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Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 22 Inuyasha

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What it's about?
A young girl falls into a well and is transported back into the Fuedal Era of Japan. There, she meets a half demon and immediately things happen. As time goes on she is found out to be the reincarnation of a powerful priestess. Fighting demons and helping out Inuyasha on his quest for revenge.

Why I recommend it?
Honestly when I frist saw it on Toonami on Saturday nights I didn't care for it. Then I started watching it from the beginning. It slowly started to grow on me and became a series I enjoyed. It is a little childish at times, but it has loads of action and blood. Behind all the history and folklore lies a nice romantic story that slowly develops, which I completely loved.

The story itself is well written and shown in the anime. There isn't the plot holes that most long anime suffer from. The charaters are very well developed and played out.

What I wish it had.
Nothing. At first it ended a little too fast, but then a new arc was released and completed the story %100 and made me happy. I guess if I was to want anything it would be more folklore, but there was tons as it was already


Story: 9
Character: 10
Rewatchable: 9
Overall: 9


Inuyasha Trailer

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Blog: Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 22 Inuyasha

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Bump, because I agree totally with the rating.
I had already seen it on other top-lists of anime, but it looked kind of "oldish" to me, my bad.
If I would add something, it would be this:
The character evolution takes some effort too, no unexplainable boost of power.
Sometimes the evil side fails to kill the good guys even when they clearly have the upper hand. This is very common off coarsebiggrin

I also recommend the third movie for those who lack the time for all of them, because it shows some light on the father & mother of Inuyasha
one of my fav other than shonen onmyouji and bleach.. smile
i can honestly say that your recommendations got me into this cartoon anime stuff thanks allot bud and keep em coming.
One of my most favorite anime! Probably in my Top 3. Inu Yasha is one of those rare anime whose English dub was also actually good. I watched around 120 episodes on Animax when I was in 7th through 10th grade. God, I need to rewatch and finish it wink
This one got the Most Seeds
Grate Series

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Loved it !!!
the movies are good as well...
Love your recommendations KEEP 'EM UP winkbiggrin
Watched it on Toonami I think. Not bad. I'm more into Seinen than Shounen anyway.
i loved watching its anime .great series
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