My Kickass Mug! Jealous much?

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My morning coffee never tasted so good!
I created a template myself and commissioned this mug from an online supplier and, voila!
As much as I'd like to be the only one... if you want one you can order it here: Totally Kickass "Kickass Mug"...

I just became a "Super User"!

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I just came online the other day to discover my new status as "Super User".
At first I thought it was just another "Achievement" based upon the length of time I'd spent on KAT since my initial sign up.
But, having spoken to others, I now I realise that apparently... someone, somewhere, thought I was worthy of this accolade!
Don't get me wrong... I am truly flattered and humbled by the faith this anonymous benefactor has for me, but I fear I can't live up to the standard!
As I see it, a "Super User" is someone who will help others who are having some technical difficulties.
OK, it's true: I will always help wherever and whenever I can, but I have such limited technical expertise, I have no idea why I was chosen for this "promotion".
Again, please don't misunderstand, I am happy to be singled out in this way, but I'm scared that this isn't so much an "award" as it is a job description lol
The spirit is willing but the flesh is kinda... meh!
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