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Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 14 Aquarion EVOL

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Yes yes it's been awhile, but I was actually waiting for this to end so I could recommend it in all it's love mecha glory. That's right I said " Love Mecha"

What it's about?

See above... j/k. It's about a boy at first who meets this girl. He has some strange power much like anti-gravity. He soon finds himself inside of a mecha fighting for earth and the one he loves.

Why I recommend it?

Literally see the first sentence. It has an epic story that is told and understood in 26 episodes. It's well told and you know what is goign on even by missing episodes. But what got me was the love story. It's confusing at first but it's epic. Possibly one of the best in terms of "love stories"
It also has tons of action. Which is getting more and more rare in mecha anime's. It also has fowl language, some ecchi and a hint a sexual inuendo. Just enough of those last three to make it enticing to watch.

There is also a prequal like show called Aquarion that is worth a watch.

What I wish it had.

Nothing to be completely honest. I was worried towards the end how it would end, but when it ended I was happy. There's closure, which I love. LIke always there could always be more episodes. But again, that's more my greediness than anything.


Story: 10
Character: 10
Rewatchable: 9
Overall: 9


Aquarion EVOL Trailer

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