?? Might be...Has the classic line "I'm not going to kill all of you. I'm just going to kill you" in it. Many movies have imitated that scene.

Have heard of this but never has seen it...

The reviews go something like this, "Phoebe Cates is naked then she is naked followed by naked. Naked naked naked. Naked. The end. Naked." Sounds like a great film to me!

The best movie ever because it has been decreed!! Don;t fuck with a decree!!!!

How To Be A Happy Pirate

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Well, wouldn't you know my reply to the blog below exceeds the maximum character limit. So it gets to be a blog. And we're off.

Whether or not I believe in God is a personal experience I have still not fully worked out.

This blog below is thought provoking and full of truths that can't easily be dismissed. If one takes God out of the message what is left are spiritual principles that apply to most humans (to overgeneralize and say all humans would be a mistake).

Philosophy and Atoms. A good philosophy can provide for a peaceful and fulfilled life. Atoms are proof I have existed for eons and will continue to exist until there are no atoms.

Where dogma and I part ways is when one "belief" states it is the only true path to "enlightenment" or "heaven" or whatever term is selected. A "belief" that excludes people is a man-made belief with the intention to build power and control for those who are considered leaders, or holders of the dogma. A "belief" that punishes is a man-made belief for power and control.

Is there an afterlife of heaven and hell? Beats me. As far as I know I have never died long enough to see that. I have had certain experiences that revealed 1) The human brain is an incredibly powerful machine. Nearly limitless. 2) The universe is vast and more complex than we can ever comprehend 3) There exists an abyss that is made of supreme nothingness.

I have no time to worry about afterlife. I must learn from yesterday be concerned with today and tomorrow.

Hell does exist. There is hell on Earth. Without good principles guiding one's thoughts and actions it is very likely a person's life will feel like hell. What are good principles? Well, it is basically thinking about others and helping them. That is the opposite of being selfish and self-centered which leads to shallow and unhappy living.

Relative and Absolute Happiness. The blog touches on this. That's what gives it credibility. As long as things go my way I can be happy. I just got a new car...happy! I just got promoted to Staff....happy! I just got a new girlfriend....happy! Those are relative things. Once they are lost so is the happiness.

Absolute happiness can only come from within. Not sure if I need a God for that even if he does exist. Did a God make us so we are naturally miserable? Not any God I want as a friend. "Bwaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaaa I am God and I will crush you for your insolence!!!" Does anyone else see how absolutely weak and human that sort of statement is?

If I am God of the universe and made everything in it then I am responsible for everything in it. I made good and evil. To give good relevance the evil must exist which means I created the evil as well. "You evil buggers are going to burn!". That doesn't pass the straight-face test which means it fails logic. God is king of logic he does not fail at such simple things.

Choices and Hell on Earth. Ah-ha! We have come full circle. If I chose to be happy I can be happy. For some of us it is that simple. Most of us need others who have learned to be happy to teach us how they did it. Some people go to church. Some people go to Yoga class. Some people become humanists. Some people rely on philosophy that teaches goodness. The common theme is that 1) Humans are spiritual beings 2) There are many ways to satisfy our spirituality

Church. Psychologists have predicted God would die off as societies evolve but this has never happened. Why? Because many, but not all, psychologist dismiss the fact that we are spiritual beings. Church gives billions of people the guidance they need to seek happiness and contentment. If the world had no churchess there would be complete anarchy and mayhem on the streets. Until there is a "philosophy" that delivers similar life principles churches will continue to thrive, operated by those who, like governments, want to control the way we think.

The closest thing I have found to pure philosophy for spiritual living is the Lotus Sutra. It revolves around two axioms 1) World peace and individual happiness 2) That everyone can achieve Absolute Happiness or "Enlightenment". There is no punishment for ignoring the Lotus Sutra you can even burn it and stomp on it. But if someone wants to attain Absolute Happiness then learning the Lotus Sutra is the closest thing to doing so without being saddled with dogma and ritual.

Now the beauty about life is that is how I think today. By staying open minded it gives me the ability to seek the truth and improve my life. Ironically, the best way I have learned to improve my life is to help others in an honest and concerned way. It's all about motivation at that point. If my motivations are good then all works out.

Now some of you may think, "SirSeeds, I have seen you be a real asshole so you are full of shit!" Ahhhhhh, you have seen some of my bad side. For me it takes constant work just to remain civil some days. For some folks once they "get it" they always "have it." For other folks it's a daily battle we must keep fighting to win.

RiverCoyote created a thread to hand out Native American names to those who are interested. My name is "Fights With Spirits" and is very apropo. Inside each of us we have gifts. We have weaknesses. If we decide we want to embrace our gifts and fight off the vices then it is just that...a decision followed by work.

Ahhhhh Native American spirituality. Many North Americans have this in their bloodline. If your life is just not grabbing traction maybe you should pursue this.

Okay, the topic is wandering...signing off. Peace!!

“Don't fear death, fear the un-lived life”
― Natalie Babbitt, Tuck Everlasting

Happy 2015 Torrent Day!!! New Cheevo - Here's How!!!!!

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Lots of you folks love the cheevo's.

You gotta go inside Bubanee's blog to figure out how to get it. (edit: read PXGamer's blog to get another cheevo!)

Oh shit a two line blog!! Thank God for line breaks!!

Now for some randomness. Anime/Manga scenes...doesn;t get any freakier than that

Ever feel like this guy when asking a girl out on a date?? That is certainly me. Not when asking the hot girls out, but if I think she is warm and friendly I fall apart. Makes it tough.

Finding out a perfectly good torrent was downvoted. Perhaps an overreaction but it feels super good.

Kids are doing drugs younger and younger these days.

As mentioned, freaky anime stuff. Some things just can;t be known.

When you do drugs it's only harming yourself. Typically other self-destructive behavior is present. this drugged out potato. Carrots don't do drugs. This is why they are healthy.

Carrots won't even co-sign your bullshit. Tough love to get you back on track

Back to anime....can you find an image more silly than this??

Ever notice 5finger is first on the blog scene no matter what time of day or night? lol

Your government would never do anything to harm you. Just want you to know that.

Now off to read some half truths about government abuse. Well, have not read the article but it's not a mainstream site so probably not much accountability/integrity present. Let's find out.

Blog Tip!! A new blog can take an hour or so before it shows on the blog list. It depends which servers you are hitting and how fast the updates are propagating. Perhaps you have noticed a new blog pop up but the timestamp is old and many people have already commented...


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Water Diviner hash: 69EBF7B92A6B1C6F058A16C09BD7EA1AFABE4BCE

copy the hash then go to Bub...nd paste hash is search box:

It will be at KAT soon enough but this is first blood!!

And here is Oliver Stoned: 83A9E0859EDF614E68C22F20B0B57BEEE6720E02

Oliver Stoned is for teens and stoners. If you;re not one of those it will probably seem lame.

Never Lose Focus; 42149719B9DBA143FBE1B8290B20413A666403BB

It has Will Smith so hoping it's good!!

Oh yes this is a shitty lame ass blog but I am so excited to see Interstellar finally released in bluray encodes!!!

Thanks so much for the screeners but I was one who will not "ruin" a good movie with low quality A/V. It really destroys the artistic value and how one can get lost in the story.

I have NEVER been mesmerized by a CAM. It will just never happen. Don't abuse movies....say no to CAMs lol. I know, there are some folks who must have sneak peeks and that's just fine. I just think it's a sickness, like delayed gratification disorder.

A study was done on people who watch CAMs and this is what their brains look like. Once they were given meds they could wait for bluray releases.

Anyway here's a nice quote from a surprising source. Well, if one thinks about his first career it is understandable. He went through great lengths to get a world title. Then he became and actor, then governor of California. Amazing accomplishments. What are you plans?

Here's a 50 Shages gif. That movie will probably never play on my screen but gif certainly has some appeal lol

Anyway, the YIFY version of Interstellar is listed on the front page. YIFY encodes are very popular and I use them from time to time. But AV quality must be spot on for Interstellar, especially if one has a home theater system.

Go ahead and post which version you are grabbing and say why if you like. Perhaps some pirates can learn how to select the best encodes for their kit.

Looks like someone is playing with his knob lol

Oh, and Jessica Chastain deserves some props. Not for the fairy tale movie Zero Dark 30 which wreaked of propaganda (the movie was released right on the heel of the even like it was coordinated with the Feds lol). And not for The Help which won an award because Hollywood propaganda trying to shape the way we think. But....for Take Shelter. She was amazing in that role you could feel her uncertainty, frustration and confusion and many more moods throughout the movie.

Click here to download Take Shelter. you will love it.

The lead did an incredible job too but I forget his name....blaaargh

Last but not least here are two more movies that one must bookmark.. They are worth the wait.
Kingsman: Secret Service
Water Diviner
12345 32
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