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Dream Breaker Project **UPDATES 8/21/12**

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For years I've had an idea for an anime. Never have been able to write it, but always had it in my head. So I finally put it on paper. Just completed the first volume. I hope once I get enough of it written to send it into a few competitions to hopefully one day get published.


Jack Fuda an american who has moved to Japan when his mother remarried has dreams when he sleeps like any other person. His dreams tend to be the same every night. He's the hero who fights and wins at the end. On the first day of school he notices something strange when a new transfer student happens to look exactly like the girl in his dreams.


This is from Volume 1. Part of a fight scene.

Rallis: "Short range soldiers, step up and defend the line."

Narrator: Taking more damage, Jack held his ground against the ranged soldiers. He saw the advancing short range group. He knew things were going to get worse and Rose needed to get away.

Jack charged into the group of incoming soldiers. Hacking, slashing, punching and kikcing his way around. After taking considerable loses, Rallis puled back his first groups and put forth his destruction squad. Jack went back to Rose to strengthen the barrier he had put up.

Rose: "Please stop this, you can't take much more."

Jack: " I'l lbe fine, when I say run you run."

Rose: "Why........?"

Narrator: Jack boosted the barrier and readied himself for what was coming.

Rallis: "Ready beam drop!"

"Fire when ready, kill Jack not the girl!"

Narrator: Once ready the destruction squad unleashed there power. Hundered of energy morters flew towards Jack and Rose. Jack boosted the barrier over Rose. He turned around and gave her a smile.

Jack: "RUN!!!"

Narrator: Rose head that and began to run. She stopped after a short distance and looked back. She saw Jack with his hand raised towards the soldiers. A blue flame was started to form. It wasn't very big as Jack had lost power due to battle damage and putting up the barrier to protect Rose. Rose hesitated, then ran back to Jack. She put her hands and head on his back crying.

Jack: "Why aren't you gone!?!"

Rose: "Shh, please take this"

Narrator: With that Rose closed her eyes and concentrated on Jack. He could feel a soothing air around him. He felt stronger. He boosted the barrier for both of them. The blue flame grew in size. When he was ready he aimed at the destruction squad and let out a roar and sent his attack towards the soldiers.

There a little taste of things to come. It's rough so please be gentle.

3/1/12 - Started writing first volume.
3/23/12 - Finished first volume.
4/21/12 - Started writing second volume.
4/25/12 - Released a snippet of volume 1
7/30/12 - Finished Proof reading and editing 1st Volume
8/21/12 - 1st Volume complete.

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Blog: Dream Breaker Project **UPDATES 8/21/12**

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Oewhhh I like I like tongue
Keep it up..!!
Finished proof reading Volume 1. Still working on volume 2.
I will get the entire volume 1 up soon for reading here or download and read.
Funny thing I just noticed, Jack and Rose are names from the Titanic movie... I honestly didn't even realize that until I was thinking about comments a friend said about the story. Complete coincidence.
I noticed it only after I read this comment.
Though the main character is named after me so ha Titanic ha.
And the female lead after your girlfriend?? wink
No. Just made Rose up.

Any chance of sharing a snippet of your work here? We'd love to read a bit of what you got.biggrin
Sure why not. Look for the update soon.

Sounds interesting. I'd definitely love to read it sometime. And congratulations on finally being able to start it. Love the picture you have going on for it.
Yay. Our very own manga/anime writer.
I'd love to read it when you're finished.
What elements does it have??
Two I've figure out----
Tell us the rest.
Are you writing as a script or are you doing artwork also? Just asking because thats a very nice pic at the top of your blog. Keep it up and good luck loveliness
Just the script part. A friend did that and I have another that is drawing the picture part.

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